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    How do you store your JAV/Porn Collection?

    I've switched over to using MicroSD Cards only (though I do have 2 500GB Backup drives for family photo/video, and a 512GB and 256GB Flash Drives for backups as well and Linux Distros respectively). They all fit in a single "Budi" organizer, which makes it really convenient. I don't use them...
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    On the removal of the Jr Idol club

    It's very sad indeed. Looks like I was away for just over a year, and this happened without my noticing. I regret purging my collection (I did this with everything, not just U15/JI). Gonna try and find some old content again to redownload. Hopefully there are still torrents and direct downloads.
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    Creative/unusual JAV concepts/ideas that you liked

    nvm, its SDMS-372
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    Creative/unusual JAV concepts/ideas that you liked

    anyone know the one where the teacher or other guy goes to the girls house, and the girl (loli I think?) gives him a bj under the table with her family right there?
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    How do you store your JAV/Porn Collection?

    Where are you pulling these numbers? In other news, I recently hit over 100TB of Optical Media Discs (113TB to be exact), with 53TB of HDD space. Only 26TB of HDD full, and moving that to BD-R, then selling those drives and replacing with more Blu-Ray. Won't say where, but just ordered 45TB...
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    Why are there so many versions of Windows?

    Update to this thread because I think it is needed. Windows 11 has come along, and on top of that, Windows 12 is being planned for potential release between 2023 and 2024. Then, a "major" change every 3 years, with insiders seeming to indicate a new main version as this, so Windows 13 in 2027...
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    Immersive 3D Content and Enthusiasts (oh boy...)

    I am curious as to everyone's perspective on this topic. Do you believe that the AV industry in Japan is shifting to VR centered releases? If so, when do you expect it to overtake regular (non VR) releases? Does anybody know the breakdown? I remember hearing pre VR, roughly 10,000 titles...
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    Scat VR

    It seems like there is lacking in torrents for Scat VR JAV. Does anybody know exactly why this is? Or where to find some? Im down bad. Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.
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    Dvd Cases

    Thank you for the advice! I will take this into consideration when creating covers and printing them. I have a few different types of paper currently, so I plan on printing out some sample covers (that would get used if they work right) to see how I like each one. I will know more once I get...
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    Dvd Cases

    Thank you! Do you recommend the spines be multi-colored depending on the category (such as TV Shows, Movies, Western Porn, JAV/JI, etc.)? Also, what type of paper would work best? Would standard copy paper work (in colour), or would I need a more glossy look? I am trying to do this as...
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    Dvd Cases

    Hello. I plan on picking up over 2000 dvd cases for free. I have a ton of burnt dvds and blu ray discs, which is why I'm picking up the cases to beautify how my collection looks on a shelf. I want to print out custom case covers, but most of my discs have more than one video on them. How...
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    JAV too disturbing to view

    I hope so!
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    How do you store your JAV/Porn Collection?

    Any Luck? Also, I just wanted to add that I mainly use BD-R discs. I get 15TB worth for $137 USD, which gives me double the storage for even less cost than an 8TB external is. Only issue is burning. Plus, if I have an issue, like a bad disc, I only lose 25GB or less, whereas if a Drive goes...
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    How to sleep with college girls?

    Its quite simple. You both get in the same bed, and pretend to be asleep. Then, sleep will occur. Congrats! You have now slept with a college girl.
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    The Ultimate Loli Thread

    Any torrent link, or similar files with actress or looks?