Kyoko Hatori [羽鳥京子]?

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New Member
May 15, 2010
Does anyone know about her? Its already 1 year since her movie was released (RCT-397) but i never found anything about her. Is she retired already or have another alias?


Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
Actually, it has been closer to two years since the release of Real and Active Lady Announcer AV Debut [RCT-397], Asdr; a search with "AKA" did not bring up relevant results, and the usual sources for aliases, her blank page on Sougouwiki, and, sometimes, Actionjav (her sparse page), did not yield any information.


Kyoko is a cutie!

Perhaps another will know whether Kyoko Hatori has gone by other names, but I get the sense we have little reason to be optimistic. It seems she has gone the way of the One-Shot Wonders, two others of whom I coincidentally paid tribute to, recently.

Naturally we cannot believe the claims of porn-makers, but it is tempting to think, in this case, she might actually have been a "Real and Active Lady Announcer." If we can roll with the fantasies, could she have gone back to her "real profession"? (In the USA, that would be impossible for almost any professional who has crossed the line into "immorality.")

Those whose appetites have been whetted by this cutie-pie may pick up the move as a 424 MB painless download.

(EDIT: Version above turned out to be over half-an-hour short of the DMM-and box reported running time of 140 minutes. Yet the mystery deepens with the screen shots below, claiming a running length of about 170 minutes):

Some commenter ("Fredlake") got so taken by Kyoko and RCT-397 from the site above, he spent what must have been three hours giving a play-by-play... I can't resist subjecting you to this lovingly deep analysis:

She's wearing a dark jacket and a white or very pale blouse.
She has short dark hair.
This is a very unusual video (at least, different from anything I've seen). Some off-camera voice keeps asking her questions and she answers "hai" which means "yes".
Note to producer: put the mike on a necklace so you can strip her without losing it.
Note to producer: maybe a stronger colored blouse so after the jacket goes we can see the cum on the blouse.
You don't see what's going on below the desk forever, and that may be nothing or some guy messing with her.

12:30 the first guy shows up and gently tugs his limp cock
13:50 second guy shows up, same thing.
15:20 third guy shows up, same thing.
16:00 fourth guy is there, all of them gently stroking cocks, no cum yet, she's struggling to pretend she doesn't see cocks two inches from her face.
18:30 she officially notices the cocks, acts all nervous and embarrassed. the guy off camera is telling her something.
19:35: she starts stroking cock #2
20:15 she starts stroking cock #1 as well. She's really nervous and appears to be finding the off camera questions (or suggestions) really nervous.
24:00 she starts licking cock #2
25;10 apparently in response to the off-camera director, she starts licking cock #1
26:05 on orders from the director. she pushes the two cockheads together and starts licking them both at once
27:40 as directed, she resumes reading the news while still licking the cocks
29:25, the guys suddenly leave without having ever cum
31:00 we finally get a full view below the desk. Two stage hands remove a wood panel and there is a guy rubbing the crotch of her pants. Maybe he's been doing that for half an hour? Several of the words she says are bleeped out, something I've never seen before.
32:35 the guy below the desk pulls off her pants. she briefly stands to help him accomplish this.
33:10 Her pants are down around her knees and the guy is furious rubbing her panties. She's clearly reacting to it.
34:20 the guy below the desk gets her pants off and puts her shoes back on her feet.
37:18 the guy below the desk uses scissors to cut the side strap of her panties. He pulls the shreds of her panties out from under her, exposing a nice black bush.
37:45 he starts licking her pussy
42:00 he has fingers inside her pussy and is stroking her
42:45 the guy pulls his fingers out of her and stands up, holding his arm (drenched in her juices) in front of her. She has no idea what she's supposed to do with it. The director makes a suggestion but she shakes her head "no".
43:30: the guy returns below the desk and starts finger banging her again. He again pulls out, stands up, and holds his wet hand in front her she.
45:45 the guy returns under the desk, this time with a pink vibrator on a cord. He applies it to her clit and labia
49:30 she seems to reach orgasm
51:45 he goes to work on her with a heavy duty wand vibrator
She reaches another orgasm, perhaps several, and seems to beg for mercy
58:30 back to work with the smaller vibrator
60:00 the guy makes her stand up and starts fucking her from behind. He bangs her like a drum, she may cum again, more words are bleeped.
69:00 a stage hand brings something for her lover to sit on she she's still on his lap with his cock inside her pussy.
72:15 he puts one of her feet up on the desk to fuck her more easily, and moments later her other foot
79:00 a guy appears to her right, the director starts talking again, apparently telling her to stroke him, but she's nervous and reluctant (and still being fucked by the guy who has been inside of her forever). She eventually starts licking him, then takes him fully in her mouth.
84:18 a guy appears on her left. She starts stroking and sucking him. The guy under the desk is still inside her pussy.
89:30 Finally, somebody cums on her face, the first time in this video.
90:00 the other guy cums on her, most of his load drips onto her black jacket
92:06 the guy under her reaches up to unbutton her jacket, quickly removing it entirely. He then goes to work on the buttons of her blouse.
94:20 the blouse goes bu-bye and she's wearing only a black bra. He is still fucking her.
95:30 the bra is unhooked and quickly leaves the scene
97:43 she gets facial cumshot #3. she reluctantly starts sucking the cock that just shot its wad
100:10 the guy who has been fucking her forever pulls out and cums on her face. (I feel cheated we didn't get a creampie)
She stands there naked and finishes the news.



