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Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Casshern2, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. maschi

    maschi Sensei

    Word! I long for those days as well. I don't regret buying a Vive though. I absolutely LOVE it and many of the VRs, especially the newer ones. The quality is getting better. But sure, it'll probably take a few years before the hardware is really good.
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  2. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    I just realized, if they ever release any of the Reverse Orgy Zukkon titles in 4K VR
    I will no longer strive for better porn

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  3. javr

    javr Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2017
  4. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    After viewing some of the JAV VR content, I can definitely agree that it's behind in terms of quality vs Western VR Porn.
    I hope they ramp up the bitrate as well as framerates on newer releases :)
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  5. grisa

    grisa Akiba Citizen

    So just 360° vids? Even that wouldn't be so bad, because site has Shino Aoi in public places & uncensored.
  6. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    360 for porn is a horrible idea with the current standards

    180 degree porn right now on a Vive, Oculus or Gear (~2k resolution total) looks like SD footage from the early 2000s.
    360 would degrade the experience even further.

    I'm hoping by the start of 2018 we have both material (porn) and hardware (phones) that support 4K VR.
    Or at the least, VR headsets that do via PC.
  7. akibaun

    akibaun New Member

    I agree that 360 is a mistake, besides the resolution issues you mentioned, most people don't even look around that much when viewing this kind of content.

    However 180 content is amazingly clear with the right HMD (rift or vive) and the right camera rig. All the JAV stuff released so far is pretty terrible, but CzechVR has proven that with the right camera rig, the visuals can be superb.
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  8. pandaemic

    pandaemic New Member

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  9. javr

    javr Well-Known Member

    So agreeing with you on this. Though I wouldn't call it a mistake. It's cool initially of being "in the same space".
    But once you tried 180 3D VR porn, you don't look back at 360 non3D VR porn.

    If you have a GearVR, then it is still without doubt, the far superior choice than cardboard imo.
    I sympathize with the people trying to experience VR porn with smartphone + vrheadset/cardboard.
    I think the difference in experiences between them is far greater than the difference between GVR and Rift/Vive
    I have tried numerous VR players but none so far can replicate the "being there" visual immersion I can have with samsung GVR.
    The lag in headtracking movement can also cause discomfort very quickly.

    The reason I try third party VR players is because GVR lack the settings to adjust FOV/zoom and eye distance(IPD).
    I hope by adjusting the FOV/zoom, I can post fix the scaling problem in some VR porn videos.
    Models being too big size or small can really take me out of the immersion.

    On the JAV side, I find Afesta mostly have the scaling right. Though, the more recent ones I find them a bit bigger in scale.
    I hope they upped their resolutions soon. Their major downsides.
    AVVR on the other hand are, a size or two, way too small and horribly disproportion. Base on the samples.
    They have a ton of technical issues to figure out before I can find their videos immersive and worth it.

    On the US/EU side, CzechVR/CzechVRcasting is my favorite so far. Their scaling is the best. Check out their stuffs if you haven't.
    WanksVR scaling are on the slightly small side. But those are my two favorite studios right now.

    In general, bigger scale throw me off more than the smaller ones. May be my preference for petite girls.

    Of course, these opinions are based on my GearVR experiences.
    Different headsets, lens, players might have different outcome.

    Tops US/EU Rankings
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  10. akibaun

    akibaun New Member

    Despite the lack of technical quality - the one thing Afesta/JAV VR videos do have going for them is the multi girl scenes (see miti020-27, one of the best imo). No other studios are doing more than 2 girls at a time.

    It looks like Casshern2 discovered another video with the same 4 girls...

    Was this one ever uploaded here?
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  11. maschi

    maschi Sensei

    I agree with what you say, more or less. I would say that BaDoink has the absolute best "combo quality": resolution, contrast, color (wankz movies are bland and blurry) and scale. Wankz's scaling is as you say a bit too small and some of the others are too big. However most of them are starting to "find their way home" as far as scaling goes.

    If you want two free vr movies that are, in my opinion, two of the best movies there is (and I basically have ALL the VR movies available today (EU/US that is)), look here: https://enjoyit360.com/en/vr-videos/
    For some reason they are free, if you just sign up. I don't know if there are more coming, I think they might be two samples of what they can do and looking for sponsors or something. Anyway, the quality is superb; perfect scaling, perfect resolution (I'd say we'll have to wait for the next gen before we get better resolution), perfect color etc..

    I agree CzechVR has really good clarity but not always perfect. VirtualRealPorn is one of my favourites. They need to tone down on the "red filter" in their movies though.

    Another really good one is vrcosplayx. Made by the same studio as BaDoink. And really good quality on the pictures, scaling etc. Unfortunately not too many videos, yet.. :)

    I still consider Naughty America to be one of the best as well.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
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  12. mysterx

    mysterx Well-Known Member

  13. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

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  14. akibaun

    akibaun New Member

    @mysterx - Thanks for the upload!

    @Casshern2 - Did you ever find the name of this one you posted before? Seems to be a continuation (or prequel) to the miti20-27 series

  15. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

  16. akibaun

    akibaun New Member

    All hail Casshern2! Thank you sir!

    Seriously guys, if you have not checked out these multi girl scenes, you are missing out. Sure the other studios are doing some good work (CzechVR, WanksVR, NA), but non of them are doing scenes with 2+ girls (WanksVR Santas Workshop being one of the rare exceptions).

    There is something incredibly powerful about having sex with one girl, while the others sit at your sides and watch. The JAV directors also seem to encourage the girls to lean in close to the camera and make strong eye contact.

    Wonder if there are other videos like this one (besides miti020-27)? Is there a continuation of this one?
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  17. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    I think I have at least one other that is voyeuristic and not so much sex. I think...
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  18. akibaun

    akibaun New Member

    Yeah there have been a lot like that. They are still good, just not as good as they could be.

    Was sad to see the last miti016 was also lacking any actual sex. I assumed it would be like the other (since it had the same 4 girls)...

    On another note, I heard they are finally starting to use better camera rigs, any updates with better quality visuals? These kinds of vids with CzechVR quality would be amazing
  19. mrhorn

    mrhorn Member

  20. maschi

    maschi Sensei

    AMEN to that! It's about time! Are your "sources" reliable? Let's hope we won't have to wait too long for some new ones to show up. It would be really nice with some good quality VRs and hopefully with some famous actresses. Hitomi....! :cinta: Utsunomiya Shion! :mimisan: Ooooh my wishlist is so long.. :aghh::anget: