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Any 'one and done' JAV idols you wish did more videos?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by AOguest, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. nolimjoe

    nolimjoe New Member

    oops meant to say she did a few vids after the whole backstory thing.
  2. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    Here is a cute girl that seems to be finished after one film in January 2020:

    Kanna Shiraishi - 18 Years & 7 Months Feels Good Even Though She's Unfamiliar In 120% Naive Pure Fucking (DIC-067)

    She did do a couple of internet videos previously SIRO-4017 and 332NAMA-082. All have active torrents at Sukebei
    DIC-067: https://sukebei.nyaa.si/?f=0&c=0_0&q=DIC-067

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  3. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    Maybe another....nothing since this debut video but hasn't been that long. She has a modicum of talent for the piano too.

    Mayu Nagisa - The Real Climax Symphony Never Ends - A Pianist With A Beautiful Ass Makes Her Porno Debut (MIFD-102) (March 1, 2020)

  4. asdfaznz

    asdfaznz Active Member

    Its been 4 months so hopefully not but looks like a one and done for this mature actress. She doesn't even have a stage name, although the cover suggests it could be Naho. Beautiful woman who plays a great submissive, takes a hard anal fucking, swallows, and does A2M in this great film.

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  5. crazykiss

    crazykiss Active Member

    Oh, although I don't like anal, she is EXCITING! Damn it, I couldn't find anything about her!

    For me, this is one of my hidden gems in JAV. I have had this movie (HAWA-040) for a long time, about 3 years, but have never found anything about her. I even posted a thread here just to ask for her information, but no one knows. She was cute, natural and didn't know why but I especially loved her feelings when filming.


    In this movie, there's a game like a blind date. First, men will be blindfold and surround her. Second, she will slowly interact with each man in just 5 seconds by 2 or 3 hits to test for the feeling she had with this cock. Then she will eventually choose the best cock that makes her love the most.

    A very interesting movie!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2020
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  6. crazykiss

    crazykiss Active Member

    She is Kanna Kitayama. And lucky for you, she has tons of uncensored videos!
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  7. crazykiss

    crazykiss Active Member

    Beside that, I think you guys should not mention about new girl (or new video) here. When the video is new, which is released around ~ 2018 to 2020, that's does not mean the JAV idol in this vid is a hidden gem or a so called "One & Done".

    Just introduce about girls whose have time long enough (from debut till now), or having confirmed status is retired.
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  8. finiz

    finiz Member

  9. 201flyer

    201flyer Akiba Citizen

    duplicate post..sorry!
  10. vesania999

    vesania999 Member

    Mei Sawai 沢井芽衣 - not a "one and done" actress but I wish she had done at least 5 more movies... cute face and big fake boobs <3 (and I like her hairy pussy :p ) mei.

    and Linda Roppongi 六本木リンダ - again, I wish she had done more movies (of couse with her big fake boobs)
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  11. Negan

    Negan Member

    She has a second one plus appeared in a compilation.

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  12. Restarter

    Restarter Forklædt Som Voksen (Disguised as an Adult)

    Instead of a one and done, how about a none and done that I was hoping for. I'm not talking about someone I wanted to do JAV, but a gal who did the video, had a release date set (in this case, Dec 2016), and had promotions out for the video. Her name is An Hasumi (羽純あん) and her debut video is IPZ-858.

    From what I understand, her family found out about her video and got her to remove the video. I was keeping watch for it, but wondered what had happened. Maybe someone recognizes her as doing other videos under another name, but I could never find out.

    Here is a site with some vidcaps:

    The cover:
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  13. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    I was hoping she s going to do more. Some reason any girl that's holding basketball I'm watching it