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Chiasa Aonuma 青沼ちあさ (青沼知朝) - 6 Films (1994 -1997)

Discussion in 'JAV Torrents' started by 201flyer, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen


    青沼知朝 or 青沼ちあさ: WIKI: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/青沼ちあさ

    List of works and covers: http://www.nkikaku.jp/b/a125.


    [AV女演員]青沼知朝 Chiasa Aonuma (日本) 青沼ちあさ


    生日: 1975 / 08 / 01
    國籍: 日本
    三圍: 32-24-34
    身高: 161 cm
    藝名: 青沼知朝;青沼ちあさ;Chiasa Aonuma
    AV生涯: 1993 - 2000

    2006--The Best of No.1 青沼ちあさDeluxe (VE00032)
    2001--お宝ガールズ 青沼ちあさ
    2000--Crystal Platina Collection 青沼ちあさ
    1997--女子校生ちあさ 君を知りたい
    1997--女子校生ちあさ 風に恋して
    1997--ヴィーナス誕生 女子校生ちあさ そばにいてあげる
    1997--青沼ちあさ メイキングストーリー(マイキー)
    1997--セクス・アリス [美少女EROS恋写館 Vol.14]
    1996--素肌の雫 [美少女EROS恋写館 Vol.5]
    1995--春が、来た。 [スーパー美少女館]
    1994--青い鳥みつけた [美少女Hi-fi写真館 Vol.39]

    [AV Female Performance Person] Chiasa Aonuma (Japan)

    Birthday: 1975/08/01
    Country of origin: Japan
    Real name:
    Three Sidets: 32-24-34
    Height: 161 cm
    Aesthetic name: Tomoyo Aonuma; Aoumumi Chiasa; Chiasa Aonuma
    AV Lifetime: 1993 - 2000
    [Year-year work]

    2006 - The Best of No.1 Aoumumi Chisa Deluxe (VE-32)(DAJ-077)
    2001 - Treasures Girls Aonuma Chiasa (AJV80-81)
    2000 - Crystal Platina Collection Aoumumi Chisa (MMDV-001R) 2000.03.31
    1999 - Crystal Picture Female Student Lves in Chiasa Style (SCVD-1144) Nov.30, 1999
    1999 - Crystal Picture Female school student Chia (SCVD-1126) July 30, 1999
    1998 - Eiichi Publishing Chiasa is the best! Bishojo EROS Kogin photograph VOLUME 34 (BEV72-60)
    1997 - I want to know girls' school girl Chiasa (VE-11) Kimi wo Shiritai
    1997 - School girls in love with Chia style (VE-07) Kaze ni Koishite September 27, 1997
    1997 - Venus birth Girls school girls Let's stay by Chiaza (VE-04) August 14, 1997

    1997 - Aouma Chiasa Making Story (Mikey)
    1997 - Chiasa's Blue Coral Reef (Dream Studio)
    1997 - Sex Alice [Bishoujo EROS Kogyo Vol. 14] (BEV72-39)
    1996 - Drop of bare skin [Bishoujo EROS Koikan Vol.5]
    1995 - Spring has come. [Super girls' pavilion] (BEV84-19)
    1994 - A blue bird found [Pretty girl Hi-fi photo gallery Vol.39]
    1994 - Kasakura Publishing Super girls high school student · tempted (Colors) Nov.21 1994 (AJV75-32)

    Chiasa Aonuma 青沼ちあさ (青沼知朝) - 6 Films (1994 -1997).

    Torrent: 3.55 GB No Watermarks

    Large VE-04.

    Attached Files:

  2. pufferfish

    pufferfish Member

    Great Work!
    201flyer likes this.
  3. Khazeldor

    Khazeldor Member

    201flyer likes this.
  4. alee001

    alee001 Member

    My first favorite idol !
    201flyer likes this.
  5. luvasianass

    luvasianass Active Member

    Never heard of her, but she looks girl-next-door hot!
  6. na7ure

    na7ure Member

    201flyer likes this.
  7. Khazeldor

    Khazeldor Member

    you are too young.
  8. luvasianass

    luvasianass Active Member

    55 is too young?
  9. Khazeldor

    Khazeldor Member

    yes, you are too young for Japanese internet idols.
    akidna likes this.
  10. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    There is supposedly an uncensored video of her here: https://xhamster.com/videos/chiasa-aonuma-full-movie-uncensored-1077244
    I looked at it and am undecided if it really is her. This model seems a little bustier but there are similarities. I'm skeptical because Chiasa only did 3 sex videos (the rest are compilations) so it strikes me odd that this video is different material and not a "leaked" video of a previously censored release (as best I can tell). Anyone know?
    abitlazy and akidna like this.
  11. pheion

    pheion Member

    Hi 201flyer !
    the girl in that video is actually Toshimi Kida or aka Ayami Kida.
    she has done both censored & uncensored movies.
    hope this help :D
  12. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    Thanks pheion. I'm quite glad I didn't include it in my torrent!
  13. Khazeldor

    Khazeldor Member

    But but I really need that Ayami Kida.... please upload!!!!!!!

    it would be good if you have more of her..
    I don't know that she do uncensored one.
  14. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    Sorry, I don't have anything of her. You can get the uncensored from the link 3 posts up.
  15. alee001

    alee001 Member

    Anyone upload Chiasa's 2 movie as following:
    痴漢白書 劇場版 笑顔でサヨナラ (1997)
    相会在梦中 夢で逢いましょう (1996)
  16. abitlazy

    abitlazy New Member

    The girls from xhamster is Ayami Kida. I have some her video so long ago.
    201flyer likes this.