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    チャットモンチー Chatmonchy discography

    update: their original drummer left in 2011 :)
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    any chance of torrent?
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    Troubled lives of Japan’s male porn stars

    i think is either Avid's Media composer or Final Cut Pro
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    Super Cute Japan Girl [17052P/2.62GB/zip download]

    bump more mirrors are appreciated.:please:
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    [XV-704] New Comer in Cosplay Sex - Cecil Fujisaki

    more mirrors:
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    Do You Want To Visit The Planet Mars?. Take A Look At All These Photos.

    by the time inter-planetary travel is made affordable, i'll prolly be long dead...
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    What ever happened to the 480p? Please Help

    i thought it's height? "The 480 denotes a vertical resolution of 480 pixel high vertically" btw it's due to many buy lower range machines, usually watching HD vids would be a problem (stuttering, video lag, audio and vid sync problem) plus OP posted...
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    Hi10P encoded JAVs?

    apologies if posted in wrong section or topic makes no sense lots of anime are now encoded in Hi10P (or 10-bit) are there any JAV encoded the same?
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    30,651 committed suicide in 2011, NPA reports

    btw if anyone wanna know, the pic OP linked is part of the sculptures at Boat Quay depict activities carried out on the banks of Singapore River in the 19th century and early 20th century.. it is depicting children having fun time dipping into the river for a swim before it is off-limit for...
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    Watch out for cute Japanese girls - or - Shit happens!

    nope it's just promoting the stadium though i'm not sure why the slogan is "Shout all you like".... as if all stadiums ban attendees from shouting? imagine the awkard silence during games.. anonymous athelete: "i have no motivation to do my best cause there's no cheering from the...
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    korean and other asian?

    i watched korean porn before... one of the biggest turnoff of my life ps - well cos personally i don't like the traditional clothes of korea, and the one i watched the 'story' took place in pre-modern korea and it revolve around 2 royalties.. so go figure..
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    shaved schoolgirls/lolis/tanned or ganguro... small/jiggling tits is a must :perfectplan:
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    JAV Database

    it will be cool if u can add genre cattegories :please:
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    Myth: JAV actors don't enjoy Sex in JAV. Its just work

    depends.. of cos if the actors are really into it and are in the sexual high, i doubt the director will cut it.. not sure about it.. im sure many of u seen the "making of" or behind the scenes of western porn.. i remember 1 porn title that shows (behind the scenes) the guy had to push the...