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[ask] list of bestiality JAV series/studio

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by k0um3i, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. meistsh3134

    meistsh3134 Member

    hi bro
    can share pls?
  2. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    to folks interested in the above:

    i just harvested a hoard of 18 "b" bombs videos - of course not yet ripped - including the following:

    DJK-007 [獣姦7:????], DJK-008 [獣姦8:????], DJK-012 [獣姦12:????], DJK-013 [獣姦13:????], DJK-015 [獣姦15:????], DJK-016 [獣姦16:????], DJK-019 [獣姦 19:春野うらら], DJK-020 [獣姦 20:草薪紅葉], DJK031 [獣姦 31:????], DJK-033 [獣姦33:同時二穴責め] & DJK-038 [獣姦 38~犬と金魚と私] by studio gekko/月光 [moonlight]

    DSJK-001 [獣姦総集編 1] and DSJK-002 [獣姦総集編 2] also by studio gekko/月光 [moonlight]

    DELV-04 [獣姦あそびスーパーデラックス VOL.4] by studio ELUZA

    DMJ-001 [三十路獣姦 壱] by studio ドリームステージ [dream stage]

    SDDM-723 [THE ガマン 2] by studio ソフトオンデマンド [soft on demand]

    DDLD-01 [犬神家の一族 上巻] by studio ドッグレジェンド [dog legend]

    GGKL-001 [獣強姦] by studio 双姦 [bi-fucking]

    while no new japanese beast videos have been produced for several years most of the above are videos that, to my knowledge, have never been posted before, and of course will never be posted on akiba-online.
  3. Pussyhunter1

    Pussyhunter1 Member

    Its illegal in Japan too, all those bestiality porn JAV are fake, a dildo that looks like a dog's dick with cum made by condensed milk and water, actress pretends enjoy
  4. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    you will not find that stuff allowed in usa
  5. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    chrisfallout and others worrying about looking at big "B" images and video,

    i do not intend this to be confrontational at all but the mere viewing of beastiality pron is not illegal - engaging in actual beastiality acts in virtually all US jurisdictions is illegal.

    here's a question to a lawyer and his response found at http://www.justanswer.com/criminal-law/71uoe-illegal-view-images-videos-bestiality-porn.html

    the question was:

    here is the attorney's response:

    if you delve into the issue, possession of pron is not illegal, although there are very specific laws about possession of child porn - distribution and sale of pron is quite another matter.
  6. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    its not that. usa has outlawed bestiality. so if get caught sent to jail and outlaw vides being made too. not sure if comes from somewhere else you can have it shipped to usa. for somereason any pics vidoes or person cataching person in action is major crime in usa.
  7. stillotakusf

    stillotakusf Member´s member

    At least in the beginning of the year there was available as a torrent (sorry, but do not remember at which torrents-site, but found it with Google quite easily and it came down relatively quick :) ) a HUGE package named "Mad Series_Others" including also lots of specially Great stuff from that already praised MAD-series (about 50 GIGAs of their vids!). Which I have liked or h.eh even Enjoyed a lot watching etc, specially those blowjob-parts of them WOWs! Which there should be included imho even more, such a Treat for one´s mind and c... to see sexxxy jap-ladies Enthusiastically deep throating big dog cocks and playing with their sperm etc. For me they include also too much quite boring stuff as well, for example that too long scene in Every movie in which dogs are licking some creamy-stuff they like from women´ bodies, not only from pussy-area :huoh: But even only for those around 10-15 mins per video lasting bj-scenes (most of them have two different ones) they are a Must have items if one has even slightest interest in the subject. ;)

    Ps. Sorry, butt I have already removed them from my computer (to a outer hard dicks of course! :)), and can not upload there now again to be torrented for others (=it being already Really Overloaded with many other Interesting vid etc. stuffs and me being too busy in ...also finding proper other "places" for them either hahhaa).

    Pst. Can´t help myself, but this (too serious) quote in that another posting made me :LOL:

    "I looked at something [a dog and a woman having sex] twice on one occasion, but nothing was downloaded. I want to discuss it with my therapist..."

