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[ask] list of bestiality JAV series/studio

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by k0um3i, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    thanks for your reply zoolanimal :)

    I've checked javlibrary before, but they don't put picture for this genre, so maybe you can help where I can find the list with cover pictures ?
  2. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur


    email me at zoolanimal@gmail.com and i can show you how to get most of the covers. if i don't already have them i can show you how to get them. and if you don't want to use gmail.com send me a chat request with QR code on LINE.
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  3. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    hey friends,

    I have mentioned above that I have the following jav beast videos by studio gekko/月光 [moonlight] on the Venus(Kurisutaru Eizou / クリスタル映像)label:

    english titles and idols / actresses / cast descriptions underconstruction:Edit

    DJK-001 [獣姦01 上原美津子], rekeased / 発売日: 2003-11-18, dvd ★ [rec'd from japan on or about 2016.04.20]

    DJK-002 [獣姦02 未亡人と黒犬・愛犬にハメられた女], released / 発売日: 2003-11-18, dvd ★ [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07]

    DJK-003 [獣姦03 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 成瀬明日香], released / 発売日: 2003-11-18, dvd [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07]

    DJK-004 [獣姦04 愛田瞳], released / 発売日: 2003/12/16, dvd ★ [rec'd from japan: 2016.03.05]

    DJK-005 [獣姦05 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 北原翔子], released / 発売日: 2004-01-16 ★ [rec'd the VHS ~ JK-005 from japan on 2018.04.24 ~
    but i haven't ripped it yet]

    DJK-006 [獣姦06 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 セイラ], released / 発売日: 2004-02-17, dvd ★

    DJK-007 [獣姦07 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 冴木めぐみ], released / 発売日: 2004-03-16, dvd ★

    DJK-008 [獣姦08 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 松嶋杏], released / 発売日: 2004-04-16, dvd ★

    DJK-009 [獣姦09 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 さかうえ優], released / 発売日: 2004-05-18, dvd [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07]

    DJK-010 [獣姦10 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 丘崎愛里], released / 発売日: 2004-06-17, dvd ★ [rev'd from japan: 2016.03.05]

    DJK-011 [獣姦11 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 椎名るみ], released / 発売日: 2004-06-17, dvd ★

    DJK-012 [獣姦12 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 天野七海], released / 発売日: 2004-06-17, dvd ★

    DJK-013 [獣姦13 前代未聞!某有名私立大英文科在学の4ヵ国語を話す美人女子大生と野獣の生本番 上田鈴], released / 発売日: 2004-06-17, dvd ★

    DJK-014 [獣姦14 前代未聞!素人主婦が野獣と生本番], .released / 発売日: 2004-06-17, .iso ★

    DJK-015 [獣姦15 青山洋子], released / 発売日: 2004-07-16, dvd ★

    DJK-016 [獣姦16 飯田蘭子], released / 発売日: 2004-07-16, dvd ★

    DJK-017 [獣姦17 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 鈴木レイ], released / 発売日: 2004-08-10, dvd ★ [rev'd from japan: 2016.03.05]

    DJK-018 [獣姦18 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 葉月アンナ], released / 発売日: 2004-08-10, dvd ★ [rev'd from japan: 2016.03.05]

    DJK-019 [獣姦19 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 春野うらら], released / 発売日: 2004-08-10, dvd ★

    DJK-020 [獣姦20 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 草蒔紅葉], released / 発売日: 2004-09-17, dvd, .iso ★

    DJK-021 [獣姦21 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 藤里樹], released / 発売日: 2004-10-15, dvd [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07]

    DJK-022 [獣姦22 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 山田華], released / 発売日: 2004-10-15, dvd, .iso ★ [rec'd from japan on or about 2016.04.20]

    DJK-023 [獣姦23 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 あやの], released / 発売日: 2004-11-19, .iso ★

    DJK-024 [獣姦24 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 紅蘭], released / 発売日: 2004-11-19, dvd ★

    DJK-025 [獣姦25 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 白石れいな], released / 発売日: 2004-12-16 ★ [won @ japanese auction 2018.09.07]

    DJK-026 [獣姦26 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 チカ], released / 発売日: 2004-12-16, dvd ★ [rec'd from japan on or about 2016.04.20]

    DJK-027 [獣姦27 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 朝比奈ひよこ], released / 発売日: 2005-01-19, dvd ★ [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07]

    ★ DJK-028 [獣姦28 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 牧野真生実]. released / 発売日: 2005-01-19 ★ [won at j. auction: 2018.06.02 ~ arrived from japan 2018.06.14]

