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meguIV: The Official Akiba-Online DVD Encoder (v1.0.1.1)

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by Rollyco, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    meguIV \MEH-goo-eye-vee\, noun
    Specially designed for idol and AV DVDs; meguIV is a portable one-click version of the MeGUI DVD encoder preconfigured with state-of-the-art deinterlacing & carefully tuned presets. Now you can finally see the pimples on your favorite AV starlet's ass.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Because high quality output is guaranteed, usage of meguIV entitles you to use the [HQ] thread tag on Akiba-Online. To see all of the meguIV encodes released on Akiba-Online so far, click here: http://www.akiba-online.com/forum/search.php?prefixchoice[]=meguIV&sortby=threadstart&do=process.

    • No messy installation or configuration required, just double-click the .EXE to start.
    • Sharp, clean, and detailed video output every time.
    • Your choice of MP4 or MKV container.
    • Your choice of MP3 or AAC audio.
    • Anamorphic video output (720 pixel width) with aspect ratio signalling.
    • Chapters are created automatically and have perfect timecodes (official MeGUI builds do not).
    • Perfect aspect ratio autodetection (official MeGUI builds have 3% horizontal stretching).
    • Multithreaded deinterlacing (TempGaussMC) to take advantage of multi-core systems.

    • Fix: messed up package.
    • Fix: x264 (video encoder) not starting on 64-bit systems.
    • Fix: The first upload of was the wrong build. To be safe, please upgrade.
    v1.0.0.0 (Fixed version uploaded April 20th, 2010):
    • Upgraded MeGUI, TempGaussMC, and x264.
    • Video output is sharper and cleaner now (see attached screenshots).
    • 30-50% speedup! Medium-quality presets are not needed anymore.
    • About 25% smaller output video filesizes.
    • New pre-rendering step requires 15-25GB free space for temp files.
    System Requirements
    • Windows XP/2003 or higher
    • 15-25GB free space for temporary files that are created during encoding.
    • An SSE3-capable multi-core CPU (the more cores the better! The deinterlacing used in meguIV is very demanding.)
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher (for example .NET 3.5). You probably already have it installed.



    Step 1: Press the One-Click button.


    Step 2: Choose your Input .VOB file.
    • This file should be the first .VOB file of your DVD's titleset. It will be something like VTS_01_[highlight]1[/highlight].VOB. That [highlight]highlighted[/highlight] number must be [highlight]1[/highlight], not 0, or anything else.
    • If you have an .ISO file, you must extract it to the harddrive with WinRAR or 7-Zip. If you don't, [highlight]you will get an error and automatic chapter creation won't work.[/highlight]
    • You can also change the Output File path on this screen, if you like.

    Step 3: Put a checkmark on Advanced Options.


    Step 4: Open the Advanced Config tab.

    Step 5: Choose your Working Directory
    • Choose a path for the temporary files. They will be deleted when the encoding job completes.
    • [highlight]You must have 15-25 GB of free space available in this partition.[/highlight]

    Step 6: Choose a descriptive Project Name.
    • The output filename will automatically use whatever you enter here.


    Step 7: Switch to the Encoder Config tab.

    Step 8: Choose your audio format - MP3 or AAC.
    • If you're not sure, choose AAC. It's higher quality.

    Step 9: Choose your container format - MKV or MP4.
    • If you're not sure, choose MP4. It's compatible with a wider variety of devices.
    • Leave the "Device Type" option on "Standard".

    Step 10: Click Go! to put your new job in the Queue and automatically start it.

    • It's perfectly safe to have MeGUI, AviSynth, or anything else installed on your system. meguIV is completely isolated it it's own "Sandbox" folder, and does not interfere with your own existing software.
    • If you change settings or otherwise break things, you can revert meguIV back to it's default settings by deleting the "Sandbox" folder located in the same path as your meguIV executable.
    • Please don't use MeGUI update, this is a custom build and is not compatible with the official sources.
    • meguIV is very slow: a one-hour idol video could possibly take 7 hours on a 3.1Ghz Core 2 Duo (Conroe). An equivalent Core 2 Quad will cut that time in half. If you have a Core i7, lucky you!

