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Lesbians are good! USENET LEZ only SPOTS, FINDS & REQs. Usenet tutorial at beginning

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by fjcruiser, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member


    1. Lesbian only please!
    2. Focus on USENET Newsgroups
    3. Technical support welcomed, help us improve our posting
    4. Post your spots and new finds here
    5. Requests and scene IDs welcome
    6. Torrents are also welcome



    Hi, a few people asked about how to download and post to Usenet, so I will write a brief tutorial. I will not give every tiny detail, you can play with the software and figure it out. But this should definitely get you started…..


    1. You need to get an account. I use usenetserver.com

    2. Don’t fight this, just do it.

    3. Get a newsreader program. I use “Grabit”. It’s super simple and free - http://www.shemes.com

    4. Do the initial setup for grabit, set your download folder, etc.. Under Repair & Extract I like to set it to automatically extract my files and then remove PARs and archive files.

    5. Add Usenetserver and put your login info. Then update all of the groups, this will take a few minutes.

    6. Now you need to find and add the groups YOU want to follow. Don’t worry about how many groups there are, most of the posts are in just a few groups. Go to the All Groups tab and just search for “lesbian” then sort it by article count. Right click it and SUBSCRIBE. Do the same for “asian”. You want alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.lesbians & alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.asian.

    7. Now you should have your two groups subscribed on the left-hand column. Click the update group button on the top. The very first time you will do a FULL update. After that you can do an incremental update. This will take a few minutes.

    8. Now go to your group on the left. I like to sort by SUBJECT.

    Ok so let’s talk about what is here. First of all there is some spam, so just highlight those and delete those. There are a few main posters who post in each group, you will learn who they are. There are two different kinds of posts. The main kind you will see a JPG. Double click that and it will save to your download directory. If you like what you see then highlight all of the related files and download them. Grab it will download them, unRAR them, and then delete the RARs automatically. It’s super easy. You can keep up with the two groups in less than 5 minutes a day.

    The second kind of posts are called “Spots”. You will usually have a preview JPG and then an NZB for the post. And this takes us to the “NZB” issue. What is this dumb thing?!!! Basically it’s just a “pointer” file that tells the newsreader where all of the related posts are. A lot of people use NZBs to find things. Then they just run the NZB and the newsreader grabs all of the files. Let’s have a closer look at this….

    I use this site to find the NZBs: http://www.binsearch.info

    So let’s say we want to find something. Let’s search “ANND-“ to find all of the Anna and Hanako on Usenet! You will get a nice list. You want to look for the posts which show “collection” in GREEN.

    Let’s click on the first one “ANND-010” and the forth one “ANND-008”. Look at the file sizes. The smaller ones are just the JPGs. With the two selected hit “Create NZB”. This will save a file to your computer.

    If you are curious you can open it up in a text editor and see what’s going on inside the NZB. It’s just going to tell the newsreader where to go and what to get.

    Go back to GrabIt, find the “Import NZB” button up top. Add your NZB file and hit GRAB! You are done. The newsreader will go out and get all of the pieces, and put them together for you.

    So in summary there are two ways to find things. Manually update and select the posts you want. Or get an NZB and do it that way. It’s the same thing basically.


    Here is a great tutorial that I used to learn how to upload:


    In a nutshell:

    1. name your files appropriately. I would recommend keeping each movie in its own directory or else you are going to get messed up!

    2. install winRAR

    3. install QuickPar - http://www.quickpar.org.uk/Download.htm

    4. right-click on your large video file and create the RARs (see tutorial above) I am currently making my RAR files 50MBs each (50000000). You can create a profile with your settings for future use. You only make the RAR files for your large video file.

    5. make the PAR files (see tutorial above for the settings). You only make the PAR files for your RAR files. These files are for reconstructing the RARs in case one is missing or something gets corrupted.

    You only make the RARs and it's PARS from the large video files(s), your JPGS stay outside of the archive.

    6. I am skipping the SFV & NFO steps completely

    Finally, you just need this free software called “Powerpost” you can download it from here:


    select the “Camelsystem powerpost ENGLISH” setup link under the download tab. Run it.

    1. configure it under Options > Program Settings.

    a. 1st tab - Put in news.usenetserver.com, your user/pass.

    b. 2nd tab – make up a funny name for yourself :)

    c. 3rd tab – add the two newsgroups you want to post to. I am posting to a.b.m.e.lesbians (with an S) and a.b.m.e.asian. These two groups have the highest volume of posts.

