Jav Translation Request Part 3

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Mar 30, 2013
So, with all my comissioned movies finished, I went and ordered another batch. The next four movies I'm gonna have translated are:

MUML-009, starring Saryu Usui:


Saryu plays a dirty talking teacher, seducing one of her students and fucking him. Get the movie here.


DDB-262, starring Riko Honda:


Blowjob-centric spin-off from Dogma's Dirty Talk POV series. You can get the movie here:


ATFB-210, starring Rei Mizuna:


Similiar to ATFB-252 that I had commissioned earlier, but this time Rei is wearing a silly costume. The movie (Without the subs of course.) is available here:


JUFD-818, starring Yuko Shirako:


Spiritual successor to Dogma's POV Dirty Talk series, same director, style, and everything. Only this time from Fitch instead of Dogma. Here's the movie:


So yeah, something for everyone to look forward to. Though I think at this point shawn720 is the only person visiting this thread. Even Motiman is gone.

Although I'm not here nearly as often as I used to be, I DO still visit from time to time, when I HAVE the time, that is. (New jobs tend to do that to you! LOL!)

Hans, you can count me in, especially for the 1st and 4th ones. They look intriguing!

Earlier, you said that subs for WWK-012 and HND-048 were available now. They don't show on the Equivalence Table though. Following the links takes me to EroJapanese's product page. I thought the subs could only be bought via the ET. Am I wrong? If so, it will be one of the few times when I'm happy to be wrong! :-D

Regardless, I want them both so I'll try the links and see where it leads me and will report back for those others who may be thinking as I have been. :)




Mar 30, 2013
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Mar 30, 2013
So i watched this movie yesterday which has totally peaked my interest. It was incredibly hot as it combined a number of my best fantasies in one. We had stepfather on stepdaughter action, hot danger sex where the threat of being discovered by the mother is very real, and there was also plenty of story build up for each scene too. For that reason, i have a mind to put it up for translation as it would definitely be much improved with one. What do you guys think? Please check out the movie and i'll write a little about it too so you get the picture.

The movie is EQ-348.

View attachment 1074014

Basically, an older fella has just remarried, but his sexual attention is focused purely on his newly acquired stepdaughter. These girls are seriously hot, and aren't shy about innocently flaunting themselves in front of their new daddies in sexy school wear uniforms. :oops: Unknowingly, of course they are just ramping up their step daddies lust for them, and of course these guys take their chance the first opportunity they get. :D There's four parts in all, of roughly the same length so if you don't like one girl, the next one might float your boat.

First scene is the cover star Risa Onodera. I didn't know about her before but looking at her previous catalogue, it's clear this girl means business. More extreme than the norm (as in she does anal and DP's), she plays quite the reserved and innocent in this one, as we first get to check her out as the family moves in. Quite how she expects the dad to reign it in when she's all bending over and flashing her panties all over the place is beyond me, but i have to admit the first ten minutes of this movie is panty flash central. :p

View attachment 1074003 View attachment 1074009 View attachment 1074004 View attachment 1074010 View attachment 1074005 View attachment 1074006 View attachment 1074007 View attachment 1074008

She is off to shower, which is when this old geezer takes his opportunity to do some good ol' perving. :cool: He first checks out her discarded panties for himself, giving them a good sniff before taking out his junk for a quick jerk off using them. Risa makes the rather huge error of opening the door slightly to call out to her mother for something, but this has just given the perv his first chance at sneaking a good peek. Boy oh boy is it worth it, as we get to see her all wet and soapy. :eek::rolleyes: The best bit is, even this isn't enough for the guy and he goes one step further and sneaks into the shower right next to the oblivious Risa, and carries on jerking it. Man is this sexy, and soon enough the old geezer has had more than enough, and explodes his jizz all over the back of her face and back. Quite how she doesn't discover him is a mystery, but hey, it's JAV. :p

View attachment 1074015 View attachment 1074016 View attachment 1074017 View attachment 1074018 View attachment 1074019 View attachment 1074020 View attachment 1074021 View attachment 1074022
View attachment 1074033

As bedtime approaches, the family get out the futons and go to sleep, but one person who is definitely wide awake is our man here, who hasn't got enough of Risa, and takes the time to leer over her sweet body, even giving her tender nipples a quick squeeze to boot. :oops: He gets too close though and a shuffling Risa means he decides to back off and save his bacon, before deciding to go to sleep himself.

