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Interracial JAV Discussion

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by needs more loli, Sep 18, 2015.


Interracial JAV? (Japanese woman vs Black, White, Latino, etc man)

  1. Yes

    268 vote(s)
  2. No

    57 vote(s)
  1. heterogoblin

    heterogoblin New Member

    There's also a Behind The Scenes of DRD-008 floating around tube sites, worth watching if you're interested. I posted about this about it on scanlover:

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  2. alphaqsilly

    alphaqsilly Active Member

    Is she American?
  3. highr

    highr Active Member

    ^^^She went to high school in America or something, I forgot the details.
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  4. mademan

    mademan Member

  5. AceRothstein

    AceRothstein Member

    4 real? Wish it was my high school. I swear in DRD-008 she was soo into it I actually wondered who was paying who to appear in the scene. Hot damn...
  6. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I still want to see more of her

    I was shocked she did it in early stage of her career, its rare to see in japanese
  7. highr

    highr Active Member

    Just went back and watched her drd-008 pre-interview. She says she was born and raised in America.
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  8. Ribonizer

    Ribonizer New Member

    I can't say I find interracial generally enjoyable as I find it harder to project as one of these fellas. I thought the Wild Kingdom series was neat because the novelty of some random tribal black guy being handed a Japanese girl to fuck out of nowhere is kinda exciting concept even thought I suspect it's all faked, it would seem a little dangerous, impractical and just bad for the actress's health to have unprotected sex with a random black dude from Africa.

    Anyway there is one I was curious to see, sadly I can't seem to even find the meme video of it. It was a zombie parody, except the zombies were just black dudes trying to break into the house. I do have this one screenshot from it if it's any help. Was trying to put it through a reverse image lookup to little success.

    Attached Files:

  9. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    Kurumi Tamaki finally for July
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  10. highr

    highr Active Member

    bdd-01 is the code
  11. Inane

    Inane Active Member

    how about DASD-697?

    Also DASD-690 with Ishikawa Kanon is already out I believe
    DASD-690 Black Homestay NTR Plucked And Expanded Micro Vagina Ichikawa Kanon.
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  12. highr

    highr Active Member

    All these cute girls wasted on the same overweight chode. He's an alright actor though.
  13. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    You guys remember when Mike Chapman was doing Jav? Now he's doing double anal gangbangs in Europe. Don't hate the player hate the game. I sure wish I could be in his shoes, but I'd probably be doing the grannies
  14. electricfist

    electricfist New Member

    Got any codes for movies he's been in?
  15. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member







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  16. evizerates

    evizerates New Member

    /\ its not him wtf lol. someone told this guy died, dont know if its true
  17. highr

    highr Active Member

    Yeah Mike Chapman did do jav (he's in that Ai Uehara goes to Africa movie) but people always confuse him with the skinny guy ^^^ that passed.
  18. BDrake

    BDrake Akiba Citizen

    This is the IR to beat this year
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  19. cloudmain

    cloudmain Member

    I'll admit when I first seen the cover, I didn't know who she was. When watching the trailer however, I think its up there.
  20. thejorsias

    thejorsias New Member

    Good to know. I wasn't really looking forward to this. Nothing came close to Akari's CJOD last year.
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