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    Please post all forum bugs here

    Yes all posts made before the last forum crash of yesterday, have the japanese kanjis replaced with '????????' Actually it's all special characters, not only the kanjis. Doesn't look very cool. :dizzy:
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    Mum legality

    As much as it is legally distributed in Japan, it's allowed here.
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    DANDY releases belong to the DANDY thread Though you can link to the relevant post from there, when that title is available.
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    Please post all forum bugs here

    Can you give some example of japanese term ?
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    Search function is a little bit weird.

    Nice to see you back around here nreisvu! :beg2: If I understand correctly how our search engine works with kanjis, it is better if you give a complete 'word' to get the best results. A complete 'word' is a continuous string of kanjis, without space. In your case, searching for 初飲尿とタップリ中出し...
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    advanced search

    Each forum section has a 'search forum' button, on the top right part of the section menu. I hope it is what you were looking for. :huh:
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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    Wait & See, as they say. The ryushare promotion will be reinstated only if their site is fully back to normal. For those who complain about the situation, keep in mind that: - ryushare has been working as a partner with akiba-online for about 1 year and half, which is pretty long for internet...
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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    At the moment you can use anything, you are not forced to use a given hoster. Of course do not post links on a hoster that is already posted (rule 10). Our vietnamese friends on IRC found local infos, you can google translate it to get some ideas what's going on...
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    Ryushare Promotion (suspended)

    As the Ryushare website is down, and as you can't upload anything there right now, the ryushare deal is SUSPENDED until further notice. A lot of fishy stuff has happened recently, especially with the vietnamese users, is it the end of the site?
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    Rule #16: Banned/Cash Links & File imagehosts [Updated Oct 2015] added to the banned list
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    Tentacle compilation / collection (live action)

    Both live action and anime are based on a Toshio Maeda manga: Seems like the live action kept only the tentacles and removed all the other plot elements. Some other vintage tentacle anime/manga to live action adaptations include Inju Gakuen /...
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    Jade Super Megathread (Sharking, Upskirts, Masturbation, Voyeur, Pooping, Pissing...)

    The world is so unfair (some may understand that joke lol)
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    Email change ---> Not receiving confirmation

    I've enabled him now (hopefully this is not for spamming the forum lol). We know many problems with email confirmations, it probably depends on the mail client used, as some new users go through without a problem. Honestly speaking, it will not be solved in the near future.
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    Collection of JAV with white actresses (and a few black ones too)

    A reminder for udo3 and others, about uncensored uploads: please use the uncensored JAV section for these uploads :bang:
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    ニューハーフ Newhalf Thread

    It gives no screenshots and some obscure filehoster link. I would not trust that site.