View attachment 1074027 View attachment 1074028 View attachment 1074029 View attachment 1074030

Morning comes but it's still early and the father is first to wake, and boy is it an awakening! What does he find, but little Risa wrapped all over him, clearly still in the land of nod. :rolleyes: Of course, he's had enough temptation by now and sets to work on discovering this sweet little treasure trove and all it has to give. ;) He first gives those delightful little titties a quick squeeze and lick before getting out his junk and allowing himself a sneaky handjob from the still comatose daughter. Even this isn't enough and next he's rubbing his meat between her luscious lips and even entering his tip into her inviting mouth. :oops: Not to have all the fun, and being in an inquisitive mood, he must see that sweet pussy for himself, and so down below he goes. When he eventually can't help himself and starts eating her out, it's gone too far and the startled Risa awakens to find her step daddy all over her! :eek:

View attachment 1074034 View attachment 1074035 View attachment 1074036 View attachment 1074037 View attachment 1074038 View attachment 1074039 View attachment 1074040 View attachment 1074041

He's not going to stop at this point now though and to quieten her protestations he lunges back down and gets back to eating her out. :oops: I love her sweet moans as she writhes in pleasure, still telling him stop, but already her body is beginning to react and clearly her own lust is coming to the boil as he brings her to a sweet climax. :D Taking his chance, he persuades the now aroused and willing Risa to begin sucking him off. There's still hesitation in her actions but soon enough, she's taking it in deep and swallowing him whole. :p After some great 69 action, it's time for business and he soon has her on her back and begins pounding her sweet pussy with his big dick. :oops: I love how Risa looks when she's on top, She's got some serious riding skills and her enthusiasm is now clear to see. He ploughs her from behind, before getting her on her back again and continues pumping her til eventually he can't take any more and gives her a hell of a creampie. :D They clean up and it's quite clear this is just the beginning of a sexy relationship between the pair. ;)

View attachment 1073769 View attachment 1073770 View attachment 1073771 View attachment 1073772 View attachment 1073773 View attachment 1073774 View attachment 1073775 View attachment 1073776

The second part stars Ai Kayama as the newly acquired stepdaughter. She's got a really sexy girl next door vibe, with a pretty face and lovely body. :cool: Right after they've been introduced, it's soon apparent what his intentions are as we get to see him spy on Ai as she changes before again sneaking a quick jerk into her panties as she showers. There's no actual look at Ai in the shower which is a shame but he still leaves his mark by finishing off into her cute little panties! :eek:

View attachment 1073789 View attachment 1073790 View attachment 1073791 View attachment 1073792

Night comes, and our old perv sneaks into the sleeping Ai's bedroom for a cheeky peek at his daughter in all her glorious form. :D He can't help himself as he begins to molest her sweet body, groping, licking and rubbing himself all over her. :eek: When he does eventually get down to discovering her sweet pussy for a good old tonguing, it's gone too far and Ai wakens to alarmingly discover what is going on. She is quickly quietened down by him, and he proceeds to continue seducing his clearly frightened step daughter, who is performing really well at acting out this illicit fantasy, and we see him soon climbing on top and inserting himself into her. The sex scene is sadly soon over though, no it has definitely left it's impression on me as a great introduction to their naughty affair. :oops:

View attachment 1073811 View attachment 1073812 View attachment 1073813 View attachment 1073814 View attachment 1073815 View attachment 1073816 View attachment 1073817 View attachment 1073818

The last scene quickly transcends into the next scene as we now have the pair in the shower room. We see her on her knees, blowing his dick until he quickly climaxes in her sweet mouth. :p There's no indication of how much time has passed after the last scene but i'm guessing by the quick transition and the clear willingness to oblige him on her part, that their relationship has progressed significantly. Still love the slight hesitation from her as he commands her to swallow his jizz. She is cuteness personified! :oops:

View attachment 1073825 View attachment 1073826 View attachment 1073827 View attachment 1073828

