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Aimi Yoshikawa ...retired?

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by cityslicker, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. moebius22

    moebius22 Member

    Some people got that Johnny Sack vision when it comes to this girl.
  2. Jackie Treehorn

    Jackie Treehorn New Member

    Ouch! Aimi's not quite in the #95lbmole club! ;-)
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018
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  3. alphaqsilly

    alphaqsilly Active Member

    She seems to be dating another woman I don't know if the girl is another Jav star but shes been posting pics with her alot the translations dont make sense but shes says the word love several times theres hearts all over the place and they are kissing on the mouth and holding hands. I think its serious and I am happy for her. Hope this means she does more lesbian scenes its been a while since shes done them!
  4. alphaqsilly

    alphaqsilly Active Member

    Well looks like shes retiring. Can anyone translate her insta stories? She posted another video holding hands with who I think is her lesbian lover.
  5. moebius22

    moebius22 Member

    Her body said it long before she did.
  6. firefly1

    firefly1 Well-Known Member

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  7. moebius22

    moebius22 Member

    Can only hope Caribbean, 1Pondo, and Heyzo are on this.
  8. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

  9. angelight

    angelight Member

    it's a pity,I can't believe that she never became a top AV star with her too sexy body (At the beginning of his career),but her message is confussing,she said that he haven't studies?
  10. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    She said she regretted becoming AV idol, but she had no choice because she didn't graduate from high school. She gave this advice to her followers: if you don't want to end up like me, study hard.
  11. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    It's a stupid message from her. It's not like if you leave school, as a girl, you can only do porn to earn money. Like everywhere in modern countries, it closes you doors for many jobs, for sure, but there are many jobs were you don't need any degree. You will not earn as much as a popular AV actress, but you will not regret it after.
  12. moebius22

    moebius22 Member

    Don't be a whore...the majority of women all around the world are smart enough to figure that out.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  13. angelight

    angelight Member

    If she doesn't have any degree, she'll probably live off her body for the rest of her life, I don't think she has any special skills,Besides, it seems to waste all your money in nonsense
  14. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Perhaps "regret" is a bit lost in translation. In the West, regret is for something you did, a bad decision or action in a moment of weak. After you have regret, you can next confess your sin, and receive forgiveness and maybe redemption.

    In Chinese or Japanese, it can mean something more generic depending on context. (a) I regret stealing a candy, (b) I regret I watched TV instead of doing homework, (c) I regret I was so lazy, (d) I regret I have a lazy personality, (e) I regret I was attracted to easy money, (f) I regret I had big tits. It's all the way from blaming myself for a bad outcome to generic complaint about ... almost like complaining about fate, or weather.

    In her case, I think it's like saying, "I wish I were a different person" or "I wish I had a better/stronger personality".

    By all accounts, she has a very strong (un-Japanese) personality. She doesn't waste a second saying out loud what's on her mind, what she does like and does not. Playno1 claims that at the same time she is difficult to work with AND studios likes working with her. I think what he's saying is that she is a culture shock to work with (very rude and un-civilized, by Japanese standard) but once you get past that, she is very transparent and upfront. She is also famous for wanting more and more money, and she's very willing and eager for paying jobs, another reason studios are willing to work with her.

    She did used the word 'regret', but I don't know if she did regret any one or series of specific decisions. And I have never seen or heard her complaining about any industry person. I think she always make her own decision (a previous report by playno1 said "once Aimi say no to something, it's a complete waste of time for anyone to try to change her mind") and she knows that. And she owns her decisions.

    So I think of her 'regret' somewhat in the line "I wish I had smaller tits and a bigger brain)

    Anyway she's quitting AV because she is going to switch to "full-time" hostessing at a hotel, essentially full-time prostitute. Consider that fact when you read her 'regret'. I think the melancholy feeling pops out not because regret is strongly correlated to retirement. Perhaps, she's leaving AV without hard feelings, maybe she blames herself for weight problem and understand industry is justified to pull back from a ballooning idol. No matter what, she's not retiring from AV to develop herself or any "legit" future plan, she's continuing even intensifying her sex career. (IIRC playno1 claims Aimi had never worked a day in her life (other than selling her body).

    As hostess the fashion and dim work environment makes it easy to hide her fats. She also only need to satisfy a much small customer base.
  15. Veltiel

    Veltiel New Member

    About the "full time prostitute", you mean for real she will have sex with her clients as a hostess? I thought they only offered oil massages and blowjobs at most... Do you also think that if a millionaire comes one day offering $1 million dollars to become his sex toy will she accept the offer?
  16. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    Well commercial sex with penetration is illegal in Japan. Hand job is ok as kind of massage. Blowjob actually I am not sure...

    Anyway if you have a rich Japanese man and connections it's commonplace to obtain sexual service from AV idols, even non-AV celebs. It's pretty much standard operating procedure in many countries. It's a sliding scale how much you need to pretend to be a would-be boyfriend vs. how much you can behave like a customer. I hear one typical case. The guy is a taxi driver in Hong Kong, definitely lower class. He eats the cheapest fastfood and work long hours for many many years to save up all his money and then even take out a loan against his home, and then for 6 months he got a celeb for his girlfriend, going to expensive restaurants and clubs in expensive cars, and in-out-in-out luxury hotels with his "girlfriend" and getting his+her photos on all the gossip rags. When his money is all spent, she got a new "boyfriend" and he went back to driving taxi 18 hours a day. He's living the rest of his life as a debt-slave paying off his loan, but he's happy. Ok it's not just pure sex, but 15 minutes of stardom and living like one. Anyway it's open secret many celebs are available to have an "affair" with any random guy with cash on hand, but only you need to put up your half of the "affair" story, i.e. expensive cars, expensive fashion (for the "boyfriend"!), expensive (esp. pointless gifts like fancy flower arrangement) gifts.

    With many AV idols including Aimi I am sure it's very close to "customer" end of the sliding scale. But still you need some connection, you can't just walk into the hotel she's working at, plunk down a wad of yens (it won't be nearly as much as a million yens) and expect to fuck her. They need to trust you and figure out you won't cause trouble to her and to the hotel, e.g. say posting on Facebook. So in the end it's cash for sex, but there's still a little bit of selection going on. Foreign tourists need not apply.

    My guess... it's getting more foreigner friendly. So if you take a 6 weeks course in verbal Japanese, go to the hotel she's at, hire some non-famous hostess a few times to learn the proper mannerism and let the hotel knows you, and then hire Aimi a few more times for just simple hostessing sessions (chatting and drinking) (it will be a challenge not to bore her, remember she's a temperous one), keep it up for several days (even weeks if you look foreign) then maybe finally she will give you a handjob or paizuri, for a price. And if you spend enough time and money at the hotel, I am pretty sure you will eventually get to fuck her, even without condom. (and I am guess even at this point, it wouldn't be US$1 million yet. close... maybe :D )
    dewback likes this.
  17. Veltiel

    Veltiel New Member

    I'm not sure if japanese thots are better than the western ones... in any case just from reading this, I might go as well and buy me a beautiful silicone or TPE sex doll. Hopefully in few decades they'll eventually walk and talk. Has anyone wondered if AI sex dolls could potentially replace a porn actress from any country?

    I guess japanese women (just like any woman) only care for the money and status quo more than virtue in a man... that's why many men are becoming herbivores or going their own way wisely.
  18. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Akiba Citizen

    WTF are you talking about
  19. Veltiel

    Veltiel New Member

    About men dating any kind of idols. I thought japanese idols were a little bit easier to catch after they retired (like in Aimi's case).