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    Exclusive: Interview with Uncensored JAV Director

    She's not active on mainstream one, I found it on fc2.
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    Exclusive: Interview with Uncensored JAV Director

    yup. I saw the cover from jav-uncensored.
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    Exclusive: Interview with Uncensored JAV Director

    "Have any of the girls you shot gone on to become professional JAV stars? A: No, I wish that happened. The opposite is a lot more common: first JAV star and then FC2 career." so thats why Suzumi Misa and Miyazaki Aya got active again during this C-Virus situation.
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    Can we talk about Knights Visual?

    Finally! after my favourite Asakura Kotomi & Hara Miori, Shinomiya Yuri is the next one to add to my storage.
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    Digital cameras

    Keep the D500, and read/watch the review from youtube or anywhere else.
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    request torrent

    VIKG-205 募集!ウブカワ素人 むっつりスケベな真面目っ娘編 i have found this on javlibrary, but i cant download it. please make this a torrent file
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    Which Japanese girl you want to marry?

    well, the title said itself. there's no limit to whose, whether be from mainstream or av. Me. from AV: Asakura Kotomi. Aiuchi Nozomi. from Mainstream: Honda Tsubasa, The Girl one from Aiseki Start
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    Request Torrent Asakura Kotomi

    sorry for broken english, but if it's not too much trouble, please video size is 720p, for my old netbook. ================================================== KV-144 125分間ノンストップ撮影、ノーカット編集で生中出し27連発に長時間お掃除フェラとぶっかけ13連発!! 朝倉ことみ APAA-327 艶・私を連れ出して、貴方の精を注いでください…。朝倉ことみ HNTV-001...
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    Discussion about DMM website

    question: does this site (means dmm and r18) will be switching to html5 in near future?
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    Any Good Sites To Watch JAV
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    JAV stars working at an escort service in Osaka!!!!

    That depends on the man and Aoki herself. There's a lot of possibilities, like some treated her as a woman, and some treated her like "You're AV Actress, right? so behave like in your movies!". or like Aoki has a problem in her private time and she brings that problem on her work . As I said...
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    Discussion about DMM website

    so that's why recent r18 entry don't have preview video but only handful ones do. and yes it's kinda hard to convinced the publishers to bring their content overseas. But if you can't give a specific date when that will happen, can you give a guess to us: can the negotiation with the publishers...
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    Discussion about DMM website

    @Captain Bondage , I like bookmarking the page that I like to revisit, but all the page name on the browser tab are almost all the same (except the movie page) like studio, categories, series and artist, so please I hope you can change the page name to each respective name in the future.
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    Famous artist turn jav list please

    Is she REALLY an ex-AKB48 member like Yamaguchi Rico? Ii have a good memory for faces, but i don't recognize her at all. is she's really Yamaguchi Rico peer?
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    your fav JAV model

    My Top tier is Asakura Kotomi, Tsubomi, Nikaido Ai, and last is the obvious Asami Yuma. :nosebleed: Mid Tier is Shinomiya Yuri [篠宮ゆり], Arimura Chika [有村千佳], Kobashi Saki [小橋咲], Asano Emi [浅野えみ], Usui Aimi [臼井あいみ], Hamasaki Mao [浜崎真緒]. :gosh: Low Tier: Akane Emi [茜笑美] Kawakami Nanami [川上奈々美]...