    DJK-029 [獣姦29 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 藤原レイ]. released / 発売日: 2005-02-18 ★ [i have cover and dvd i won @ japanese auction buyout 2018.10.01]

    DJK-030 [獣姦30 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 桜ふじ子], released / 発売日: 2005-02-18 [rec'd from japan: 2017.08.14]

    DJK-031 [獣姦31 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 林由美香], released / 発売日: 2005-03-18, dvd, .iso

    DJK-032 [獣姦32 前代未聞!美女と野獣の生本番 藤崎ななみ]. released / 発売日: 2005-03-18 [rec'd from japan: 2017.08.14]

    DJK-033 [獣姦33 同時二穴責め 咲もも菜], release / 発売日: 2005-04-20, dvd

    DJK-034 [獣姦34 母乳獣姦 望月さおり]. released / 発売日: 2005-04-20
    [rec'd from japan: 2017.08.14]

    * DJK-035 [獣姦35 うなぎアナル責め 矢吹涼華]. released / 発売日: 2005-05-13 *

    DJK-036 [獣姦36 強制獣姦 るい]. released / 発売日: 2005-05-13 [rec'd from japan: 2017.08.14]

    * DJK-037 [獣姦37 犬とウンコとうなぎとマゾ女子校生 ゆき], released / 発売日: 2005-06-15 *

    DJK-038 [獣姦 38~犬と金魚と私], dvd, .iso & djk-038_Ryo_Mizuki.avi [683mb], released / 発売日: 2005-09-16 ★

    DJK-039 [獣姦39 バイブ狂いのレズビアン、そして・・・犬との交尾: 若葉薫子], released / 発売日: 2006-05-07, dvd, .iso, .mp4 [1.05gb] ★

    DJK-040 [ウナギでアナルって犬と悶絶ファック: 五十嵐つばさ], released / 発売日: 2006-05-07, dvd, .iso, .mp4 [.99gb] ★

    * DJM-001 Kemono Musume 1 [獣娘1], cast: ayumi shirasaka [白坂あゆみ], released / 発売日: 2008-08-09 *

    * * * * * * * * * *


    "★" with bold video ID indicates i have or obtained both the video and cover.
    "*"= indicates i have cover but no video.
    [A] = indicates i have bid for this on one of the japanese auction sites.
    [pP] = videos i am engaged in possible purchase of

    * * * * * * * * * *

    thus far i have been able to collect 38 out of 41 of the gekko videos

    for serious traders covers available on request

    the gekko/月光 videos i do not have are as follows: DJK-035, DJK-037 and DJM-001

    if anyone has gekkou video to trade or exchange not listed above let me know. you are also welcome to join my buying the 7 videos above.

    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
  4. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    here's a list i compiled of the KMC / kansai mania club / 関西マニア倶楽部 DOKU- series beast videos by doku kumo (poison spider) /毒蜘蛛:

    (list revised on 2017.07.02 2018.06.03):
    sources: XXXXwww.at-mania.com/DVD/ct/DOKU0~~~/
    (this source includes video information and covers)