    ...and also a bit sad after thinking it for a bit longer (WHY for the fxxks sake someone - or actually way too many people, the big majority of the people UNfortunately - are so "pressed down" by leaders and other people too to think they Should follow & keep in their minds Only that what is considered "normal" and specially feel quilt and shame of so many very natural and NON-alarming ideas and thoughts etc they are having sometimes Huuuh! :( )
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2014
    goldtigrex likes this.
  8. feet01

    feet01 Member

    The 'creamy stuff' is butter. There is a reason why it is there. Dogs like butter a lot so woman's genitals or parts of the body are smeared with butter to excite dogs.
    As for legality... Info from the net:
    So, it is a bit tricky situation. If zoo-related activities are legal in your country, you can still be in trouble if accused of 'animal cruelty'. So, one should always be careful.
    Then, if zoosex is not criminalized in your country, filming or distribution of that material is.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2014
  9. stillotakusf

    stillotakusf Member´s member

    ^Yep, I can see those dogs like to lick that buttery stuff etc (also) from top of the women, But I´m NOT interested to see that kind of activity in a (zoo)Porn videos repeatedly, huh! As at least for me it does Very little arousing-wise, and I suppose same with most of the other viewers too ...at least when compared to fucking and specially blowjobing them (if and when dogs like to do it, and it makes them even (s)excited, that´sure fine and why not let them do & enjoy it etc, but imho better mainly OFF-camera as it makes very many uninspiring minutes to watch/fast forward in the final video; time, which could have been focused in doing and showing so much more hotter and hornier XXX-action..).

    Pst. Of legality of "zoosex-films", I do not know if laws has changed in recent years, but at least few years back it was sure OK by law openly distribute (and also produce?) various kind of them (both woman & animal and man & animal) in Hungary and Netherlands at least (in which both countries they were then very openly sold and rented etc. in every basic "normal" sexshop). Even that kind of in which there most likely is quite much pain caused to the animal, for example a man fucking a chicken (oh wow! :-| ).* Also would like to think that same goes for Brazil too, or at least very many internationally sold zoosex-films are (most likely legally/openly) produced there (and most likely also then distributed too).

    *Which MAYBE (sorry, but didn´t ask.. :)) would have been confiscated by police if those shops were raided, but still.
    Last edited: Sep 8, 2014
  10. feet01

    feet01 Member

    Yes, I'd agree that there are boring stuff also - as you mentioned, if there is now blowjob, a scene is less exciting. It can be pretty boring to watch just sex, without changing the sex position.
    Then, some girls will do the blowjob, but they don't like the cum, so that's another turn off.
    I've also noticed that a lot of movies are / were produced in Hungary and were distributed thru companies in Netherlands.
    I've tired to find some info about Hungarian porn stars or some serious web-sites about their zoo-production, but I haven't found any.
    And their language is very hard to understand (at least to me). I don't know Japanese either, and I would like to send some of my ideas to companies which produce this kind of movies for a consideration.
    stillotakusf likes this.
  11. feet01

    feet01 Member

    Outline for a movie scenes.:)

    The title: Penis Comparison - The Big, The Red and the Corckscrew.

    Two girls. One is experienced (Yuria), and another one is shy (Rina).

    Rina visits Yuria who owns a dog. Rina is surprised to see dog's hard-on, but Yuria says: - Oh, well, you know that boys have the erection quite a few times a day and I think our boy needs a helping
    hand to relieve himself. So, she teases him, does a handjob and a footjob to her dog. Rina cannot take eyes of the action and gets closer to dog's penis. Unexpectedly, the dog shoots cum on her friend's face.
    Yuria cleans the friend's face and proudly says to her: - I had his cum on me, as well as IN me!
    Rina: - Do you mean...? Did you...? How...?
    Yuria: - All the boys are the same, you know. Let me show you... Basically, you do everything what you would do with a man.
    So, she performs oral a she has sex with her 'boy'. (Rina helps.)

