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    All movies by Yuka Osawa / Elly Akira

    Why is she so popular, what makes her so good? Joelle
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    Law Penalizing Downloaders, Criminalizing Ripping Passes in Japan

    Would like to know Vit's thoughts on all of this - as I knew nothing about the-act-of-ripping actually BYPASSING patent/copyright protection - Also curious on what CSS is, means, etc. - that's also a brand new term...
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    吉木りさ [Risa Yoshiki] RISA MANIA

    You're awesome, thanks Akiva. Joelle
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    Unrealistic expectations

    It's pretty much a-fact-of-life that in some way, shape or form we're broken people. At least this was/is the case for me. I should speak only for me. Battered and neglected people, people from unfortunate or misfortunate backgrounds. We get shot off into another direction, very early on...
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    Why do some half animal half human characters have human and animal ears?

    The short answer to this is that scorres can change it, poof! - and in a Tokyo moment. Joelle
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    Spyware Fun, Please Help Or My Week In Hell

    This past week I disregarded a warning at a website that my security provider said was questionable, at best. I disregard a lot of those warnings because they commonly come up for me at Megaupload and Media Fire (this incident happened at MediaFire) I hope I have the name right it's obviously...
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    Sept. 2010 Security Alert: Adobe Flash / Acrobat / Reader vulnerabilities

    Very Helpful, Very Scary Extremely interesting piece, Rollyco, I'm no longer using Adobe as a result. I won't even open a PDF document right now. Joelle
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    What do you use to edit video?

    @ All Responders. I'm blown away by all the help and responses by so many really goodgifted, and talented dudes/dudesses that share liberally and generously what they know. I'm always amazed by the goodness and class here, thank all of you as I'm hoping to learn this. Joelle
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    Another thread that had external image link to a virus

    Sorry you had to go through that, Rubiks, been there, sucks beyond believ/ Thank you 4 heads up in spite ov it, classy. Joelle
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    AKB48 中西里菜 Rina Nakanishi (やまぐちりこ Riko Yamaguchi) does goes XXX!

    side by side It would be interesting to see her juniior idol vid then a JAV vid side by side or in the same post. But I'm sure someone's already thought ov that. Joelle
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    Things that 'you like.'

    The spectacular people and posters here that put things up and share 4 no other pleasure and reason than to give and be unselvish. Joelle
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    No more children, please!

    I always find posts such as the above to be bred of guilt, paranoia, and entirely self serving and motive/agenda driven: "I'm good but you're bad." Joelle
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    Thank you, however I can never get anything out of HOTfile. I wait the alloted time, the sixty seconds, then click on the d/l, then all I can get is the kb file, 14.5 kbs. Makes no sense to me and don't know what I'm doing wrong. Joelle
  14. J OFF!!!

    I've been burned online, as well, though two were legit companies, such as DELL. If you give a DELL salesperson a "hold" order, and he or she sends it anyway, there's nothing you can do because DELL doesn't record sales pitches and likes salespeople that sell. When, to your surprise, it...
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    YAOI + SHOTA animation series

    Thank you for another great post, RR. Joelle