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Idols in Image Video industry with multiple aliases

Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by FrenchDude, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. FrenchDude

    FrenchDude Well-Known Member

    Well, we already started to talk about those Idols who make IV under several names, with sometime other date of birth, on Ami Sasano / Ruri Morino's thread here :

    As @Death Metal said in this thread, maybe this topic even deserves its own thread. So there it is.

    Generally, those Idols come from the Adult Video industry.

    Since those posts, Yuna Yamakawa 山川 ゆな aka Marina Nagatomo 長友麻里奈 released an IV under the name of Momoka Anzu あんずももこ
    PYPY-005. PYPY-005B.

    and Ayuri Sonoda 苑田あゆり aka Momoka Koike 小池萌々夏 released one under the name of Mamina Nagasawa 長澤まみな

    Another example that is pretty much amazing is in the last Spice Visual releases of January.

    2 DVDs with the same girl have been released under the same label (Blue Ribon), the same day (2018/01/26), but with 2 different names and with different info...

    Emiri Yanagihara 柳原えみり bonne (ボンヌ) MBR-BA009
    MBR-BA009-a. MBR-BA009-b.

    Mizuki Aida 愛田美月Shieru oppai 使・え・るオッパイ MBR-AL025
    MBR-AL025-b. MBR-AL025-a.

    This is clearly the same girl but on MBR-BA009 cover you can read : T155 B93(g) W61 H98

    on MBR-AL025 cover : T154 B90(g) W60 H86 - dob 1998/12/09

    This girl has also released an other IV with the name of Nagisa Okiyama 沖山なぎさ
    FAXX-9004. FAXX-9004B.

    But she is also knows as Misaki Okiyama 沖山みさき

    and mainly as Ai Tsukimoto 月本愛 for her AV work.

    Her real date of birth seems to be 1994/12/09 according her Wikipedia page.

    It's very disturbing all those aliases when you like an Idol and you want to collect her work. You waste time in researches and you can miss some good works. I was close to miss Ayuri Sonoda's Mamina Nagasawa IV.

    I will post other Idol's aka soon. Don't hesitate to contribute too.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
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  2. FrenchDude

    FrenchDude Well-Known Member

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  3. Porni

    Porni Member

    Nana Ozaki / Akiko Aimoto

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. MelonBuns

    MelonBuns Active Member

    Suzune Mukai
    and Shiori Tokunaga
    Not sure why she changed names. She did eventually move onto AV under the "Tokunaga Shiori" name so maybe she changed names in preparation for that move. Shame that she went the AV route, hope she comes back to do more IV in the future, she was pretty good at it.
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  5. FrenchDude

    FrenchDude Well-Known Member

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  6. FrenchDude

    FrenchDude Well-Known Member

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