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Aika Hirota (廣田あいか) - am Tokyo Girl's Way

Discussion in 'Idol Photo Torrents' started by Beam~, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    Aiai is from the idol group Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku (私立恵比寿中学).

    Possibly sample pics from her second photobook which has the same theme, Aiai's love for trams and trains and similar things.

    If there is any interest I can share her first photobook with scans and the video where Aiai goes to train/tram yards and so on. It was pretty entertaining actually :)
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  2. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    Is this the same book? Also a bit more details would be good on this one (total size and resolution of images).
  3. Beam~

    Beam~ Well-Known Member

    No as stated in the second sentence, this seems to be kind of like an sample pic set from that full photobook that we did with desioner. So you should get the one that you linked, since this is kind of "old version" now.
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