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Asami Kondou 近藤あさみ

Discussion in 'Gravure Idols' started by CoolKevin, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Mancinisos

    Mancinisos New Member

    it's been a while since the last update!
  2. danl1956

    danl1956 Active Member

    Check her Twitter or instagram.
  3. Mancinisos

    Mancinisos New Member

    I was referring to the great aikonhey's works
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  4. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

    i am getting 4K version of BFAA-047 of Asami Kondou, if you guys want to help/contribute, just pm me
  5. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

    more 4K asami, if you want to help to fund for it. just pm me.


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  6. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  7. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  8. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

    Cover for BFAA-049 / DFAA-049
    BFAA-049. DFAA-049.
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  9. finalfantasy7

    finalfantasy7 Well-Known Member

    hmm.... that black latex outfit, interesting :)
  10. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  11. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  12. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  13. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  14. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  15. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Forgot to post here that I had it out...


    To put my two cents into a post over at another one of her titles:


    My opinion, which I'm sure will be met with major resistance, is that, well...she's not sexy enough for more risque titles. HEAR ME OUT! She is soooo so so so pretty! She's fun to look at. But, she still, at 20 (according to the link above) looks, acts, and poses like a U15 model. She just doesn't have anything quite womanly about here yet. That's just my opinion! The could be on purpose by her choice of outfits, and poses, or like suggested because of the studio. Unlike Mayumi, Tomoe, Tsukasa, Tsubasa, Ramu, Ami, Yuumi, Rui Kiriyama (definitely) who all look sexy in the face and their curvy bodies, cute and pretty Asami just isn't there yet. No telling if she ever will with her body type. But, I believe that in itself is her allure. That's what keeps her fans, I bet. She's over 18 but but still looks she may not be? So for those fans, which I'm sure are many, she's so far still the perpetual U15 model.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2020 at 1:24 PM
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  16. ekop

    ekop Well-Known Member

    It's simple case of her management company have more plan for her thus giving her more idol-ish job and holding her gravure work back
    You can compare Asami's twitter and Anjyu's twitter, you'll see that Anjyu have nothing to do except for her gravure work and don't have to worry about her image
    For Asami, as of right now they won't make her do over the top sexy bikini or pose to align her image to her idol image
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  17. agent1904

    agent1904 Active Member

    She also needs to gain a little weight
  18. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp

  19. aikonhey

    aikonhey The Gentle Imp