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Automatically Generated Subtitles of Movies Japanese EASY

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by DarkSpiderVenom, Sep 21, 2016.


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  1. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    Tutorial for Automatic Speech Recognition and Subtitle Generation For Translate Asians movies (avi, mp4, mkv, Files audio) Easily.
    For Windows (you can work with Mac or Linux)

    Time Process Subtitle = Time Movie
    Accuracy estimate Per Movie: 5 - 40 %
    Accuracy estimate Per Line: 0 - 100 %

    METHOD 1.
    Version Online
    Use in Windows :
    1 .- Click Right in Icon Sound in Bar Task
    2. - Activate - Set as Default Device Stereo Mix
    3.- Go https://speechlogger.appspot.com
    Selection Language:
    Click Start
    4.- Play Movie or (Upload Audio?)
    5.- Export Caption - Srt (SAVE)

    METHOD 2.
    Version Software with AutoSub
    - Install Python
    - Install AutoSub
    Step To Step For Windows With ONE CLICK (EASY)

    Other Translated for Japanese with IBM, Bing
    Other Option Bugs For Unicodes
    Translation Subtitles With Subtile Edit
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2016
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  2. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    ADN-034 - Ayano Moriyama
    ADN-052 - Keiko Oguchida
    DVDES-808 - Yui Hatano
    DVDES-910 Shibuya Kaho
    DVDES-970 Rena Fukiishi
    GATE-11 Naked Heroine Pure Moon - Asuka Misugi
    GEXP-28 Heroine Serial Novel - Disciplining Aurora Sisters - Masked Beautiful Girl Aurora - Erisu Nakayama
    GHOR-61 Heroine Suppression Wonder Lady - Miho Nakazato
    GPTM-01 Super LADY - Aimi Ichika, Aimi Kazuka
    GPTM-34 Accel Girl VS Power Woman Defeat of Justice - Haruna Ayane Minami Natsuki
    GSAD-08 SUPER HEROINE Action Wars Iron Beautiful Woman Dyna Woman - Yui Aikawa
    GXXD-77 The Heroine Insult Suppression Party -SUPERLADY ZERO - Ichika Aimi, Nanako Misaki
    GXXD-97 Middle-Aged Heroine Incest - Witch Beautiful Middle-Aged Woman Fighter - Kiriko Niio
    HAVD-405 - Lust Prohibited Sister In Law - Natsumi Horiguchi s
    HBAD-031 Raped Female Teacher - Azusa Ayano
    HBAD-139 - A New Wife Is Tied Up By Her Father-In-Law And Violated Against Her Will - Marika
    JUC-856 Rent Arrears Mother And Child - Poverty Incest - Hisae Yabe
    JUX-289 Sayuri Ikuina
    JUX-327 Aida Nana - s
    MDYD-735 Ai Sayama
    MIAD-724 Ayu Sakurai
    RBD-301 Yuna Shiina - - s
    RBD-463 - Kaori
    RBD-517 - Yuki Jin
    RBD-537 - Sho Noshino, Akari Hoshino
    RBD-672 - Kimiha Ichijo
    RBD-725 - Rina Ishihara
    SACE-051 Nakadashi Female Teacher Pet - Risa Kasumi
    SBNR-190 - Nsps-097 Mother And Daughter - Rabu Saotome, Hitomi Kanou
    SBNR-316 NSPS-223 Mirei Yokoyama
    SDDO-048 - Inhibition's Significancebeautiful Female Teacher's Sister And That Younger's Man Forbidden Lovenana Natsume
    SDMT-711 Arrested Mom And Daughter
    SDMT-788 Megumi Shino s
    SHKD-242 - It Is Committed In The Face Ofa Husband Azabu Reona
    SHKD-376 - Kousaka Miyu
    SHKD-548 Ai Haneda
    SHKD-631 - Kawakami Nanami
    SSPD-093 - Sho Nishino
    TBB-73 Heroine Suppression Vol.73 - Miho Nakazato
    TBW-02 Heroine Brainwash 02 C-Girl Eri Sakuragi Supergirl
    TGGP-05 The Knight-Shift DArc Dart - Shion, Sakura Sakurada
    TGGP-26 Hard-line Enslavement-American Comic Heroine Proud Woman - Yu Kawakami WonderWoman
    TJH-19 Middle-Aged Woman Heroine 19 - Maki Tomoda - Supergirl
    TJH-20 Middle Aged Woman Heroine 20 - Ryouko Murakami
    TJH-20 Middle Aged Woman Heroine 20 - Ryouko Murakami.Double
    TRE-63 Heroine Insult Vol.63 Iron Beautiful Woman Dyna Woman - Kaede Niiyama
    TZZ-06 Vam Dead - Ryo Kanai
    .srt in Japanese
    .ass in Spanish
    For Translate to any Languaje use Original Japanese (.srt)
    Use Subtitle Edit



    Attached Files:

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  3. Motiman

    Motiman Akiba Citizen

    Wow! I didn't even know about this section before but i will definitely try out the methods to see if it helps. Timing manually can be a pain so will hopefully get good results from it. As i said on the other thread, i don't think it's perfect. Too much dialogue is missed and some of the lines would need to be edited but it would be a great starting point.
  4. Marie-chan

    Marie-chan New Member

    Hi, sorry to bother you, but I can't install autosub like it's describ.