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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
I don't mean to take the accent away from Kyoko Hatori, but while I was on the xHamster site featuring Kyoko's movie, I got intrigued about another shortened "Real Japanese news reader" one that was put up.

This one turned out to be for RCT-407, starring Matsuda Shibiru.


An xHamster commenter named Evolution wrote, "She use English whenever something happen to her lower body, very cute," which got me to thinking, oh? English? And that made me take a look...

I was very impressed. This was unlike other news announcers JAVs where the women usually put on a brave smile in what would be a very unusual, if not ridiculous, circumstance. This actress seemed perturbed. I liked that!

(And I liked her, too. I thought she was pretty sexy.)

Naturally, I wanted to find out more about her, and ... it seems like this was a One-Shot situation as well!

Fellow named The Lurker from this other board wrote, as further confirmation to my quick looking around, "Apparently she's only done one video so far (Google search) so it is Matsuda Shibiru."

What are the odds of that, two actresses featured in the exact same newscasting role, appearing once and then disappearing?

Asdr, if you're still listening, I would like to offer a straw to grasp onto... even though this would be more like a mowed blade of grass. I translated the DMM commenters for RCT-407, and the first one wrote, "Actress is believed to be Momose 乃 floral perhaps."

A clue that we might be onto something, and that wacky translation of "Momose 乃 floral" turned out to be Nonoka Momose; here she is, from ABS-117, A Beautiful Young Lady Living Nearby Who Seduced Me:


I can't tell with certainty whether Matsuda Shibiru is Nonoka Momose, but there is a resemblance. If you would care to investigate, you may want to similarly translate the DMM comments for RCT-397, in the hopes that a kernel of a clue may lie within, for Kyoko Hatori. (I included the direct link, but it did not work. I only picked up on a reference to "Ana," but in case there is anything worth going on, someone else would be better at deciphering it.)


AKA Sybil Matsuda



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Jun 6, 2007
According to a chinese forum, she appears in CRS-044 (uncredited) with only a speaking role (and no sex). It's likely if that is her then that she has more uncredited roles that coincide with April or May 2012 that simply no one has noticed.

And ana is just a japanese shortening of the english word, announcer.


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Akiba Citizen
Jan 20, 2012
As one of Akiba-Online's elders, Eldar360, you may not have spoken up very much in your nearly seven years of membership, but when you do (if this post of yours is an example), it's gold. I think it is incredible you managed to dig this very obscure clue up, and it sounds like you impressively have a handle on the Chinese language, and apparently even the Japanese one. (So that's what "Ana" means...)

Seems like another of our taciturn members, Asdr, is one of those thead-starters who throw out questions and don't bother to follow up, but I am sure he must appreciate this amazing bit of detective work you performed, primarily for his benefit. (Maybe he hasn't checked his thread yet, although he has returned to the forum days after putting it up.)

(It was very good of you, too, to include the shot of the actress, from CRS-044; that is her, all right.)

It should be logical to assume the only way you managed to dig this information up from the Chinese forum was to search via the name of Kyoko Hatori, and that indicates Kyoko Hatori is the name she goes by (unlike her counterpart in this similar news announcer movie line-up, Matsuda Shibiru... which appears to be one of Nonoka Momose's lesser pseudonyms). There is now reason to believe Kyoko Hatori probably has appeared in other fare, as well, as Eldar360 has also concluded.

For those who appreciate her, then, there is hope of finding possible other films of hers. Whether she has retired or not is still open to question, although she probably has.

Here is a painless download of College Girl was Betrayed by A Friend [CRS-044], starring Moeka Nomura, for 492 MB.

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New Member
May 15, 2010
@jugulear:Thanks for the analysis :D, About that 3h movie, they have exactly same scene, but i think, that's "no director cut" version. I hope i can have that :eek:hgosh:. She act like a pro, so its a shame if she just play one movie. And about One-Shot Wonders, i think its stupid because people already watch your sex scene but you just get paid for once lol
@eldar360: yup, i think that's her, but still there's no sex scene T T

ps: sorry for late reply, im busy with my job lately so i just checked the forum for 5 min after work, and i forgot to check out this thread.
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New Member
Aug 6, 2010
Bumping up this subject to keep it alive hoping there's some other work of this actress under any other name. Thanks guys! So many viewers of RCT-397 has been looking for more the studio that can get her back to work is gonna make a killing.