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From Canonical. The New Ubuntu OS Mobile .... Do You Seduces Ubuntu?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Wokkonno, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    New year, new surprise for everyone.

    Mark Shuttleworth has made the official announcement of
    Ubuntu OS phone from London, it is an operating system
    based on the same kernel of Android which also uses the
    same drivers and can be installed on any device with X86
    or ARM architecture.

    On the side of the mobile ecosystem, they are made
    looking into HTML5 based on accelerated growth in
    devices with greater hardware capabilities can use
    native desktop applications when the phone is in a dock.


    The specifications required to install Ubuntu Phone OS are
    1 GB of RAM and as mentioned above an ARM or X86.

    Yet there is no alliance with hardware manufacturers
    announced by Canonical defined only the estimated
    arrival of devices later this year and early next.

    The interfaces are quite attractive and follow the same
    design that is on your Ubuntu desktop version.


    Surely we will see in action in this new operating system
    during CES that will be held from 7 to 11 January, in the
    coming weeks are available to developers development
    platform for Galaxy Nexus devices and initiate the generation
    of apps ecosystem that is a very important part of a mobile
    operating system.


    The main advantage of Ubuntu Phone OS is that it will not
    be required Java virtual machine, with this you get the best
    performance possible in the hardware that runsthe system
    also has a great community behind it and insurance will talk
    over the next years.


    Who makes the phones with Ubuntu?

    But the great challenge of Ubuntu Mobile not so much the
    product but also make major smartphone manufacturers
    consider it as an option for that bet.

    Here, time to market is a factor that plays against him
    if they want to be on the market in 2014, was signed
    agreements should be the latest now to come out with
    models next year.

    Do you are getting, we will see at CES or Mobile World
    Congress announcements in this regard?

    The scenario is the least complicated to Ubuntu, will arrive
    in time when the battle for third place in mobile platforms
    is quite mature.

    The market is responding to the Android platform and is
    why most manufacturers are opting not own system
    if we except Nokia and HTC Windows Phone.


  2. ngababynaughty

    ngababynaughty New Member

    seems it is also quite similar to Blackberry Z10, but do not know how it works . Will it be as good as the Z10?present a number of devices have been able to install it . hope will be the earliest of its review
  3. rawblog

    rawblog Akiba Citizen

    wow i like it than android