    Download meguIV v1.0.1.1 (meguIV.exe, 34.5MB)
    to re reuploaded

    Download meguIVit 1.0.0 beta-4 (courtesy of Vitreous)
    more infos about that release: Here

    The latest info 2017-04-15 thread No 1007 post-3167139
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 15, 2017
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  2. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe


    Anyone want to translate this guide into Japanese? Your translation will be featured on the front page of Akiba-Online for millions of viewers to see!

    (The changelog does not need to be translated, so that will save you a little bit of work.)
  3. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe


    Anyone want to translate this guide into Chinese? Your translation will be featured on the front page of Akiba-Online for millions of viewers to see!

    (The changelog does not need to be translated, so that will save you a little bit of work.)
  4. Inca

    Inca Active Member

    This looks very cool. I'm testing on Vista 32 bit now.


    Getting errors about not finding plugins. It's assuming all my dll files are in D:\bin\megui\tools\...

    My dll's are in C:\program files\megui\tools, but when I go to settings>program paths, it's not listing some of the folders that my dll's are in, although I can see them through regular Megui.

    Looks like creating the path in my D drive and copying the dll's are fixing the plugin errors one by one, though.

    will continue testing...
  5. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    Hm, that's not good. The package contains all necessary AviSynth plugins and MeGUI tools. If you're having to point to your externally installed plugins and tools, it's misconfigured somewhere.

    What DLLs are you talking about? Avisynth plugins? Can you be more specific?
  6. Inca

    Inca Active Member

    Sorry I meant exe not dll

    As soon as I hit GO, it errored out with:

    Exception message: Calling setup of processor failed with error 'Required file 'D:\bin\megui\tools\dgindex\dgindex.exe' is missing.'

    So I changed the program path of dgindex.exe to where it was on my C drive. Went thru the steps again and it demuxed properly, then added all the remaining jobs and errored out again on the first one with:

    Exception message: Calling setup of processor failed with error 'Required file 'D:\bin\megui\tools\nero\neroAacEnc.exe' is missing.'

    So I go to program paths>audio>neroaacenc and point it to my local neroaacenc.exe, I go thru the steps again and after it encodes the audio, i get:

    Exception message: Calling setup of processor failed with error 'Required file 'D:\bin\megui\tools\x264\x264.nl.r1173.exe' is missing.'

    So yeah, I'm having to point to my external tools, and I imagine it will have similar errors with the avisynth dll's.

    will test more tomorrow.
  7. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    I uploaded v0.03, I hope that fixes your path problems. (Make sure you delete the "Sandbox" folder if you upgrade the .EXE in-place.)
  8. maggit

    maggit Member

    Try: http://translate.google.com/ this will translate text or an HTTP address.
  9. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    The idea was for a fluent speaker to translate it. Machine translations are terrible.
  10. daredemonai

    daredemonai Retiree

    Eek! :petrfied: I started a Japanese translation, but came to a grinding halt when I hit, "motion compensated gaussian blur-based deinterlacing and clustered, neurally networked edge directed interpolation." I don't even know what that means in English. :exhausted: I can only say that it blurred and pretty much deinterlaced my own neural network. :dizzy: Mind if I skip the technical stuff and just translate the "how to" portions? :chinesenewyearm:

    Also, are there many Japanese users contributing rips to AO? :puzzled: It seems to me that most of the Japanese members are contributing photos (or nothing at all). But things may look very different from the mods' side of the screen. I'm guessing a Chinese translation is more urgently needed.
  11. Inca

    Inca Active Member

    Rolly I'm still getting the same path errors with V0.03. Has anyone else running Vista tried this?

    And I see that you used Megu IV with the new Tomoe release, I take it then that it auto-crops and resizes to eliminate the black bar across the top?
  12. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    Me neither! :death:

    That would be so great! Is is only the first entry under "Capabilities" that is giving you problems? Maybe you could translate it using this simplified text, with links to the Japanese Avisynth wiki:

    Stable and very detailed video output using the best available techniques ([URL="http://www.avisynth.info/?TempGaussMC"]TempGaussMC[/URL] and [URL="http://www.avisynth.info/?%A5%A4%A5%F3%A5%BF%A1%BC%A5%EC%A1%BC%A5%B9%B2%F2%BD%FC#o1c81cce"]NNEDI2[/URL])
    I don't think there are many...

