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    Trying to identify an actress.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Cover girl Lara Kudo or you interested in others?
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    cutest young girls?

    CAWD-224 already available
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    cutest young girls?

    Why do you need Sukebei? On javlibrary this will be as soon as it comes out, check the comments section.
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    Is it me or is JAV getting boring?

    Yes, boring and repetitive. Boring videos, boring actresses who look like mindless sluts. JAV loses all their charm.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Tits are the best she has but I don't like their forms and large areolas look weird, everything else is just bad, body too short, too thin, chiken crooked legs; face is the same weird, long bent nose, bad teeth, odd eyes. Watched a little her debut video, japanese girls are often cute in...
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Knockout body? What are you smoking? Retired, great, hell with her.
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    2020 Fried Chikan JAV Awards

    June Lovejoy is definitely opposite of how I imagine an attractive woman, this behemoth is best debut? But I like the good words about Aya Mamiya and thanks for working on this post.
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    All movies of an actress

    I suppose this is an overly confident statement about “her entire work”, it's not always true. Also worth check on
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    Junior idols turnes JAV actress?

    A quite interesting theme. Both girls have the same name Runa Mizuki, the first is a junior idol, the second is a porn actress, but they are probably two different girls, it was a big disappointment.
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    Idols That You Try To Get Into But Can't

    Wut a crocodile
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    Top 5 Most Overrated JAV Stars

    Sora Shiina, how this goblin is so popular and what does it matter how good hip control she has.
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    Can you recommend some good JAVs with school drama?

    I don't think he's talking about teachers. He wants JAV movie like anime drama, how many anime is about teachers? From the mentioned i watched only "Your lie in April" and this is anime about 14 yo teens.
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    Can you recommend some good JAVs with school drama?

    Good school drama? Is there any "good" dramas in JAV? In my opinion most those "dramas" very stupid and pointless. It's a porno after all, the plot is needed here only for connecting sex scenes.