    DOKU-017 ★ 選ばれた美人OLと亀姦獣, released / 発売日:2009-07-02 ★
    DOKU-023 ★ 淫獣 酔夢憚, released / 発売日:2009-08-10 [pur'd @ ueno rental store on 2017-01-26] ★
    ★ 選ばれた美人OLと亀姦獣 No2, released / 発売日:2009-09-10 [pur'd @ ueno rental store on 2017-01-26] ★
    淫獣 酔夢憚 No2, released / 発売日:2009-09-25 ★ [i have cover ~ i bid for this and won japanese auction 2019.02.01]
    ★ 背徳人妻獣姦, released / 発売日:2009-09-25 ★ [rec'd from japan: 2017.05.20] ★
    DOKU-034 ★ 背徳人妻獣姦 No2, released / 発売日:2009-10-26 [pur'd @ ueno rental store on 2017-01-26]
    ★ 背徳人妻獣姦 No3, released / 発売日:2009-11-30 ★
    DOKU-039 ★ 淫獣酔夢憚 No3, released / 発売日:2009-11-30 ★
    DOKU-043 ★ 背徳人妻獣姦 No4, released / 発売日:2009-12-28 ★
    DOKU-046 ★ 背徳人妻 獣姦 No5, released / 発売日:2010-01-28 ★
    DOKU-050 ★ 真異種獣姦, released / 発売日:2010-02-26 ★
    DOKU-054 ★ 変態人妻獣漁り, released / 発売日:2010-04-28 ★
    DOKU-055 ★ 真異種獣姦 No2 , released / 発売日:2010-04-28 ★
    DOKU-057 ★ 真異種獣姦 No3, released / 発売日:2010-06-20 [pur'd @ ueno rental store on 2017-01-26] ★
    * DOKU-060 [seeking] 熟専獣塾 熟女獣漁り, released / 発売日:2010-06-20 *
    DOKU-061 ★ 淫獣王, released / 発売日:2010-07-20 ★
    DOKU-066 ★ 阿修羅の世界, released / 発売日:2010-09-20 [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07] ★
    ★ 獣道一直線, released / 発売日:2010-11-25 ★
    DOKU-074 ★ 淫獣王 No2, released / 発売日:2011-01-20 [rec'd from japan: 2017.07.07] ★
    ★ けものがれ 禁中並後家獣法度, released / 発売日:2011-02-25 ★
    DOKU-077 ★ 淫毒 魔獣召喚, released / 発売日:2011-03-25 ★
    DOKU-079 ★ 生類憐み○女, released / 発売日:2011-04-25 ★
    DOKU-084Girls Hunter Dogs 犬に飼われる熟れた女達, 発売日:2011-06-25 [pur'd @ ueno rental store on 2017-01-26] ★
    獣感、馬との戯れ いきすぎた動物への愛情, released / 発売日:2011-07-25 [pur'd @ japanese auction on 2018.11.29]
    ★ 女子○○、犬を狩る。, released / 発売日:2011-10-25 ★
    DOKU-092 ★ Girls Hunter Dogs 犬に飼われた熟れた女と若い娘 No2, 発売日:2011-10-25 ★
    DOKU-096 ★ 獣感、馬との戯れ 私を狂わして欲しくて No2, 発売日 2012-05-07 ★
    DOKU-100 ★ もっと興奮したくて 抑えきれない性欲を追求してたら辿り着いたのは犬でした, released / 発売日:2012-02-25 ★
    DOKU-102 ★ 獣神 犬に憑かれた美熟女達, released / 発売日:2012-03-25
    DOKU-109 ★ 女子○○、犬を狩る。 No2, released / 発売日:2012-07-25 ★
    DOKU-116 ★ 女子○○、犬を狩る。 No3, released / 発売日:2012-10-25 [rec'd from japan: 2017.08.14] ★
    ★ 犬の荒々しさが いきり立つペニスが 彼女の性欲を掻き立て感じずにはいられず夢中でしゃぶりつく. released / 発売日:2013-09-25 ★
    DOKU-149 ★ 犬が女を虜にさせるワケ, released / 発売日:2014-03-25
    DOKU-173 ★ 女子○○は犬とヤるッ, released / 発売日:2015-08-25 [almost won this at a japanese auction in april, 2018 ~ se la guerre] [pur'd 2018-06-05 and arrived from japan 2018.06.14]
    DOKU-180 犬スキ, released / 発売日:2016-03-25 [i have cover and won dvd @ japanese auction ~ bid f0r DOKU-180 2018.10.03 was successful 2018.10.06]

    DOKU-183 犬スキ2 ハメてハメられアニマルファック, released / 発売日:2016-06-25 [i purchased this video @ a well known retailer 2018.10.04]
    ★ 犬スキ No3, released / 発売日:2016-09-25 [pur'd 2018-06-05 and arrived from japan 2018.06.14] ★
    [the DOKU- videos with bold type and "★" above indicate zool has them]


    "★" = are double checked and zool has these videos
    "*" = zool is seeking these videos

    i have compiled all the jav cover jackets so if anyone needs them let me know. for obvious reasons the cover jackets will not be posted on akiba-online

    for serious traders covers available on request

    Last edited: Feb 3, 2019
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  5. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    at varying times i have had all 5 of "the dog game" videos produced by "alpha international" in the "maniax" label:

    (list revised on 2018.06.07):
    source: XXXXwww.at-mania.com/DVD/ct/maxd~~/

    MAXD-04 THE DOG GAME Beast Rape Confinement /THE DOG GAME 監禁獣姦レイプ ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ cast/出演者:Sakurada Sakura / 桜田さくら ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-03-17 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [i have cover and video] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-04/
    MAXD-08 THE DOG GAME 2 Beast Rape Confinement / THE DOG GAME2 監禁獣姦レイプ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ cast/出演者:Fujii Aya / 藤井彩 ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-06-23 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [i have cover and video] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-08/
    MAXD-15 THE DOG GAME 3 Beast Rape Confinement / THE DOG GAME3 監禁獣姦レイプ, cast/出演者:Ayano Miyuki / 綾野みゆき ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-10-27 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [i have cover and video] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-15/
    MAXD-18 THE DOG GAME 4 Beast Rape Confinement / THE DOG GAME4 監禁獣姦レイプ THE DOG GAME4 監禁獣姦レイプ, cast/出演者:Hakuyama Yuri / 白山ゆり ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-11-28 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [i have cover and video] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-18/
    MAXD-22 THE DOG GAME 5 Beast Rape Confinement / THE DOG GAME5 監禁獣姦レイプ , cast/出演者:Uemura Haruna / 上村春奈 ~ rel.date/発売日:2007-02-09 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [i have cover and video] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-22/

    there are three other videos from the "maniax" label of the maker "alpha international" i would really like and don't have: MAXD-03, -09 and -14, the so-called beast slave 1, 2 and 3 ~ i don't recall if there were rips of these videos ever posted

    * MAXD-03 Beast Slave Ruled by a Dog Hentai Mother-Daughter / 獣奴隷 犬に支配された・・・変態母娘 ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ cast/出演者:Takaki Saei / 高樹紗英 and Fujisato Itsuki / 藤里樹 ~ ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-02-24 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) [my attempted purchase on 2016.11.12 did not pan out!!] *
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-03/
    MAXD-09 Beast Slave 2 Dog Had To Remember The Taste Of Human / 獣奴隷 2 人間の味を覚えてしまった・・・犬。~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ cast/出演者:Mayama Hikari / 真山ひかり ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-06-30 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) ★ [ i have cover but no video ~ i won bid for MAXD-09 @ japanese auction 2018.09.30] ★
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-09/
    (★) MAXD-14 Beast Slave 3 Shaved Girl Also Be Forced To Fuck / 獣奴隷 3 剃毛され獣姦までも強要される・・・少女 ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ cast/出演者:Ayumi /あゆみ ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-10-06 ~ dir/監督:Takuo Ohtani/大谷卓生 (おおたにたくお) (★) [i do have a copy of the following versions: there completeness is unknown or in doubt, or both: 獣姦 - ManiaX - MAXD-14 - Beast Slave 3 - Shaved Girl Also Be Forced To Fuck 獣奴隷 3 剃毛され獣姦までも強要される・・・少女 feat. Ayumi あゆみ 30mins.avi ~ 228 mb; 獣姦 - ManiaX - MAXD-14 - Beast Slave 3 - Shaved Girl Also Be Forced To Fuck 獣奴隷 3 剃毛され獣姦までも強要される・・・少女 feat. Ayumi あゆみ part.wmv ~ 88.3 mb] (★)
    source of good cover: XXXXwww.av-channel.com/c/MAXD-14/

    * * * * * * * * * *


    "★" with bold video ID indicates i have both the video and cover.
    "(★)" indicates i have small version, but whether it is totally a complete video is unknown or is in doubt
    "*" indicates i have cover but no video.
    [A] indicates i have bid for this on one of the japanese auction sites.
    [pT] indicates i am engaged in a possible trade for this video.
    [pP] indicates i am engaged in a possible purchase of this video

    * * * * * * * * * *

    for serious traders cover-jackets available on request
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  6. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    i hope you do not live in usa since that stuff not legal to own or do.
  7. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

  8. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    Inertia is correct and has provided us all a good link. in US there is very complicated pron laws for the federal government and the states. mostly pron is regulated by the states. and the states could outlaw anything that is considered obscene. obscenity is not protected by the US 1st amendment right of free speech. but most states in the US have not made illegal the "viewing" of obscenity. some states in US have made even illegal the viewing of obscenity. e.g., florida may be that way. i know for a fact that in the bible belt of SW Missouri hustler mazazine was declared obscenity because it had "no socially redeeming features" or some such nonsense.

    there is a history in pron regulation in the US that highly suggests beastiality/bestiality is "obscene". fisting, SM, very hardcore pron, may also be considered obscenity. so probably 3/4 of the pron posted on akiba-online could be considered obscenity.

    personally i take the position that viewing pron in the privacy of my own home is my right. so personally i will righteously tell the authorities to go fuck themselves!

    i follow the view that Supreme Court Justice Bill Douglas, deceased, followed, who stated:

    United States v. 12 200-ft. Reels of Film, 413 U.S. 123 (1973)

    disclaimer: this is zool's view of what US 1st Amendment law ought to be; actual 1st Amendment law in the United States is not so forgiving.
    Last edited: May 19, 2019
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  9. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    i always thought it was usa gov ban not states. from what i go out of it all states have to follow gov rules.
  10. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    there is no beast prohibitions by the feds [- that means USA federal authorities][sic: child pornography that includes beast would be prohibited] for the most part - but under certain circumstances it could be. not that there haven't been federal prosecutions that have included multiple offenses including beastiality - there have. but as a general rule if you look at the actual statutes of the US feds - and i would recommend you do so - here's the list:

    18 U.S.C. § 1460- Possession with intent to sell, and sale, of obscene matter on Federal property
    18 U.S.C. § 1461- Mailing obscene or crime-inciting matter
    18 U.S.C. § 1462- Importation or transportation of obscene matters
    18 U.S.C. § 1463- Mailing indecent matter on wrappers or envelopes
    18 U.S.C. § 1464- Broadcasting obscene language
    18 U.S.C. § 1465- Transportation of obscene matters for sale or distribution
    18 U.S.C. § 1466- Engaging in the business of selling or transferring obscene matter
    18 U.S.C. § 1466A- Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children
    18 U.S.C. § 1467- Criminal forfeiture
    18 U.S.C. § 1468- Distributing obscene material by cable or subscription television
    18 U.S.C. § 1469- Presumptions
    18 U.S.C. § 1470- Transfer of obscene material to minors
    18 U.S.C. § 2252B Misleading domain names on the Internet
    18 U.S.C. § 2252C Misleading words or digital images on the Internet

    Citizen's Guide To U.S. Federal Law On Obscenity, https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ceos/citizens-guide-us-federal-law-obscenity

    if you review the above there is really no prohibitions on the "viewing" beastiality videos or any obscenity for that matter. and that is all i am discussing. sale of obscenity or intent to sale, mailing, broadcasting, transportation, are all verboten, and at the very top of the list is the very biggest prohibition on child pron, were it belongs.

    there are exceptions: the assimilative crimes act, 18 USC 13 "assimilates" state law on federal installations so if you take your dog to work at the social security administration and you dip your wick with the dog and it is illegal in the state you live in then the feds can grab that state statute and prosecute you for the state crime. this is probably used the most for crimes on a military installations.
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  11. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    someone asked me a question of whether there are transexual/newhalf jav beastiality. i told him to google image search the words: ニューハーフ [japanese for newhalf] and 獣姦 [japanese for beast] and see what he gets. simultaneously search google.com and google.co.jp with those same search terms and see what you get?

    i came up with a few videos using that search:

    VERD-003 パイパンニューハーフ獣姦 月野姫 ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-11-10 ~ cast/出演者: Tsuneno Hime/月野姫 (newhalf/shemale) ~ [VERD-03][Hime Tsukino]Shaved Shemale - Zoosexual Savage - P.mp4 [i have this video and its cover] ★
    VERD-004 パイパンニューハーフ獣姦2 寺西めぐみ ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-12-12 ~ cast/出演者:Megumi Teranishi /寺西めぐみ (newhalf/shemale) [i have cover and obtained the ripped video in trade 2018.08.20] ★
    VERD-005 パイパンニューハーフ獣姦3 水朝美樹 ~ studio/メーカー:alpha international/アルファーインターナショナル ~ rel.date/発売日:2006-12-12 ~ cast/出演者:Miki Hidori/水朝美樹 (newhalf/shemale) [i have cover and ripped 883mb video called: "VERD-05 パイパンニューハーフ獣姦 3 水朝美樹.avi"] ★


    "★" with bold video ID indicates i have both the video and cover.

    "*" indicates i have cover but no video.

    [A] indicates i have bid for this on one of the japanese auction sites.

    [pT] indicates i am engaged in a possible trade for this video.

    [pP] indicates i am engaged in a possible purchase of this video


    i also have very bad pix of the covers that i got at shocker.jp ~ covers are no longer available at shocker.jp as the website is down. i obtained good copies of the cover jackets @ at-mania_com and @ XXXXwww.av-channel.com/ [2 of these are very high resolution]

    i don't have these and never collected that way. however, if i knew where these where i would get them. i saw comments on the web that VERD-003, VERD-004 and VERD-005 were produced by alpha international on the "very rare" label.

    for serious traders covers available on request
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  12. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    the extant karma (karuma) / カルマ jav beast consist of the following:

    ★ KRFV-001 Double Beast Rape / 獣双姦 ~ cast/出演者:saki momona / 咲もも菜 水 & mizuki ryo (kikukawa ren) / 希涼 (菊川蓮) ~ rel.date/発売日:2005年04月08日 [i have cover and videos: KRFV-001.avi 1.26gb and Karma Krfv-001.avi 1.26gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv001/
    KRFV-002 Paipan Jukan (Shaved Girl Beast Rape) / パイパン獣姦 ~ cast/出演者:yoko (kaede) / 楓 ~ rel.date/発売日:2005年10月07日 [i have cover and videos: Krfv-002.avi 683mb and KRFV-002.avi 1.37gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv002/
    KRFV-003 Paipan Jūkan 2 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 2) / パイパン獣姦 2 ~ cast/出演者:rinako hirasawa / 平沢里菜子 ~ rel.date/発売日:2006年01月13日 [i have cover and video: KRFV-003.avi 1.28gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv003/
    KRFV-004 Paipan Jūkan 3 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 3) / パイパン獣姦 3 ~ cast/出演者:ai miko / 愛みこ ~ rel.date/発売日:2006年01月13日 ~ ★ [i have cover-jacket and on 2020.01.21 JST at japanese auction i won the dvd to KRFV-004 (previously on 2018.06.03 i lost my bid at a japanese auction to someone willing to pay 15,200yen for this video ~ and again on 2018.08.10: lost bid for KFRV-004 to someone bidding 8,751円)]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv004/
    KRFV-005 Paipan Jūkan 4 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 4) / パイパン獣姦 4 ~ cast/出演者:tsubaki maya / 椿まや ~ rel.date/発売日:2006年03月13日 [i have cover and video: KRFV-005.avi 1.24gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv005/
    KRFV-007 NO MOSAIC Anal Beast Rape 1 / ノーモザイクアナル獣姦 1 ~ cast/出演者:morishita sayaka / 森下さやか~ rel.date/発売日:2006年06月13日 [i have cover and video: KRFV-007.mp4 1.63gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv007/
    KRFV-008 Paipan Jūkan 5 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 5) / パイパン獣姦 5 ~ cast/出演者:satomi rin / 里美りん~ rel.date/発売日:2006年07月13日 [i have cover and video: KRFV-008.avi 1.29gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv008/
    KRFV-010 Paipan Jūkan 6 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 6) / パイパン獣姦 6 ~ cast/出演者:misaki kaede / 美咲楓 ~ rel.date/発売日:2006年09月13日 [i have cover and video:
    Krfv-010-Shaved Jap Teen Dogsex.avi 1.25gb

    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv010/
    KRFV-014 Paipan Jūkan 7 (Shaved Girl Beast Rape 7) / パイパン獣姦 7 ~ cast/出演者:saki runna / 酒井るんな~ rel.date/発売日:2006年12月13日 [i have cover and videos: KRFV.014 is a series of small clips which i am pretty sure is the complete video, to-wit: pnjk7-1 intro & shave.m4v 200mb; ppnjk7-2 fed.m4v 29.2mb; ppnjk7-3 walked.m4v 64.2mb; ppnjk7-4 licked.m4v 144mb; ppnjk7-5 raped.m4v 123mb; ppnjk7-6 docile bj.m4v 54.3mb; ppnjk7-7 dildo.m4v 124mb; and ppnjk7-8 happy fuck.m4v 153mb ~ i am looking for a large rip of this video or its dvd or an .iso]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv014/
    KRFV-015 Public Humiliating Beast Rape In Front of Thirty Spectators / 30人の観衆の前で公開羞恥獣姦 ~ cast/出演者:akashima miku / 高嶋みく~ rel.date/発売日:2006年12月13日 [i have cover and video: Krfv-015 30-Shaved Jap Teen Dogsex.avi 1.41gb]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv015/
    KRFV-019 KARMA Beast Rape Collection / KARMA獣姦大全 ~ cast/出演者:???? ~ rel.date/発売日:2007年2月13日 [i have cover and video: KRFV-019 KARMA獣姦大全 ~ i purchased from japan 2016-11-18]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv019/
    ★ KRFV-021 Public Humiliating Beast Rape In Front of Thirty Spectators 2 / 30人の観衆の前で公開羞恥獣姦2 ~ cast/出演者:urara fujisaki / 藤咲うらら & kurosawa erena / 黒澤エレナ~ rel.date/発売日:2007年06月13日 [i have cover and video: 5KRF 021.iso = KRFV-021.iso 3.35gb ~ i obtained at a shibuya rental store on or about 2016-01-19]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv021/
    KRFV-022 Shaved Beast Rape Collection / パイパン獣姦総集編 ~ cast/出演者:tsubaki maya / 椿まや, yoko (kaede) / YOKO 楓, ai miko / 愛みこ, sakai runna / 酒井るんな, hirasawa rinako / 平沢里菜子 ~ rel.date/発売日:2006年12月13日 [i have cover but no video: missed bidding on this at a japanese auction early 2018]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv022/
    KRFV-023 Public Humiliating Beast Rape In Front of Thirty Spectators 3 / 30人の観衆の前で公開羞恥獣姦3 ~ cast/出演者:tashiro kana / 田代加奈 ~ rel.date/発売日:2007年07月13日 [i have cover and videos: KRFV-023.avi 1.12gb & KRFV-023.iso 3 to 4+gb obtained from japan 2016-02-xx]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv023/
    KRFV-025 Fans Thanksgiving festival KARMA 3rd anniversary! Lori Loli bus tour 3 / ファン感謝祭 KARMA 3周年だョ!ロリロリバスツアー3 ~ cast/出演者:eek:sawa yuka/大沢佑香 &
    shiina riru/椎名りく ~ rel.date/発売日:2007年10月13日 [i have cover and a snippit video: KRFV-025.wmv 2.43mb]

