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Internet Freedom Act (USA only)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by fezzie, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. fezzie

    fezzie Active Member

    This is a plea to call your US Senators to pass the Internet Freedom Act, known a S3034

    Obama is trying to cede control of the Internet from the United States to an international body (as yet to be determined). The one thing that keeps sites like these open and operating freely is freedom of speech granted by the 1st Amendment in the US Constitution. An international body, can and WILL supress, and/or censor material which it deems unsuitable or which the philosophically or politically disagrees. Once control is ceded, it is IRREVERSIBLE!

    Call 202-224-3131 and ask to speak to the Senator from your state. Also call Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541 and demand Bill S3034 be brought up to a vote.

    If Obama is successful things will change very quickly - and NOT for the better.
    Thank You
  2. jugulear

    jugulear Akiba Citizen


    Senator Ted Cruz is the one associated with this bill:


    We all may breathe relief, because we know from his presidential campaign that we should "TrusTed."

    Here is the viewpoint that prompted Member Fezzie to put up his plea, focusing on one alarmist and theoretical aspect:


    A look at what's at the heart of the matter, helping out the fat cats as usual:


    And a discussion forum that helps us see what is at the heart of the matter:


    I particularly enjoyed these excerpts:


    "All these republicans who literally PREACH about 'the free market' are so full of shit it is painful. They love free market until there is a threat to their outdated business model and then they decide it is easier to use government to block their competition than to actually evolve as a business..."

    "I'm a fiscal conservative... but I feel like my party is full of uninformed lemmings, and boy is it hard to get them to like even listen to reason about something that Obama approves of."


    "It is freedom. Freedom for monopolies to do whatever they want."


    "I love the ridiculous names they call these things - 'internet freedom act' ha"
    "The Defense of Marriage Act, The USA PATRIOT Act..."

    (Deleted Account)

    "Honestly, as much as people like to knock real world comparisons to 1984, it is hard not to notice the parallels between this kind of language and the language used by the party in the book."

  3. fezzie

    fezzie Active Member

    This is not Republican / Democrat thing. This is a freedom of speech thing. Sadly these days far too many think in terns of "Left vs Right" instead of "Right vs Wrong"

    How sympathetic will a mullah from Iran be sitting on the panel that decides content? This is censorship and taxation waiting to happen.

    And please tell me, what does the government touch that it actually makes better?And this will be a conglomeration of governments. The UN was formed originally to end all wars - then called the League of Nations. How's that been working out?

    Don't say you weren't warned
  4. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    We'll be left with a small bandwidth-starved patched together series of networks that can basically talk to each other, accessed by rooted devices with no tracking methods for.

    But I'll find a way to find JAV.
  5. blackjet

    blackjet New Member

    A lot of European countries have freedom of speech that is equal or better to the US. In the US, you can't even called someone fat, or retarded or midget now without getting a huge PC backlash. It might not necessarily make things worse. The US is also the key culprit behind forcing a lot of torrent sites to shut down as well. Other countries don't really care as much.