    In the next scene, the two visit horse farm.
    - I want to present to you Mr. Biggy - says Yuria to her friend. Again, she takes the lead and shows Rina what she likes to do to a horse cock. Rina first watches, because she is a bit frightened
    at a sight of Biggy's penis, but Yuria assures her that she should be worried at all and asks her to help her with orally pleasuring the big boy. Rina agrees, so they share his cock.

    Next visit is to a pig farm. In that scene, Yuria is a sow for a boar. She enjoys the rough fuck while her friend watches. The two collect the boar's cum in a cup and they play with it: they smear it
    all over their face, hair, hands, pussy, boobs and feet - all covered in white.

    In the final scene, the two compare cocks of every species they had sex with it - which fucks the best, which fucks the hardest etc.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2014
  12. meistsh3134

    meistsh3134 Member

    any latest video?
  13. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    meistsh3134 and interested parties,

    if you are asking if i have obtained any other "b" videos i have not. nor have i begun the rip of the 18 videos i referred to above, although that is one of my projects to complete in the coming few weeks.

    my hands are full of other projects and my beast collecting is not exactly the highest priority - although i am beginning to have a well rounded collection of japanese "b" video.

    for anyone interested i do know where a number of "b" dvd are available for purchase that personally are more than a bit out of my price range at this point. i can certainly show the more financially fortunate how to obtain such video for collections and ripping for share.
  14. meistsh3134

    meistsh3134 Member

    really respect u
    but most are old video
    now no more bestia video anymore
    like genki-genki also start stopping too
  15. meistsh3134

    meistsh3134 Member

    because it really feel beast n dirty
  16. claudiuslu

    claudiuslu New Member

    anyone can show me where i can get those? tried search for them, most links are dead
  17. isdamon

    isdamon New Member

  18. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    i am working toward a 獣姦 blog and of course none of its content will be posted one akiba-online, including screenshots or covers. if you are interested send me a private message here, i also have a LINE account on phone and pc, here's my qr code: 2015-09-23_125738. or send me an email to zoolanimal@gmail.com

    right now i am working to complete my Karma 獣姦 collection:

    the Karma 獣姦 i have: KRFV-001, -002, -003, -005, -007, -010, -015, -023 and -029 - i am getting another version of KRFV-007 and a copy of KRFV-008 i have never had.

    the Karma 獣姦 i do not have: KRFV-004, -014, -019, -021 and -022 and KRMV-013

  19. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I don't like this genre, but I'm curious beside Risa Murakami, any other famous JAV actresses did this genre ?
  20. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur


    to tell you the truth i don't want to do your research for you but i will give you some clues so you can do it on your own.

    1.) alpha international has a maniax label which produced 8 獣姦 videos - 3 "beast slave" and 5 "the dog game" - the first star of the 1st "the dog game" video, MAXD-04 THE DOG GAME 監禁獣姦レイプ, was the fabulous Sakurada Sakura (Matsui Sakura) / 桜田さくら. go to javlibrary and search "MAXD-" and you will find each of the actresses listed in those movies have extensive JAV filmographies.

    2.) if you go to javlibrary and you search the video title for "animal emperor" you will come up with 49 "animal emperor" 獣姦 videos by gloryquest, in the MAD- series, under the maniac label and each of those videos have an actresses starring in each video that have extensive JAV filmographies. a hole in the research that can be done at javlibrary is the fact that gloryquest also included in the MAD- series, under the "Freaks" label a number of other 獣姦 videos.

    3.) if you go to javlibrary and search the manufacturer gekkou / 月光 who had a "Venus" label a/k/a Kurisutaru Eizou / クリスタル映像 you will find that gekkou has 40 獣姦 videos, DJK-001 to DJK-040, most of whom have actresses with extensive JAV filmographies.

    most are just your run of the mill jav actresses but many, many of them are actresses you will know and recognize. many you will not recognize the face but not the name since they are a/k/a, aliases, nom de plums, stage names, pen name or what ever your poison is.