    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv025/
    ★ KRFV-029 Real Paipan Jukan (Real Shaved Girl Beast Rape) / 真 パイパン獣姦 ~ cast/出演者takada arisa / 高田ありさ ~ rel.date/発売日:2008年01月13日 [i have cover and videos: i have a probably incomplete 573mb .avi & i rec'd KRFV-029.iso from japan on 2016.12.20]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krfv029/
    ★ KRMV-013 Beast Criminal / 獣犯 ~ cast/出演者???? ~ rel.date/発売日:2004年12月08日 [i have cover and video: i purchased KRMV-013.iso from japan 2016.11.12]
    source: XXXXwww.av-karma.com/works/-/detail/=/cid=krmv013/

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    * * * * * * * * * *


    "★" with bold video ID indicates i have both the video and cover.
    "*" indicates i have cover but no video.
    [A] indicates i have bid for this on one of the japanese auction sites.
    [pT] indicates i am engaged in a possible trade for this video.
    [pP] indicates i am engaged in a possible purchase of this video

    * * * * * * * * * *

    for serious traders covers available on request
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  13. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    and for you genki-type video fans:

    also while fishing about for beast video i managed to pull-in most of the DVUMA- series beast videos which are similar to or identical with genki videos consisting of three videos, to-wit: DVUMA-128 [cockroaches, etc.], DVUMA-129 [octopus], DVUMA-130 [bugs, cockroaches, etc.].

    missing videos i don't have from deeps / SOD are the following:

    DVUMA-066[bugs, worms], DVUMA-109 [bug, various], DVUMA-119 [cockroaches], and DVUMA-131 [earth worms].

    disclaimer: i am not sure there are other videos with similar content by deeps / SOD

    some covers for the "buggy" folk: XXXXwww.lesun88.com/html/article/index8768.html

    for serious traders covers available on request
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  14. Marcuscicero

    Marcuscicero New Member

    Amazing page. I

    Amazing and impressive collection Zool. I actually did abit of searching myself online and am an avid collector of alot of efforts by DEEPS, SOD, MOODYS, MAD, KARMA for these types of productions.

    And you might be delighted to know, that I have recently found a source which you could potentially add to your collection, provided you have a Depfile premium account.

    So far these are:


    Note that I omitted any numbers already in your list, and also alot of other categories also produced by the DOKU series which are a combination of scat, western zoo and BDSM. I have kept it strictly rare asian productions featuring k9 companions. I can PM you the links.
  15. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    Marcuscicero, i would love to have the depfile links - my depfile premium has expired recently buy but i will renew it just to get those. quite the harvest - i must say. pm me.

    and if you know of links for the scat and BDSM DOKUs let me know that too.

    i will let you and others know when i blog my jav beast - btw i just received yesterday KRFV-029.iso - pm me about your DEEPS, SOD, MOODYZ, MAD and KARMA too.
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  16. Marcuscicero

    Marcuscicero New Member

    No worries Zool, will send you the PM asap. Hope it makes for a nice Christmas season for you mate. Cheers.
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  17. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    just to let you all know that i have a part of the series of jav beast videos in the PHD- series by mania9/マニア9, that includes the following videos:

