JAV where girls are fully awake but cannot move


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Aug 10, 2011

I want to find some JAV that the girls are "freezed", they cannot move, but still aware of what happens to them. At least their faces show some expression.

I know there're a lot of time stop film, but these girls are emotionless, and have weird smile all the time. I don't like that kind.

Some example are:

AP-101 Scourge Of Reunion!Population Numbing Agent!My Anger That Had Accumulated From School Days Explosion At Last!
Girls are drugged, they becomes very weak, but not sleep. My all-time favorite.

HUNT-190 Do Whatever You Want Forbidden Jutsu Seal The Movement Of Girls! Filthy Slutty 法 Art Of Paralyzed

They use "magic" to freeze the body of the girls, but not the face

RCT-268 Stick Horror Paralyzed
in this film is much similar to time stop theme, but faces still work :)

Do you know anymore JAV like that?

P/s: sorry for bad English


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Jan 20, 2012
Hi, TDNWT; an actress I have an immense liking for, the exquisite Miina Ichinose, appeared in Anesthetized a Neighbor and Rendered Her Body a Puppet [FAA-005]:


For more on Miina, and a bit more on the film.


Predecessor of this two-film series: One Early Afternoon When Hubby's Gone Young Wife Next Door Was Drugged and Used (Mai Tsuruta 29) [FAA-002].