    2. Drag in all of the files you want to post. This will be your covers and screens JPGs if any. All of your RAR and PAR files. Do not drag over the large video file you are not going to upload this!

    3. Name the upload. By default it’s going to look something like “[07/50] filename yEnc” I add “Classic Lesbian JAV” or whatever to make it clearer once it’s posted.

    4. Go to the 2nd tab and select the group(s) you want to post in.

    5. Go to the last tab and select “create NZB” at the bottom (this is the pointer file we talked about before which makes it easy for people to find your post).

    6. Do not have Powerpost make your PAR files, we did this manually before.

    7. If you want to be anal about it you should put the files into the proper order, with the NZB first, then the JPGs, then all the RARs then all of the PARs last (there is a move up/down feature in the software).

    There's a bit more detail on this and some screencaps on page 10 of this thread.

    Once everything looks good in the main window, just click the POST button up top and let it do it’s thing. It takes me about 1-2 hours to upload one complete post.

    UR DONE.

    I know this seems ridiculously complicated compared to just clicking a “rapidshare” link, but trust me after a few uploads and learning the software you will be up and running. Once things are setup then it’s super simple.

    There is a LOT to explore on Usenet in just the 2 groups I mentioned above so have fun!

    Anyone with more information please feel free to share.
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  2. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Nice tutorial. I'll give that new version of powerpost a try, I was still using 11b A&A.

    One thing that is worth mentioning is that people with multiple core(most people these days) should use MultiPar instead of QuickPar since it supports multi-threading which make creation and verification or par files much faster.
  3. herradura

    herradura New Member

    Thanks for the tutorial! I just signed up with Astraweb's $50 for 1TB of download plan. I'm not a frequent downloader, so that should suit me fine. I'll let you know when I upload those JAVs.
  4. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    You are not a frequent downloader *yet* :)

    Thanks and I very much look forward to your FA-PRO posts!!!
  5. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    BTW the retention on UsenetServer.com is awesome! i just pulled down a file that was posted in 2009! it was 100% there.
  6. ardo

    ardo Member

    Nice thread, well overdue.

    Another usenet provider I would recommend is newshosting.com - they carry almost all NG's with 1400+ day retention.

    No doubt, binsearch.info is a must for searching for files and NZB's.

    And I've become a big fan of SABnzbd, THE open-source NZB browser.

    It does away with all of the frills typically found in a newsreader. Simply retrieve NZB from binsearch and SABnzbd begins downloading the corresponding file - too easy!

  7. Gir633

    Gir633 Señor Member

    Alt.Binz is a nice free NZB downloader, it does stuff like auto PAR and unRAR, and starts with the par files paused and then only downloads what par files it needs to do repairs.

    I had Giganews for quite awhile, but then switched to Astraweb. I think Giganews is a little better, they both have retention back 4 years, but I've run into incomplete message bodies even in more recent posts with Astraweb. I've had more problems with connections to Astraweb and the header download speed is slower, but I think the binaries download speed is probably pretty close. But the big thing is Giganews is quite a bit more money than Astraweb, especially if you go with their $96 a year unlimited plan. Where I was paying $14 a month at Giganews.
  8. wwilk

    wwilk Active Member

    All this stuff sounds really complicated. DDL was just so easy.
  9. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Once everything is set up, it can be even simpler than ddl. It depends on how you get the movies to download.

    Browsing them directly require you to get the data from the newsgroups, then checking what you want, selecting it and adding it to the download list.

    By browsing from indexers(like binsearch.info), you only need to search what you want, select it, save as a .nzb and add open it with the software.

    And you can also get a .nzb from some of the posts here and open it directly with your software. It can't get much simpler than that.
    With sabnzbd+, all I have to do is save the .nzb to a folder on my hard drive and it will be opened, downloaded, verified and extracted to the folder of my choice automatically.

    Uploading is a bit more complicated than ddl though since it's essential that you create recovery files which adds an extra step.
  10. herradura

    herradura New Member

    Okay, I uploaded one FA-PRO video as a test. I attached the nzb file. Hopefully there isn't any problem with it. :exhausted:

    If everything goes okay I'll post the rest that I have on the appropriate board.
  11. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    Hiya! :) your post looks perfect! I am grabbing it right now! Thanks so much i have been waiting YEARS to see a new FA-PRO beyond my modest collection.