    PHD-037 和獣姦 初めて味わう犬ペニス - 発売日:2015-04-10
    PHD-039 和獣姦 ウナギ・ドジョウ・犬ペニス責め - 発売日:2015-05-08
    PHD-042 和獣姦 体内注入 犬精子 - 発売日:2015-06-26 ★
    PHD-043 和獣姦 初めての犬にイキまくり - 発売日:2015-07-10 ★
    PHD-045 和獣姦 こんなの初めて 犬ペニスで悶絶ファック - 発売日:2015-08-14 ★
    PHD-047 和獣姦 異生物挿 ウナギ・犬ペニスファック - 発売日:2015-09-11 ★
    PHD-049 和獣姦 交わる愛液 犬SEX調教 - 発売日:2015-10-09 ★
    PHD-051 和獣姦 マ○コもア○ルも犬液塗れ - 発売日:2015-11-13 ★
    PHD-053 和獣姦 ああ我が愛しのバター犬 - 発売日:2015-12-04 ★ [obtained at auction 2018.03.18]
    PHD-062 和獣姦 獣液塗れの調教ファック - 発売日:2016-04-22 ★
    PHD-063 和獣姦 五感で味わう犬ペニス - 発売日:2016-05-13 ★ [obtained at auction 2018.03.17]
    PHD-065 和獣姦 新感覚の犬ファック - 発売日:2016-06-10 ★
    PHD-067. 和獣姦 性欲と快楽は犬ペニスで満たされる - 発売日:2016-07-08 ★

    * * * * * * * * * *


    * = PHD- videos by mania9 / マニア9 needed by zool

    ★ = PHD- videos by mania9 / マニア9 zool has are in bold

    * * * * * * * * * *

    NOTE: i have systematically collected only all of the mania9/マニア9 jav beast videos that are jav beast ~ i have a few mania9/マニア9 SM and Scat videos and none of the extensive list of non-jav beast that is offered by that studio.

    for serious traders covers available on request
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  18. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    one of the interesting jav beast series i am beginning to collect is from the long extinct studio ファイルC / File C:

    獣姦ファイル1 馬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者: 吉沢寛美・葉月くるみ ~ rel.date/発売日:2005/10/19 [i have cover and video]
    獣姦ファイル2 犬とヤル! 田口 綾香・杉村 千佳 ~ 出演女優: 田口綾香 杉村千佳 ~ 発売日: 2005/10/19 ★ [i purchased FCGD-02 @ buyout japanese auction 2019.05.02]
    FCGD-03 獣姦ファイル3 馬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:横山ウラン・武田純 ~ rel.date/発売日:2005/11/12 * [i have cover and i want video]
    FCGD-04 獣姦ファイル4 犬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:大原あや・水島ちあき ~ rel.date/発売日:2005/11/12[i have cover and video]
    獣姦ファイル5 馬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:篠宮涼・海ゆきこ ~ rel.date/発売日:2005/12/20[i have cover and video]
    獣姦ファイル6 犬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:梶原まゆ・相沢瞳 ~ rel.date/発売日:2005/12/20 [i have cover and video]
    獣姦ファイル7 馬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:岸川カヨ・石川なみ ~ rel.date/発売日:2006/1/28 [pur'd @ auction 2018.05.~~; rec'd from japan 2018.05.21] [i have cover and video]
    * FCGD-08 獣姦ファイル8 犬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:酒井まほ・海ゆきこ ~ rel.date/発売日:2006/1/28 * [i have cover and i want video]
    * FCGD-09 獣姦ファイル9 馬とヤル! ~ cast/出演者:保坂マリヤ 横浜真梨子 ~ rel.date/発売日: 2008/01/17 * [i have cover and i want video]
    FCGD-10 獣姦ファイル 10 ~ cast/出演者:今村美幸・相田優 ~rel.date/発売日:2008/01/17 [i have cover and purchased video at auction 2018.07.03]

    * * * * * * * * * *


    "*" = FCGD- videos by studio ファイルC / File C needed by zool ~ he has covers
    "★" = FCGD- videos by studio ファイルC / File C zool has are in bold ~ he has covers
    [A] = FCGD- series videos zool is bidding for at japanese auctions
    [pT] = FCGD- series videos zool is engaged in possible trades for
    [pP] = FCGD videos i am engaged in possible purchase of

    * * * * * * * * * *

    for serious traders covers available on request

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  19. Inertia

    Inertia Akiba Citizen

    I really, really don't care for bestiality at all, but the one thing that never amazes me about Japanese AV is regardless of how esoteric/insane/crazy/etc the genre is, there probably has/is a multitude of professional shot titles that cover it.
  20. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    as they say [whomever that may be] "different strokes for different folks" - as a lover of fisting / SM / fetish video i have come to love the shear magnitude and specificity of japanese adult video - there is literally something for everyone.