Does anybody here Burn DVDs anymore, and how to hide them?


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Jan 9, 2017
Hello all. It has been a significant amount of time (at least for me) since I last posted to this website/forum. Excuses don't cut it. I came back for some more JAV goodness, and to update some people on my prior 100TB JAV Project. I had a mental breakdown towards the end of the project, and ended up deleting all files from my drives, fully wiping them, and then selling them on FB and Craigslist. I wound up selling off most of my tech (or donating what I couldn't sell). I have no interest in data hoarding anymore, as that was my second collection, with my first befalling a similar fate. My first collection got to 191TB before deletion (though I kept the drives to sell at a future date, though some did get sold), and my second got to 50TB less than the first. I have no intention of buying anymore drives, but am thinking of burning DVDs full of JAV, and maybe some select Non-JAV Porn that I like. I now print out porn photos and adult comics and doujins I like, so I figure I should get into burning DVDs full of the JAV and Non-JAV Porn that I like. I also have a (currently) 3,653 volume library of books, and have created my own personal library inside my 10x15 storage unit (I also wrote an entire book about it). For the photos and comics I use a simple 4 drawer filing cabinet, but am concerned, as for the DVDs, I love the covers, and want to use traditional DVD cases and slip covers, yet fear that my limited space, and some prying eyes that come to my unit might disrupt this plan. Obviously only nosy nellies would be flipping through my DVDs if I invite them in (my family has access to the unit, as some of their bikes and stuff are stored in there as well, and I fear them stumbling onto them) (not sure how nosy management is), so as long as the spines look clean (no adult content on the spines), and the DVDs are tight against each other so the cover isn't showing, then there shouldn't be an issue, yet I still fear it.

I feel like I am rambling, so to make a long story short: I used to have close to 400TB of data, deleted it twice due to mental breakdowns, and now want to get back into JAV by burning DVDs, and storing them in my personal library, but am afraid of prying eyes. I simply want to know if anyone has any experience with something such as this, and what they would recommend, and I welcome any advice from those who feel like sharing.

Should I simply avoid the traditional DVD route and go with those DVD Binders that have slots for the slipcase covers, or go with the cheaper DVD Binders with no slipcase cover slots, but use something else for the slipcase covers? Would it be better to use the CD sized cases, and shrink the covers to that size (I dont want to do that tbh)? Or am I complicating things and should just get those Cardboard like Boxes to store the DVDs in?

Side note, what Portable DVD Player (maybe Blu-Ray?) do you recommend?

Here is a photo of my unit for reference.

Edit: 06-07-2021 (US Date System) at 1:02PM
I have found out that the best way to store them (At least from what I have seen) would be to use "Tarifold DVD Protective Sleeve", which comes in a 100 pack for $28. The disks will most likely be Verbatim disks which are around $25 for a 100 pack (though I am certain thrift stores will have these for far cheaper). If I ordered everything brand new, this would be the breakdown of cost:

Cover Protective Sleeves: $28 (100 pack)
Blank DVD-R: $25 (100 pack)
Pen+Gear Multipurpose Inkjet Paper: $6.13 (500 pack)
Case Logic DVD Protective Sleeves: $6.95 (120 pack)
TARIFOLD 2-Ring Binder for DVD Storage CD Storage and Blu-ray Storage: $43 (4 pack)

Total Cost: $109.08

Cost breakdown:
$0.28 per Cover Sleeve
$0.25 per DVD-R
$0.01 per Cover
$0.06 per DVD Sleeve
$0.43 per Slot in Binder (each binder holds 25 DVDs)

Cost per JAV: $1.03

Some side Notes:
One site is offering the 4 binders and the 100 cover sleeves for a total of $58:
Some Customers/Reviews state they can fit 40 DVDs with covers per binder.

Edit 2: 06-07-2021 (US Date System) at 2:06PM
I came across an interesting video on YouTube (
), and I liked the idea, so I began searching around on Amazon for something like this. Well, I came upon the "New MegaDisc 1000 Cd DVD Black Aluminum Hard Case for Media Storage Holder w/Hanger Sleeves". This would set me back $110 for the case, and (if completely filled) $250 for 1000 disks (though possibly less, depending on what brand you use). This means $0.36 per disk and slot, with just a couple extra cents for the cover to be printed (which you can store in binder/s).

One thing I do have experience with, is with Snap N' Store Boxes. A two pack will set you back $20, and can hold 165 Sleeved DVD (no box art though) per box.

While writing this, I came upon an easier and cheaper solution to edit 1. I have found 200 non Binder hole artwork sleeves for $19. Assuming I use those, this is the breakdown:

$0.10 per Cover Sleeve
$0.25 per DVD-R
$0.01 per Cover
$0.06 per DVD Sleeve

Cost per JAV: $0.42


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Mar 22, 2008
Hey, there! Good to see you back!

You've probably seen it already in all my rants about HTA apps and later my PHP project (that I'm still using) but I do use binders with plain printable discs (50GB blu-ray) with just numbers on them.

GIF showing how I find a title

I use my site to search and find titles and of course keep covers and (very!) basic info about the title. Really, if you're concerned about someone finding them, you should either lock the cabinets or go the extreme and throw away all your covers (if they are purchased discs) or just forgo printing them in favor of something like that video showed by using an app on a device or a locally running site on a laptop you can take with you.