The next scene is one of my favourite type of scenes as we see the family sat down at the kitchen table before the dad offers to help Ai with cleaning up. Of course his intentions aren't noble in any way, and the first chance he gets, he brings out his hard on and forces Ai to chow down. :D What makes this scene is the fact that the wife is still obliviously sat down at the kitchen table, doing some reading, having no idea what this so called loving husband is doing to her sweet innocent daughter. :eek::oops: He continues to ram his cock down the young things throat, still checking to make sure wifey is unaware, before making sure to return the favour to Ai by bringing her to a climax with some expert licking and fingering. :) One thing to note is the sweet booty Ai has on her! :oops:

View attachment 1073836 View attachment 1073837 View attachment 1073838 View attachment 1073839
View attachment 1073845

View attachment 1073840 View attachment 1073841 View attachment 1073842 View attachment 1073843

The wife makes her her way out, leaving the two to really get down to business. We see some great action as the two make their way to the couch where he proceeds to fully molest his way all over her body, as well as getting her to suck him with some good blowjob action. :D The sex is hot and heavy, and i love the way her boobies bounce as he pounds her from all angles. She looks especially when taking it from behind (don't they all ;)), until eventually he's brought to the brink and he finishes inside her, filling her with his hot jizz! :p

View attachment 1073856 View attachment 1073858 View attachment 1073859 View attachment 1073860 View attachment 1073861 View attachment 1073862 View attachment 1073863 View attachment 1073864

The third part has the astoundingly cute Kanon Akiyoshi! :oops: Seriously, this girl was made to play the innocent schoolgirl, even having pigtails to complete the look. She's been active for a few months, but only now have her movies started to branch out from the usual straightforward beginnings. I really was pleased that her acting skills hold up, and she plays her of the victimised daughter perfectly throughout her scenes. I'm definitely going to be looking out for more from her, as well as checking out her existing catalogue.

View attachment 1073873 View attachment 1073874 View attachment 1073875 View attachment 1073876

There's a clear dark vibe to the start of this scene, almost like the director wants us to know just how bad a guy he is, as the new stepfather is introduced to the scene. The music is very creepy as he looms into view and we definitely get a very negative reaction from Kanon as she has to introduce herself to her new papa. :oops: He's soon at home, making sure to keep a clear eye on the cute Kanon, who's really not helping herself by flashing her panties in plain sight. :rolleyes: I mean really, what is she expecting to happen when she's putting herself right out there! :confused: His attempts to get to know her are quickly fobbed off though, and he has to slink off to the bathroom to regroup himself. Perfectly for him, Kanon's undies are within sight and he soon has them pressed up against his face for a good ol' sniff of youthful pastures. :eek:

View attachment 1073877 View attachment 1073878 View attachment 1073879 View attachment 1073880 View attachment 1073881 View attachment 1073882 View attachment 1073883 View attachment 1073884

This is all the motivation he needs as he returns to the living room as his wife is bathing, coming on to an unsuspecting Kanon watching TV. He plops himself down next to her and insists on a massage to help her ease some of her obvious tension, the fact that he is the cause of said tension was clearly not going to deter him. :rolleyes: kanon plays the reluctant daughter perfectly and i still can't get over how cute she is. :oops: The old geezer soon has his own tool out, insisting she returns the favour of a massage to ease his own quite obvious tension. She's clearly wanting to get away, but before she can, he has his junk all within her fingers for a lovely handjob before she is forced to part her sweet lips and take his dick into her pretty little mouth. :p It's a real sexy blowjob scene as she has to take him deeper and deeper, before we get a beautiful POV view as he moves her in front of him. :cool: His furiously pumps away into her mouth, pushing down her head down simultaneously with his hand. It all culminates in a pretty violant explosion as he empties his balls in her mouth. :D

View attachment 1073934 View attachment 1073935 View attachment 1073936 View attachment 1073937 View attachment 1073938 View attachment 1073939 View attachment 1073941 View attachment 1073942

Even after she quickly rushes past her returning mother, and after a much needed toothbrushing, it's clear things aren't over as he haunts her as she showers and even steals her clothes so she's forced to come out in only her towel. :)

View attachment 1073944 View attachment 1073945 View attachment 1073946 View attachment 1073947

Come night-time, He's not going to let her go, and despite his wife sleeping right next to her, he awakens Kanon and begins to molest her furiously. Her sweet little body is so tight and ripe, those perky little titties just beg to be licked and sucked! :oops: We get some great foreplay action between the pair, and it's clear that Kanon is quickly becoming aroused more and more from the constant fondling, so much so, that she seems to gratefully take his dick into her sweet little mouth, giving it loving kisses all over. :p

