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    Spectacular Norway Northern Lights. 2 Videos.

    All that plasma; neutrons, protons, neutrinos all together, coming from our sun, interacting with all particles of oxygen in the upper layers of the atmosphere just on the edge, between the space, and where we are. All this, is also called, for short " Fire In The Sky " Please...
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    Kim Dotcom says Mega offer free 50 Gb per user.

    The bet is controversial creator of Megaupload of the strongest that have been made in the Network in a while, and threatens to sweep the cloud storage sector, if it is finally confirmed announcements of its creator, leaving a situation delicate frankly platforms today are reference...
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    Photos from Japan

    If true, I've eaten the point. $ 48 million is a lot of money. Apologies.
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    Photos from Japan

    ... yea... .... just yea. This Mercedes Benz SL600 diamond - covered with diamonds and Swarovski crystals at a cost of $ 48 million. Its owner is the Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia.
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    Samsung Shows Flexible Displays For Mobile Phones Called " Youm " At CES 2013.

    The Korean company also wanted to show us their progress flexible displays for mobile devices. In prototype form, different designs have been teaching us show what you can do with the type of panels that are developing all under the name " Youm ". The technology is used in OLED...
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    URGENT: An Unresolved JAVA Vulnerability Compromises Our Security In Internet.

    Vulnerability " zero-day " unresolved found in the latest version of Java is being massively exploited compromising the safety of our teams. The issue is of such importance that from many quarters advised disable or uninstall JAVA, or existing plugin for browsers, until Oracle does...
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    Develop a fanless cooling system for laptops

    If you think that does not work, send them an email, and tell your personal opinion. Greetings.
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    FISA: U.S. law allows Europeans to spy through the cloud .....

    At the end of 2012 we told you about the renewal of the FISA law in the United States a regulation that gives intelligence agencies the ability to spy on the country's citizens without warrants. Now, after a report to the European Parliament, has warned that the law also authorizes...
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    Time will tell if they like or dislike. Be personally after almost 22 years of managing computers, do not like anything at all this windows 8. Greetings
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    LOVEPOP (Photo)&(Movie)

    WOW .... Lovepop Galleries Again .... Nice.
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    The Slow Adoption Of Windows 8. The Next Version Of Windows. Windows Blue. Soon ....

    Through various sources of companies dedicated to data analysis is determined that Microsoft is in serious trouble. The adoption of Windows 8 is much slower than expected. To date, the market share of the new operating system fails 2% and is under Windows Vista the version most...
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    From Canonical. The New Ubuntu OS Mobile .... Do You Seduces Ubuntu?

    New year, new surprise for everyone. Mark Shuttleworth has made the official announcement of Ubuntu OS phone from London, it is an operating system based on the same kernel of Android which also uses the same drivers and can be installed on any device with X86 or ARM architecture...
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    Happy New Year 2013

    A year more, and all around here again. Health And Happy 2013
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    Beautiful Tokyo - Japan. Evening On The Last Fast Camera. ( Time Lapse ) 2012

    A beautiful HD video in fast camera ( Time Lapse ) of this enormous and incredible city of Tokyo - Japan. Pressing the HD button, bottom right the images will be incredibly sharp. When this button is activated, you must put " HD ON " in the center of the screen. If you have an...
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    UFOs Orbiting Around Our Sun ??? 1 Video Clip.

    Very big activity of UFOs near the sun. December 21, 2012. NASA SOHO STEREO ahead and behind (EUVI 195) These many UFO near our sun are real unidentified objects. Abbreviation U.F.O means: Unidentified Flying Object. 2USbNynuU2I?rel=0