    At step 2 :
    Run cmd (Win+R)
    C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install autosub
    C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install https://pypi.python.org/packages/35...6505629f6c54857587ec6e37/autosub-0.3.9.tar.gz
    (Download Last version autosub https://pypi.python.org/pypi/autosub)
    C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe install "c:\youdownloaded\autosub-0.3.9.tar.gz"

    The command box get open but close herself right away and don't install anything.
    I try to download the tar.gz version, but when I launch pip.exe, nothing happen.

    Someone can share a file with all the changes already done, please?
  5. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    install python?
    version windows?
    32 or 64 bits?
    message pip?
    1.- Run "cmd" only
    2.- Line comands write "cd C:\Python27\Scripts\"
    3.- pip --version
    4.- pip install autosub
    Message ?
  6. Marie-chan

    Marie-chan New Member

    -install python-

    -version windows?
    32 or 64 bits?-

    Yes, 32bits

    message pip?
    1.- Run "cmd" only
    2.- Line comands write "cd C:\Python27\Scripts\"
    3.- pip --version
    4.- pip install autosub
    Message ?

    I can't pass the step 2, like I said before. I try the three possibilities, nothing happen.

    If I use "C:\Python27\Scripts\pip.exe" the window open and close right away after few seconds. I can't do anything.
    If I double-click on "pip.exe", same thing.
    If I download and install the "pip.exe" in the "autosub-0.3.9.tar.gz"... same thing.

    Autosub refuse to install. I don't have any error message, just a black box who open and close itself in few seconds.
  7. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    I fear that an intermediate knowledge is required to properly use these steps.
    I hope that in the future someone might make a little more friendly tool.
    You can try the following.

    Open Notepad, copy and paste the lines
    Save with name installauto.bat,and double click.

    pip --version
    pip install autosub
  8. Marie-chan

    Marie-chan New Member

    YEESSS, it's working with the "installauto.bat" !

    Thanks so much. ;)

    I finish to install all of it, but -there is a "but"-, I can't start anything.
    When I start a test like this one : C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Python27\scripts\autosub_app.py --list-languages
    The "black box issue" make a new appearance. *Grrrrrr*

    I also try this : C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Python27\scripts\autosub_app.py -S ja -D ja YouAnimeVideo.mp4
    I put my video (in mp4) inside de file, rename the command before the launch and I still have the black box.

    Sorry to bother you with all this and with my crappy english.
  9. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    Put commands in File Bat, with Pause.
    C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Python27\scripts\autosub_app.py --list-languages
    C:\Python27\python.exe C:\Python27\scripts\autosub_app.py -S ja -D ja "c:\mysmovies\myvideoporn.mp4"
    message command?

    All commands is "black box"



  10. Marie-chan

    Marie-chan New Member

    Hi, it's me again!

    I try the batch you offer me (thanks)
    And I think I'm on the "BAD" section, but with a different message. I take some screens: pic1.

    and "ERROR261" at the end of the message.
  11. DarkSpiderVenom

    DarkSpiderVenom New Member

    and you copied the file ffmpeg.exe to directory??????? C:\Python27\

    Open Notepad save Code with name "TestFFfmpeg.py" with extension .py

    Double click file.
    import subprocess
    import time
    out  = subprocess.call(["ffmpeg","-version"],stdout = subprocess.PIPE, shell=True)
    if out== 0:
       print "Ok,ffmpeg"
       print "Bad, the File ffmpeg.exe is not found"
    message of this file?
  12. Marie-chan

    Marie-chan New Member

    Thanks so much for your help, it was an error with the ffmpeg version.
    I'm so stupid. -___-

    I download the godd version and all work just fine.
    Thanks again. I hope my mistakes will help other people later.
  13. PinkSpider

    PinkSpider New Member

    I installed autosub (I use linux). The application requires google translate API to actually work, it seems. Problem is that APPARENTLY google translate service isn't free (or is it?)

    *Edit: nevermind ... I got it working! thank you very much.

    umm since I have only tried 'autosub' I was wondering... is there one application of those you posted more accurate in speech recognition than the others? or do they work the same way?
    have you tried them all and noticed any difference?
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2016
  14. Joker6969

    Joker6969 Member

    Ok, I got autosub installed and tested. In case someone else has the same installation problem I did: It complained about not finding ffmpeg although it was in the path, verified by just typing "ffmpeg" + enter. On line 139 in autosub_app.py, I changed "if not which("ffmpeg"):" to "if not which("ffmpeg.exe"):" and that helped it find the file. No clue what makes it require / not require the suffix. I'm using Windows 10 if that matters.

    It seems to recognize only a fraction of the speech in the single file I've tested it with so far. I'll try the SpeechRecognition library in case that helps. Much of the auto-translation is nonsense, but should be easy to turn into something that makes more sense when you have text to copy into a translator.
  15. saving so I can find this later
  16. darmawi30

    darmawi30 New Member

    Any idea how to improve japanese translation???