    Please post your others when you can. Thanks!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):)
  12. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    i would just recommend one tiny change:

    in Powerpost, change the Subject Header to something like

    $F - Classic LESBIAN JAV (Censored) - [$1/$2]

    this will put the title first and the part-x of y at the end.

    so it will alphabetize better in the list.
  13. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

  14. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    I had a glimmer of hope, when I saw that it was based on the original movie thumbnailer project, that they would have used a more recent build of ffmpeg to support 10bit videos properly, but it give the same result so they probably only made a GUI for it.

    If you're always using the same options, you can simply install the original project, paste the following in notepad and save it as a .bat file(replace path_to_movie_thumbnailer with the actual path where mtn.exe is installed):
    @ECHO off
    "path_to_movie_thumbnailer\mtn.exe" -w 1280 -h 120 -c 5 -r 5 -g 1 -f ARIALUNI.TTF -F 111111:11:arial.ttf:EEEEEE:333333:10 -L 4:2 -P -o _thumbs.jpg "%~1"
    And just drag and drop the video file on it to create the thumbnail file.

    Those are the settings I use, but you can modify them to your liking by reading the movie thumbnailer website.
  15. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    yah i didn't try it on the 10bit vids yet. but OMG is it fast and easy. i had it setup and done in like 30 secs. you can even drag the files into the Load box, push START and it's done in like 1/2 a second. it's excellent.

    and thx SamKook for your help and for making me feel welcomed here as a new member :)
  16. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    i have just been informed that we need to put the quotes around the file name or else it will not be indexed properly!

    so we need to put it back to something like this:

    "$F" - Classic LESBIAN JAV (Censored) - [$1/$2]


    but thinking more about this, i don't like it starting w/ quotes cos of the alphabetizing issue!

    so maybe something like this would look good?:

    $F - Classic LESBIAN JAV (Censored) - "$F" - [$1/$2] yEnc

    lmk what u think...........


    update: i am now formatting the subject header as follows (per SamKooks recommendation):

    Studio - [DVD_code_entered_manually] - Classic LESBIAN JAV (Censored) - "$F" - [$1/$2] yEnc

    ~~~~ IMPORTANT!!!! the "$F" part MUST BE THERE (it puts the filename in quotes) or else your post won't index properly in Binsearch !!!
  17. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Personally, I use [#akiba@Rizon]-[ DVD_code_entered_manually ]-[$1/$2] - "$F" yEnc
    But that's an old habit from EFnet.

    You can always enter the dvd code manually at the beginning or put each of your upload in their own directory named after the dvd code and use $D.

    What you suggested works fine too, this is a personal preferences thing and as long as you keep the standards that make things work(this: "$F" - [$1/$2] yEnc) then whatever you do will be ok. You won't be able to get a standard way of posting for the whole group since there are people from outside of akiba who also post there.
  18. hexcode

    hexcode Active Member

    For usenet, some plans have 10 Connections and some have 20 Connections. Is there a major difference in download speed? And no free way to make an account I take it (trial only)?
  19. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    One connection can only go at a certain speed. If your download speed is faster than that, then you need more connections to max that speed.
    So it pretty much depends on your download speed to know if it's worth it or not to have more, but generally, the more the better since sometimes connection can have trouble establishing a link so more of them will permit you to continue downloading at full speed.

    The speed a connection can go probably varies between providers and there's probably no way to know it before buying an account or asking someone who already has one.

    Some providers offer trials for a couple of weeks, you'd have to check the website of the providers you're interested in. I know giganews has a free 14 days trial.

    If you want free usenet forever(or at least until those service close down), there's pretty much only 2 decent alternatives:
    1- This: http://www.akiba-online.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1187499
    2- You can register with xsusenet.com for a free account, but it's limited at 128KB/s and 25GB per months.
  20. fjcruiser

    fjcruiser Active Member

    The connection thing is not super important. It has more to do with your total bandwidth at your place. So for example if you have a 1MB down connection, and you run one thread on your newserver, you will get 1MB (theoretically) on that thread. Run 2 threads and you will get 500kbs on each. 4 threads 250kbs on each. So it’s a “six of one, half-dozen of the other” situation. I usually run 5-10 threads (connections) when I upload or download.

    I usually just run my large downloads overnight so I am not sitting there looking at it all day.

    And Usenetserver is $10/month and you can cancel any time. I am very happy with it.