    Indeed, with a Chinese translation we could spread this around the big sites (mimip2p, etc) and maybe start seeing better IV/porn rips in the future.

    I recently tested it with a vanilla install of Vista SP1 (both 32 and 64-bit). While there were no problems with dgindex.exe, I did have a problem with avisynth.dll, which I fixed in v0.04 (see next post). Did you delete your "Sandbox" folder after upgrading the .exe? Are you able to see the virtual "C:\MeguIV\" folder from within Megu IV? Does it contain all of the expected programs, like tools\dgindex\dgindex.exe? (You can see the virtual filesystem by changing one of the program paths in the Settings window). Have you tried running as Administrator?

    Autocrop is not available in Megu IV's OneClick mode, but it is in AutoEncode mode. And I had to use AutoEncode anyways, because that DVD's titleset had preview cells that required a manually-created .D2V index file.
  13. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    v0.04 uploaded. I fixed the MeGUI encountered a fatal error and may not be able to preceed. Reason: Cannot load avisynth.dll error under Vista and Windows 7.
  14. daredemonai

    daredemonai Retiree

    That makes me feel better. :goodboy:

    That would make it much easier to translate, yes. I probably won't get around to it till August, but I'll start with the how-to parts, and add the "Capabilities" info later, if that's okay.

    What's up with that? I think it's more than a language barrier. Japanese just seem much more afraid of committing copyright infringement than most folks. They're even timid about things that clearly fall under "fair use" according to both Japanese and international copyright law. (Ever notice that the Japanese-language Wikipedia is pretty much barren of images, particularly of living people?)

    Yeah, the Chinese do not share the Japanese fear of copyright violation, do they? :snicker:

    Pardon the dumb question, but did you make Megu IV yourself?

    And after scolding people for asking for ISOs and AVIs, I'm in no position to ask this, but is a Unix/Linux (Java?) port that might run under MacOS X on the horizon...? :please:
  15. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    Whatever parts you want to do would be much appreciated. Doubly so... considering you're not a Windows user and can't use this program!

    50% of our users are Japanese anonymous leechers that don't participate at all. I bet if we made the website multilingual and added a whole set of forums for Japanese speakers, it'd be the same situation. Japanese filesharers are a fickle bunch. They don't run bittorrent trackers, like in the West. They're not big into filesharing forums, like in China. They seem to value anonymity over anything else (2ch, Share, PD).

    Nope, I'm not a programmer. I used a point-and-click program to capture the installation and configuration of that various programs and files needed, then packaged it all up into a single executable file.

    Never going to happen, I'm afraid. MeGUI is based on .NET, so a Mono port might technically be possible... but all of the underlying programs that make the magic happen are Windows only, and will never be ported to other platforms. There may be a way to crowbar everything into working under Wine, but I don't have an OS X box for testing. It might also be possible to recreate the deinterlacing part of Megu IV in Avidemux2 using AVS Proxy GUI. I'll have to look into that sometime.

    Do you have an Intel Mac? If so, you're in luck: you can run this program at full speed under Windows XP, by installing Boot Camp. It's also possible (and easier) with VMware Fusion (pw: rl-team.net), but the encoding phase would be unusably slow.
  16. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    Well well... it works in *nix. Pain in the ass to setup, though. Dual-boot / Boot Camp 100 times easier.

    View attachment 177792
  17. daredemonai

    daredemonai Retiree

    Ugh. Neither the idea of screwing with the Terminal on my Mac nor the idea of buying Windows sound very appealing, so for now I'll just pray for a major upgrade to Handbrake.
  18. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

  19. daredemonai

    daredemonai Retiree

  20. Rollyco

    Rollyco Team Tomoe

    v0.05 uploaded:

    • Update to MeGUI sources.
    • Automatic chapter creation feature patched to output perfect timecodes (official builds suffer from progressive drift). This MeGUI feature doesn't yet work with mounted .ISOs! Read the "Known Issues" section of this guide for more info.
    • Patched MeGUI's aspect ratio auto-detection. No more irritating 3% horizontal stretch.