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Favourite "Mature" JAV Performer (looks and performance)

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by JavFanatic, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    Ryoko Iori has become more beautiful and skilled since she lost some pounds but sadly she only have like 1 or 2 new releases a year, her scene on HAVD-923 is amazing, her riding was very intense:oops:
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  2. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    Yeah, Yuna Takase is a grower:cool:
    I am not into Rena Fukishi, looks promising on the cover but dissapointing in the video.:(
    Mayumi Imai (今井真由美) made her debut few months ago and she is been a pleasant surprise.:)
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  3. rgnar

    rgnar Not 19 forever

    Chisato Shoda has retired too, and JUX-799 may be her last:(

  4. rgnar

    rgnar Not 19 forever

    havent watch havd-923 bcause its not her solowork movie :D
    according to her twitter account (https://twitter.com/iori_ryouko) shes not retired and still tweet a lot stuff about av and tweetpic her picture with Natsuko Kayama and Yukari Orihara. i may be wrong because i cant read japanese:(
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  5. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    Hi rgnar, yes there are a few videos of them togheter on YouTube, they use a name but i dont remember right now(3boins?). I strongly recomend you HAVD-923, i have that scene alone if you want it, just let me know.
  6. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I almost think she already retired

    thanks for the info sir, I will watch HAVD-923, would like to see her cock riding action

    yes she have very hot MILF body but still need to increase her skill

    Mayumi Imai is cute, I'm happy that SOD has MILF series too
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  7. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    yes another legend in MILF will be leave the bussiness

    but after watched some new comers to MILF I think we will not be sad for long ;)
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  8. rgnar

    rgnar Not 19 forever

    yes, its 3boins and i just downloaded havd-923 and...wow for that scene, althought its very short for me:p but i still like it, thanks for the recommendations

    the saddest day of my life lol
    can you recommend me some new comers?
  9. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    Nozomi Sasayama
    Rena Fukishi
    Yuna Takase
    Sumire Shiraishi
    Eri Tokushima
    Aki Sasaki

    already 2-3 years in the bussiness :

    Saya Niiyama
    Ayaka Mutou
    Iroha Seino
    Sana Mizuhara
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2016
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  10. rgnar

    rgnar Not 19 forever

    dont know why, i really dont like Nozomi Sasayama lol.
    i like Rena Fukishi, especially on gvg-284, and Yuna Takase, although her boobs are to small :p
    btw, thanks for the recommendations and i just realize i already watched all av milf you recommended but personally i really like Sasaki Aki. her body and face doesnt resemble any milf, top class and too cute ;)
  11. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    seems we have different taste
    for me she is one the best, a godess

    like in younger female, mature women also have 2 type : chubby with big boobs and slim with small boobs
    I prefer big boobs, but I've made some exceptions for the slim with small boobs type ;)

    if you talking about top class and cute, ofcourse Maki Hojo and Nana Aida ;)
  12. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    I recently came across Kamiya Akihi, she has a beautiful face, pretty sharp eyes and Yaeba teeth that makes her even more cute.


    At first, I passed her because of her belly (not for the scar) but I couldn't resist to her face so I made another exception haha.

    The second one is Yayoi Amano. When she smiles, she looks like a thinner version of Mizumi Saki.
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  13. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    Thanks for bring Aki Kamiya:), i didnt know any of her works and she looks very intersting. She have cute fangs indeed....another new favorite?:hmm:
    Extra points for the scar on her belly :cihuy:
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2016
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  14. rgnar

    rgnar Not 19 forever

    lol, i like big boobs too:)
    Maki Hojo and Nana Aida arent just top class but also legend;) along with Misa Yuuki and Reiko Nakamori. too bad Nana Aida,Reiko Nakamori, and Misa Yuuki already retired and i still hope for her comeback lol
    and does anyone here know milf who can lactate? Misa Yuki was lactating in her debut ;)
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  15. jugulear

    jugulear Akiba Citizen

    I liked Darksider59's catch of Aki Kamiya, and went on to see if I had anything with her. (Did not.) When I looked in my notes, however, I got several hits for Saki Kamiya (A.K.A. Reiko Kudo).

    Saki Kamiya from perhaps her most important role, Deceived Married Woman Bodyguard [JUC-555]

    I don't think she qualifies (or qualified, while she was active) as a "mature" performer, but I still wanted to give the lady her due; I searched in the archives to see how she has been received by Akiba-Onliners, and look at what Zen10101 wrote about her:

    "She's not very beautiful in the conventional sense but ..."

    The second reference I came upon was by none other than me, and check out what I had written in the She Stands Out in a Crowd thread... as I compared her to another who was far more special:

    "...Obviously an attractive woman, but do you see what I'm saying? She's just another pretty lady, and you're not going to dwell on her."

    So here is the question I have to ask of you. Is this fair? Why, oh why, are we celebrating Aki Kamiya, when Saki Kamiya gets absolutely no respect? Is she no less valuable a JAV actress, nay, no less valuable a woman? Have you ever stopped to think what threads like this do to the ones who are not so fortunate to be admired and cherished? Think of all of the broken hearts you gentlemen have been responsible for, and I daresay you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

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  16. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    yuna shiina since quite at age 29 other is Nozomi Sasayama and akiho yoshizawa since she 32 now.
  17. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    would be awesome if Yuna Shiina, Nana Aida, Reiko Nakamori, Miku Ohashi, Haruki Sato, Nana Aoyama, Satomi Suzuki, Kaori Saejima, Yayoi Yanagida make a comeback


    Chisato Kawai
  18. mago

    mago Akiba Citizen

    I just found a new one, Michiko Toyooka (豊岡みち子) this 60 years old lady have a truly spectacular body, thank you Japan:maaf::mimisan::mimisan::mimisan::mimisan:
    KAAD-08 and SKKK-19 are available.
  19. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner Well-Known Member

    +1 Yayoi Yanagida
  20. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    +1 Nana Aoyama

    Saki Kamiya is beautiful in my opinion and yes, she stands out in a crowd. Personally, when a girl has a special face/body feature (smile, eyes, teeth, dimples, tongue ...) , it's even better.