View attachment 1073949 View attachment 1073948 View attachment 1073950 View attachment 1073951 View attachment 1073952 View attachment 1073953 View attachment 1073954 View attachment 1073955

All this foreplay will of course lead to full blown sex, and i have to say, seeing sweet little Kanon getting pounded is well worth the wait. Though she has to keep quiet, her sweet little moans are just so erotic, and that look of genuine bliss on her face as she rides him is just too sexy! :oops: The constant danger of discovery is played well, as they have to stop themselves as the mother threatens to wake up, but thankfully she doesn't and they can continue on their way. :D I have to admit to seeing her in top in particular, just as we get a perfect view of her bouncing up and down his cock! :p He eventually comes inside her but once again, it's clear to see this relationship is just at it's beginning.

View attachment 1073957 View attachment 1073958 View attachment 1073959 View attachment 1073960
View attachment 1073961

The final scene has Asuka Narumi playing the stepdaughter. Unfortunately, this is probably the weakest part of the four, as the build up is not as exciting or dangerous, and i felt they rather rushed into the final sex scene which was the lengthiest of the movie. It's a shame because the previous three tales all had their great parts to it and were each given different plots somewhat, which is great to see as many movies like this simply repeat the same scene with each actress.

We do get a bathroom scene once again though, and let me tell you, Asuka sure has a very healthy pair of lungs on her. :oops: Man those titties were born to be groped, and seeing them all soaped up in the shower is definitely a sight to behold. I predict many titjobs for her future, whatever it be. :D

View attachment 1073962 View attachment 1073963 View attachment 1073964 View attachment 1073965 View attachment 1073966 View attachment 1073967 View attachment 1073968 View attachment 1073969

This leads to him approaching her in her bedroom the next day. The wife has left home so he's not going to waste this opportunity and immediately sets about hunting her down. He tries the ol' massage to relax trick on her but she ain't having any of it and quickly leaves the room. Before she can get far though, he runs her down and quickly pulls her into the lounge and throws her down onto the couch. She gets fully groped and molested, and like i say, those boobs are golden! :D After a graet blowjob, we get some lovely paizuri action to boot! :p

View attachment 1073970 View attachment 1073971 View attachment 1073972 View attachment 1073973 View attachment 1073974 View attachment 1073975 View attachment 1073976 View attachment 1073977

They progress onto some hot and heavy action. Man is it great to see those boobies swing and bounce as she gets taken from behind. :p The fact she keeps most of her sailor suit on throughout is a bonus. There's nothing like seeing a girl getting taken roughly from behind as her skirt hangs down from her waist! :D It all culminates in a very sexy scene, but like i say, it was probably the one that felt the most rushed due to little build up and therefore wasn't as strong as the others. The big plus though was that because they are alone, they can really go for it, letting their voices out and so we also get plenty of dirty talk too. :)

View attachment 1073978 View attachment 1073979 View attachment 1073980 View attachment 1073981
View attachment 1073998

That's the whole movie. If you're still interested in seeing a translation let me know. I will let you guys know if i go ahead with it or i might have to delay it because i have to other projects already coming up, as well as RTP-084 coming real soon.
Hi Motiman,

Was this movie (EQ-348) ever translated? If so, I've missed it and would like to rectify that. :)

If it hasn't been but is a candidate, I vote for it!



Hans Kowalski

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Feb 27, 2007
Okay, they finished MUML-009 really fast. And while you might say "No big deal, it's only an hour long.", well, this movie still had more lines than some of the 2h+ movies I had them translate.

















Akiba Citizen
Oct 30, 2007
So glad to see so many movie projects being ordered! Hans, you seem to be single handedly keeping EroJapanese in business lol. You're choice of movies are always interesting, with a definite focus on female driven movies. It definitely means plenty of hot sexy dirty talk coming from the pretty lips of these sexy devils!

Been away on business for the last few weeks so got plenty to catch up on now. I've still got some movies left to watch from last year too, which is mainly why i've had a little break from it for a while. MIAD-773 and MUML-007 look awesome! I will definitely be giving them a purchase!


The last movie i had done was SNIS-012. It came out really well in the end, and was up to Erojapanese's high standards which was good to see. The work they do is always well produced, with spelling, grammar and localization all as it should be. The movie was also delivered in time, despite their heavy schedule, and the price remains very reasonable indeed.

The movie is more about controlling and breaking down the main actress, but i really thought Rina Rukawa pulled off the performance well. Many actresses still come across too wooden in their delivery, but Rina knocked it out the park. One of the reasons i'm still so sad she retired, but thankfully, there is still so much more material that could be translated of hers.

vlcsnap-2018-03-07-18h20m06s377.jpg vlcsnap-2018-03-07-18h20m51s785.jpg vlcsnap-2018-03-07-18h22m52s475.jpg vlcsnap-2018-03-07-18h24m15s589.jpg

Though the movie was on the more rough side, it wasn't too extreme, and the sex scenes still had a lot of eroticism about them, mainly due to the beauty of Rina, but also the fact that many scenes centred about teasing her, and fully showing off her body and getting her warmed up. Clearly by the end, she was more co-operative (as happens so often in these movie), so we do hear her get more involved as the movie progressed.

I want to thank all who purchased this movie, and made it the success that it was. It's greatly appreciated, and i hope i am able to do another Rina Rukawa project in future. Let me know if you purchased the sub, and what your thoughts were on the translation and movie choice. I hope to be back on soon, perhaps with another movie project.
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Hans Kowalski

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Feb 27, 2007
Subs for DDB-262 are finished and available for purchase.



I was going to take screenshots like I always do, but the movie has some extreme close-ups of Riko Honda's face throughout almost the entire thing, and the images came out looking weird, so I didn't bother trying to take better captures.

It's pretty good though, Dogma's usual POV dirty talk stuff "My mouth-pussy is 10 times better than any regular pussy yadda yadda." you know the deal. Good stuff.

The last scene was a bit disappointing though, without the subs it's just a straight and good sex scene, but thanks to the subs I now know that the actor feeds Riko Honda garlic at the beginning of the scene and now they're like "Hey, you like my stinky breath while we kiss?" "Yeah Riko, I love your garlic breath."

And that's just weird.


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Jan 13, 2007
Is there a time limit on their subtitles? The ones talked about on this page are available but the ones on page 11 are not.
I've sent a mail to them to ask about the disappeared titles.

Doug Fishman

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Aug 27, 2018
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Hans Kowalski

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Feb 27, 2007
The new newsletter kinda explains things. You can now buy subs directly from their site main site via credit card, however, the company that handles the payments has objections about the content of certain movies/subtitles, hence they can't be advertised on the main site and are only available on their other shop site.


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Dec 7, 2012


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Nov 22, 2006
It's a shame they don't do movies older than 2013. I wanted to sub one from 2005, for which I have a mega link, but no. I don't understand why.
Some people/businesses have strict policies on many aspects of how they work. I on the other hand do not. If you have a video file I’ll create the subs for it. PM reply sent.
Our local subber @desioner will work with older movies.
Very much appreciate the recommendation commissioner! Always a good thing to get more business via word of mouth. Spread the word & spread the love!
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Apr 20, 2014
I've never requested a subbed vid before. So this will be interesting to see how it works. The vid I'm hoping to see subtitled is HND-290 or HND-181. I've searched all over but never found it anywhere.


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Dec 6, 2008
I just bought a couple of subs from EroJapanese including FSET-651 and IPZ-962. Nice to see that they are getting a lot of orders and with different themes.

Since we are offering choices for the next few crowdfunding efforts. I nominate NTRD-054. Yuki Seiju is very pretty. The theme of the movie is that she is cheating and gets caught by the husband and then has to explain how the affair begins. The first main scene is her and a friend visiting two guys. Her friend has sex with one of the guys while she is in the room. While she does not have sex during that visit, she does go back to the two guys and it is then when the affair begins. We see her drinking throughout most of the sex scene, so alcohol is involved in her getting seduce. As with most of these movies, the husband forgives her, she appears to promise to stay away, but eventually returns to the affair.

Let me know if we can vote on this one too. I will keep following the thread to see what new choices we have. Partial to the Tsuno Miho movies.


View attachment 1082335

View attachment 1082336

Can I ask you a favour to send me this film some ways? I tried to find it such a very long time, but it did not work. From torrent to direct host. Thank you so much! Yuki Seijo & Miho Tsuno are also my favourite of all times!
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