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Interracial JAV Discussion

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by needs more loli, Sep 18, 2015.


Interracial JAV? (Japanese woman vs Black, White, Latino, etc man)

  1. Yes

    263 vote(s)
  2. No

    52 vote(s)
  1. thejorsias

    thejorsias New Member

    Good to know. I wasn't really looking forward to this. Nothing came close to Akari's CJOD last year.
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  2. zonan

    zonan Active Member

    look like from BDD-01
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  3. mightyeel

    mightyeel Active Member

    She speaks a lot of english in this movie...do you have any info about her..??
  4. AceRothstein

    AceRothstein Member

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  5. mightyeel

    mightyeel Active Member

    Thanks for the info...much appreciated. Seems another angle is she may have a parent from England. Perhaps not the best looking actress around but boy she has a great sexual energy. Hope she does some more I.R. so we can enjoy her slutty english talk again...
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  6. fenton

    fenton Well-Known Member

    Are you sure TH is the same person? From before she had a boob job presumably.
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  7. thejorsias

    thejorsias New Member

    You weren't lying.
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  8. AceRothstein

    AceRothstein Member

    I found the pics and TH links by searching her TH attributed name pulled from minnano.

    With respect to TH pics vs contemporary releases, I looked back and forth and yes, I do believe it is her. A few of the other links above refer to the name changes as well, and while I don't regard that as gospel, the progression does make a degree of sense. Even the before/after boob job pics (she has a nice set, and they are good fakes, but fakes nonetheless), it fits. Also, not uncommon for actresses to change aliases after doing TH/CBCOM uncensored work.

    Just my opinion though based on what I have found by searching around. If anyone else knows otherwise I am interested - their stories are half the fun in my book!
  9. fenton

    fenton Well-Known Member

    I'll try to grab some of her uncensored stuff then. The fact that she has done it makes the censored stuff more interesting because it's proof that she does real nakadashi and the scenes with the black guy are probably real.
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  10. cloudmain

    cloudmain Member

    Anybody have any realistic guesses of who is next? Mine are
    1: Ai Mukai
    2: Imai Kaho
    3: Mizumori Sui(the last tattooed chick that needs to do IR)
    4: Uraraka Rei(a new hafu)
    5: Emi Fukada(a longshot I know but I know its coming)
    As well as a random Madonna or Fitch girl seeing as they do IR a lot
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  11. thejorsias

    thejorsias New Member

    I'm with you on Mizumori Sui as long as it's CJOD release where girls are usually dominant.
  12. AceRothstein

    AceRothstein Member

    Ai Mukai is just delicious, Number 1 for sure. Also agree with Imai Kaho at Number 2, she is sexy-plump, enthusiastic and very comfortable with groups.

    Sorry for the non-IR mention but this Ai Mukai title screams "Put me in a nasty IR scene ASAP"

    cloudmain likes this.
  13. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    Here is my wishlist not what is realistic.

    #1 Miki Sunohara (I could see her dominating like Atari did)
    1_Miki. cjod197pl.

    #2 Haruka Takami (actually realistic. She speaks English. Das Studio, Glory Quest or like Atari in the Chijo vid?)

    #3 Sakura Kirishima

    #4 Kiritani Matsuri (WANZ NTR?)

    #5 Airi Takasaka (SNKH or Glory Quest)

    #6 Yui Hatano. If her best friend Hibiki has done this a few times she has to do it before she retires right? (Chijo like Atari)

    #7 Nina Nishimura (SNKH, Fitch, or Glory Quest)
    Nina Nishimura2.

    #8 Aya Mitsuki (maybe the SNKH or Deeps series)

    #9 Masaki Ketsuhiro (Curvy, tan, and talented. SNKH or Fitch?)
    5_Masaki Ketsuhiro.

    #10 Aya Ibuki (Deeps or SNKH)
    6_Aya Ibuki.

    HM: Yume Kana

    Ai Sayama (Fitch)
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  14. electricfist

    electricfist New Member

    Yui Hatano has actually done interracial in the final scene for XND-012. It's not the best scene but it's something.
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  15. inuhanyou

    inuhanyou Active Member

    Ppl keep calling this guy overweight lol...i dont see it at all. Some of these other dudes are what id call overweight. As a black person myself this is just general black body type...
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  16. rudalsadaam

    rudalsadaam New Member

    Damn Ai Sayama, well I do really hope if she'd up her game and take some step further just like Arisa Hanyu and the other veteran did whose finally open up for some IR. as for Masaki Ketsuhiro I can't even count of how close it was for her to finally do an uncensored IR I don't know maybe the studio can't pay her enough to do IR or it just a really shitty plot for the scene lol https://www.caribbeancom.com/moviepages/011919-843/index.html
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2020
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  17. cloudmain

    cloudmain Member

    I agree with most of this but I'll add a few more(don't have pictures tho)

    #1 Kawakami Nanami-Her acting combined with BBC=legendary

    #2 Abe Mikako- Her body with BBC=legendary

    #3 Kogawa Iori- I think its obvious

    #4 Ogura Yuna- The best looking girl in JAV imo

    #5 Honjou Suzu- Says she's open so...

    #6 Shiina Sora- My favorite JAV star, so just a fever dream

    #7 Eimi Fukada- She has to do it eventually right?

    There are so many more but these are just top picks
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  18. Besh

    Besh Member


    I would like to add 3 more!

    1. Yua Mikami
    2. Aika Yumeno
    3. Yuki Nono

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  19. IRLibrarian

    IRLibrarian New Member


    This is a pretty good indication that she will probably never have full intercourse with Black actors on screen again.
    It is easier to hire Black actors than to have Japanese actors painted in black.
    So she obviously is avoiding IR.
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  20. electricfist

    electricfist New Member

    I didn't mention this one because it very obviously isn't interracial. I do agree with you that it seems unlikely that she'll do IR but one can dream.