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my first post here on akiba,can i ask you something

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by ryoohki, May 25, 2010.

  1. ryoohki

    ryoohki New Member

    will you get i trouble downloading movies licensed only in japan other china or do they need to be licensed in u.s too ,i saying is it legal or not?:puzzled:
  2. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Probably not, unless you start running on the streets naked and shouting "You won't imagine what I have downloaded on the internets morons! You can't catch me!!!".

    Seriously, if the titles are not licensed in USA (I believe there are a bunch of them being licensed), you won't be in trouble. Adult video companies are much less agressive than movies or music companies anyway.
  3. lowleg26

    lowleg26 Moe Idols, Moe Problemz

    As usual, elgringo14 is very right!

    Its typically American music and movie (by that I mean, Hollywood movie) companies that are the ones pursuing people. However, they're pretty limited in the scope of what they can do. Your much more likely to receive a C & D letter from your ISP than you are to get in any deep trouble.

    Again, that's the case for the very powerful mainstream music and movie companies. Adult film companies, on the other hand, have received next to no support in stemming any kind of piracy (yet they still manage to prosper somehow). To this day, adult material is probably the safest material to torrent or share. I can't even imagine the amount of pain in the rear paperwork that a simple adult film company would have to do to try and investigate piracy in another country (not to mention all the money it would take). Talk about a headache!

    Like elgringo14 said, as long as you don't walk up to the copyright holder, computer in hand, and say "check it out, I got all your stuff free!" there's a pretty slim chance of getting into trouble.
  4. lowleg26

    lowleg26 Moe Idols, Moe Problemz

    I forgot to mention, if you were concerned about downloading, you could try using a program like peerblock that will filter out and block certain IP's that may be monitoring particular torrents or files being shared.

    Its not a foolproof solution, but its something. There is a drawback, though, while using peerblock you may not be able to access some websites, so you'd only want to use it when you were running a torrent or sharing program.

    Your best bet though is to not download mainstream music and movies. Most mainstream music or cinema nowadays is terrible anyway! :pandalaugh:

    Sticking with sites like Akiba-Online, that deal in less regulated material is really the way to go! :eek:k: