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Your favorite japanese women

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by HeavyNosebleed, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. HeavyNosebleed

    HeavyNosebleed Well-Known Member

    I just would like to know who your favorite japanese women are. That includes all japanese women (AV Idols, Gravure Idols, Junior Idols, J-pop-singers, Actresses, Newscaster :pandalaugh: - you name it! As long as you have a name to the girl).
    Imagine you could wish for 10 japanese girls/women to be with you in paradise - which would it be? And in what order (ranking) would you put them? I know - that might be a lot of thinking and sorting work for you :stress: , but I really would like to see your Top 10. :)

    Here is my list for paradise:

    1 Tomoe Yamanaka
    The most beautiful girl of them all. When she moves through her Idol Videos I always feel like seeing paradise right in front of me. She has such a perfect face, smile and face expression and is just able to take me away with her sexy and cute moves. Her body tops it off.

    2 Rei Kuromiya
    The cutest and most sexy Junior Idol at the moment. Her smile is heartwarming, her face is gorgeous and she surely knows how to move and pose. And her body is perfect for a girl of her age.

    3 Ai Uehara
    Her face expression is so cute - you just want to protect her. But when you see how she is able to please a man and how sexy she acts and how glorious her figure is, you really want to do some other things with her than just to protect her.

    4 Cocomi Naruse
    The same type of girl like Ai Uehara. Perfect face and tits plus a super sexy way to act in JAV and satisfy the men.

    5 Rina Koike
    The perfect display of a teenage girl. She is the kind of "young girlfriend" you always wanted to have. Her eyes make me dream every time.

    6 Rui Kiriyama
    Her body is simply da bomb. And the way she acts in her Idol Videos blows me away every time.

    7 Anri Sugihara
    She maybe has the most perfect body of all time. If you don't get big eyes (and other big things) when you see her marvellos figure, I can't help you.

    8 Mayumi Yamanaka
    The same kind of beauty that Tomoe has, is also in Mayumi. Her eyes are very beautiful and the cute face expressions she makes during the videos are so sexy. And she has the same wonderful butt that also her sister has.

    9 Hiyori Izumi
    She has one of the cutest faces you could imagine and her body is about as lovely as one of a Junior Idol should be.

    10 Konoha
    She has one of the cutest and most special faces in the JAV industry. Her eyes are maybe the most beautiful all around. Also her super cute loli attitude makes all the guys go wild, including me.

    Honorable Mentions (because they are also very special to me):
    Tsubomi, Rio Hamasaki, Hitomi Kitagawa, Maria Ozawa, Yua Aida (she was in the very first JAV I saw way back in 2004 - I think the movie was called Pichi Pichi), Aki Hoshino, Ai Shinozaki, Sayumi Michishige, Saaya Irie (she was in the first Idol Video I saw)

    Now it's your turn! :want2:
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  2. Angeldom

    Angeldom Member

    Okay, here i go with my favourite top 10:

    1) Yuuna Shina: this idol is just beautiful, even though there are others i find more banging, i'm really fond of her ^_^


    2) Rio Tina Yuzuki: Just as beautiful as the above, not "as much equipped in terms of boobs" but still really gorgeous and talented :D


    3) Mona Kasuga: Boobs, nuff said...ok huge boobs with lactation...nuff said :p


    4) Miharu Izawa: So normal yet so amazingly attractive, if you wish to know more about her, you can check my "spotlight" in the magnificent Jugulear's Thread


    5) Hotaru Yamakawa: My new favourite milf, discovered thanks to Jugulear thread ;), just look at her face and be amazed by her performance :).


    6) Haruki Sato: Adorable and yet so dirty and sexy, what else can i say? Sexyrty! :D


    7) Minori hatsune: Sexy naughty bitchy her :p, i don't know if i'm more inclined to laugh or to masturbate when i watch her videos, some are funny as hell :D


    8) Anri Okita: A fine and smart girl, with a nice pair of boobs and pussymouth, she's also quite good in english =)


    9) Ai Uehara: A cute cheerful sunny girl, apparently so pure and innocent...but inside she's not less than a sex machine.


    10) Azumi Mizushima: Crazy bi@%H! She talk fast, move fast, cum fast...pretty much a humanoid salarian with insatiable lust :D, she's just as crazy as sexy.


    Honorable mention: Akiho Yoshizawa, Yui Hatano, Aino Kishi and Ayumu sena. There are other talented jav idols ofc, but de gustibus non disputandum est, i listed the ones i'm more fond of and needless to say that i have had much fun with them :D.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2014
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  3. Gaia093

    Gaia093 Member

    Maaan, it really is difficult to say considering this includes all media, hahaha.

    Let's see... Okay I'll just include first the JAV actresses because this is supposed to be a harem paradise of sorts, and as such I imagine it has to be, above all, shallow and guided by who you'd like to bang most, hahaha... So:

    1) Ryo Tsujimoto (JAV actress, I think we could cut it short here and I'd be content, but let's get greedy)
    2) Hitomi Fujiwara (JAV actress, ooohh yesss... you shall be my queen)
    3) Nozomi Mayu (JAV actress, and she'll pretend to be Tsujimoto's cute little sister, just like I've always imagined her!)
    4) Uta Kohaku (JAV actress, can't be missing you in my beauty ensemble, my lady)
    5) Aoi Koharu (JAV actress, cuuuute, give me your best puppy looks for all eternity)

    And since that is more than enough sexiness for my paradise, now let's get to the ones who'd actually take the first places in my top 10 of Japanese personalities:

    6) Miyuki Sawashiro (Seiyuu/Voice Actress, I feel I'm lying about my "enough sexiness" line before because Sawashiro's voice is pure ear sex... I'd have her read me all my manga, books and paradise bills)
    7) Yuki Kajiura (Music Composer, I keep cheating because everything she composes is just as orgasm-inducing... she'd be in charge of the background music)
    8) Mayumi Tanaka (Seiyuu/Voice Actress, this is the awesome grandma I never had! For anyone who doesn't know, she voices Luffy in One Piece, and she's amazing at doing so~)
    9) Ikue Ohtani (Seiyuu/Voice Actress, CUTEST. FREAKING. VOICE. EVER. A paradise where I don't get to listen to this all day is no paradise at all. Cutest person ever, too - see her tearing up at the end? LOVE)
    10) Ueno Juri (Actress, this is the one who played Nodame in the Nodame Cantabile drama series, and she's IDENTICAL to the drawn character, who I absolutely love. Anime characters don't get any more 3D than this, guys!)

    Phew... that was difficult.
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  4. HeavyNosebleed

    HeavyNosebleed Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your replies!

    The post of Angeldom has encouraged me to add some pictures too. I think now you will have a better impression of my favorite girls. :)
    I also added a little explanation to every girl, like you two did. :)

    Yes, your choices for paradise can be guided by all kinds of thoughts. With "favorite women" I really meant all kind of attractions - not only the outer beauty and the "want to bang" thing. :)
    For example if someone would say to me: "You are only allowed to take Tomoe, Rei and Rina to paradise if you won't have sex with them!" I would still include them in my top 10, because they are more than sex symbols to me - I really love them.

    Nice to see you including some japanese women who are not Idols, Gaia. I did not do that, because unfortunately I don't really know a lot of japanese women outside the Idol industry.
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  5. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    My top ten favorite japanese women to be with me in paradise.....tough one but I will take a stab at it. I mean what the hell? Who wouldn't like to be surrounded by their own personal harem in a paradise.

    1. Shinozaki Ai (model,actress,singer) - that is a lot of woman

    2. Saaya Irie (model,atress) - she makes me knees weak

    3. YUI (singer,writer, radio personality) - the perfect muse

    4. Minori Aoi (AV star) - I am not immune

    5. Akira Fubuki (AV star) - look at the picture, beauty counts

    6. Tomoe Yamanaka (gravure Idol) - she just looks to be fun to have around...not bad looking either

    7. Rina Koike (former Jr Idol, actress) - dammit I just like her...anything wrong with that?

    8. Erika Toda (Actress) - because I got class thats' why. Classy guys should be seen with classy chicks

    9. Kyoko Fukada (Actress, Singer) - Some girls got it and she is one of them

    10. Abe Natsumi (Singer,Actress) - because I needed some beauty who was talented and had great tits to round out my top ten.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
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  6. rnishimura

    rnishimura Well-Known Member

    Hina Otsuka - I actually went out and bought nearly all of her DVDs

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  7. HeavyNosebleed

    HeavyNosebleed Well-Known Member

    Thanks, but where is your top 10? I would like to see it!
    I can recall that you somewhere in this forum said that Rola Takizawa is your number one, right? So whats your top 10? :)

    Nice one! Would that be the only one you would take with you or what girls would fill the other nine spots? :)
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  8. JavFanatic

    JavFanatic Active Member


    NORIKA FUJIWARA, former Ms Japan, actress, model, and fitness guru.

    YUMA ASAMI remains my favourite JAV performer: she's on hiatus/retired now after fighting cancer (apparently recovering well)

    ANRI OKITA has the pouty lips, stupendous tits, and cakey ass, and energy that makes her a top JAV performer

    REIKO KOBAYAKAWA a new, mature JAV performer whose body is as good, if not better than many performers in their 20s. Raw passion, and a copious squirter to boot.

    NAO OIKAWA a close number two, long retired JAV performer. Like Reiko, Nao's body is perfectly shaped, and she has luscious lips. She's missed, but retired at the right time.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2014
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  9. StageNinja47

    StageNinja47 Active Member

    My list is mainly JAV idosl, but i also included a couple of gravure idols.

    1) Maria Ozawa: for me Maria Ozawa beauty if legendary, she the perfect balance of exotic and Japaneses beauty. Her body is amazing, no one can argue that she pretty and unlike many other idols her she has an amazing ass.


    2) Sora Aoi: Sora is almost too perfect. She beautiful with a nice slim body and greatest breast i ever seen.


    3) Saki Tsuji: I like Saki beacuse shes super cute and has an amazing body. While she had great G-cup breast and a nice ass what put her over the top for me was her flat belly. her belly was alway nice flatand firm.


    4) Hikari Hino: again another beautiful idol. i really think that Hikari Hino has one of the best bodies i all of jav. she's slim with nice large breast and a beautiful butt. something that most busty idols don't have. i also find her face very appealing and pretty.


    5) Aimi Yoshikawa: She is just to cute and beautiful. She reminds me of a young yuma asami, with her cute face, beautiful body and H-cup breats. She is current active jav idol because of this.


    6) Saaya Irie: is just beautiful i wish she would come over to jav but at lease do some nude modeling.


    7) Yua Aida: i really like her beacuse of her performance. typically i go for more curvier/busty idols but yua aida body is perfect the way it is. it what i think of when think of asian beauty.


    8) Yuma Asami: is so cute, fun to watch and ever so busty.


    9) Reon Kadena: If you haven;t seen this girl before she is definitely worth checking out. she beautiful, has a cute face and amazing body. I always wise she would come over to jav. she has every it takes to succeed. she can be sexy, cute and can have fun in front of the camera.


    10) Haruka Sanada: She is a great jav idol and to some extend greatly under appreciated. She has a great body and gives good performances, shes also not afraid of trying new things. she done just about every jav gender out there including uncensored work. an her body is second to none. her breast in particular are supernatural

  10. jswift255

    jswift255 Privateer

    Kamei Eri (former jpop idol)
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  11. Gir633

    Gir633 SeƱor Member

    Takeuchi Yuko: Yukotakeuchi.

    Miho Kanno: tumblr_lnkn8aSoBC1qg9hca.

    Chiaki Kuriyama: kxSuN. ( I lover her nose, and she has wonderful hair)

    Ryoko Shinohara: 1173498762_f.

    Tomoko Yamaguchi: 2007092513012288a97.

    Those are my favorites. They are the ones I just love watching they're attractive, have nice voices, but more they just have wonderful screen presence that make them a joy to watch. And they seem nice, (which may or may not be true).

    If we go into voice only for voice, my two favorite voice actresses would be;
    Rica Matsumoto Rika-rica-matsumoto-30908286-317-450. ,I lover her "angry" voice and I like her singing.
    And Ai Orikasa 9893. she has a great voice too.
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2014
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  12. seitoseitan

    seitoseitan Active Member

    Mine would be :

    1 - Tia (JAV Actress)


    2 - Raffi and Gabby twins (Supermodelme Siren Contestant)


    3 - Ai Shinozaki (Singer in Aell group and Gravure Idol)


    4 - Shion Utsunomiya (JAV Actress)


    5 - Meisa Kuroka (Japanese Actress)


    6 - Eririka Katagiri (JAV Actress)


    7 - Yua Kuramochi (JAV Actress)


    8 - Aimi Yoshikawa (JAV Actress)


    9 - Annin Iriyama (Singer in AKB48)


    10 - Nonami Takizawa (Gravure Idol)

  13. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    This is pretty tough considering I like different girls for different things, but here's mine (ranked based on looks);
    1. Shiraishi Mai - Singer (Nogizaka46)
    Gorgeous, innocent, cute, playful, and sexy. Every mans dream girl.

    2. Aizawa Rina - actress, gravure idol
    I stumbled onto this pic years ago and I've been madly in love ever since. She's so cute and innocent, and her smile is adorable. The ideal girl next door type. Watch this and I dare you not to fall for her. ab8fcb8c3a.

    3. Ikuta Erika - singer (Nogizaka46)
    I actually feel kinda bad about including her in this list. She is so pure and innocent, her name shouldn't be mentioned anywhere near an 18+ discussion. Please don't have dirty thoughts of her. Anyway, here she is on a variety show failing miserably at cooking, Shiraishi Mai is there too. :)

    4. Takeda Rena - model
    I have to admit, I just found out about this girl a couple weeks ago so I don't know much about her. But wow she is so cute.

    5. Kawamura Yukie - gravure idol
    She is the first idol I fell in love with over a decade ago. As you can probably see from the girls above, my tastes have changed a little (sexy -> innocent) but I still have a place in my heart for her.

    6. Azusa Akane - AV idol, gravure idol
    While I prefer the innocent "girl next door" type every guy has urges and she satisfies them both. I instantly fell for her when I saw this scene of her in APOL-014 giving a "smiling" blowjob. She would be the perfect gf
    Akane Azusa (APOL-014).wmv_snapshot_01.24.46_[2015.03.15_08.18.50].

    7. Himeno Cocoa - AV idol
    Innocent looking face and a soft yet tight little body. If Akane is the perfect gf, Cocoa would be the perfect wife.
    Cocoa Himeno (ABP-281).mkv_snapshot_00.00.41_[2015.04.25_21.05.48]. Cocoa Himeno (ABP-281).mkv_snapshot_00.19.46_[2015.04.25_21.09.37].

    8. Shuna Kagami - AV idol
    Like my username suggests, when it comes to hardcore AVs nothing does it for me quite like lolis. And this girl has the perfect loli face and body. One look at her and my dick gets rock hard. yabai

    Shuna Kagami (KTKX-094).
    [minimum-av] (MUM-137) Shuna Kagami.mkv_snapshot_01.54.30_[2014.12.01_00.27.32].

    9. Shinomiya Yuri - AV idol
    Cute and playful yet very nasty. This little loli does everything from gangbangs, gokkun, and even interracial.
    Yuri Shinomiya (LLR-001).avi_snapshot_01.10.59_[2013.06.25_00.04.33].
    Yuri Shinomiya (MIAD-646).avi_snapshot_00.26.37_[2013.12.04_08.06.26].
    Yuri Shinomiya (DASD-243).wmv_snapshot_01.06.59_[2014.12.04_00.02.08].

    10. Hatsume Rina - AV idol
    When I comes to extreme hardcore loli destruction, no one comes close to Rina. Every time I fap to her I cum full blast!
    [Milky-Cat] Challenge The Cum Swallow Special 4 - Rin Momoi.
    [Milky-Cat] Rin Momoi (DMC-26) (2 of 2). [minimum-av] (MUM-123) Rina Hatsume. [minimum-av] (MUM-155) Rina Hatsume 1. [minimum-av] (MUM-155) Rina Hatsume 2. [minimum-av] (MUM-155) Rina Hatsume.
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  14. arnold22947

    arnold22947 IZUMI ASUKA

    The first 4 ones was easy to choose since I used the number of loads I've shot to them before as criteria. For the others was difficult to pick my favorites because there are too many but I finally completed my top 10 although it can change with my mood.

    Izumi Asuka
    t-backs + sexy face + I like her skinny body + she's my all time favorite
    Kiriyama Rui

    perfect distribution of body fat in her tits, ass, thighs
    tits + areolas + boobs + juggs + breasts
    Koike Rin
    t-backs + the innocence she displays while the cameraman is filming her body
    Nagasawa Azusa
    cute face + anal scenes + irumatio + she shows she likes to be submissive/ abused in scene
    Irie Saaya
    cute + boobs
    Uehara Ai
    cute + anal scenes
    Asami Yuma
    cute + irumatio
    Nishino Koharu
    cute + perfect ass + small waist
    Aoki Isa
    t-backs + the way she lets the cameraman film her body

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2015
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  15. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    LOL! This is should be an official metric.
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  16. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    Hiyori Shiraishi

    Satomi Suzuki

    Juria Tachibana

    Maya Kawamura

    Wakaba Ono

    Yui Tatsumi

    Mizuki Akai / Honoka Orihara

    Yua Aida

    Rin Suzuka

    Rina Sawaguchi
    Rina Sawaguchi2.

    Megu Fujiura

    those are my current top 11
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2015
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  17. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    Can't say much about many of them as they were active before I started watching JAV (at least I think so).
    But one like for Wakaba Ono, Honoka Orihara / Mizuki Akai (2 times? :confused:) and Megu Fujiura (Boobs!!! :D).
    Also for Maya Kawamura - also she is boob-wise... eh... :( But she is totally cute, nice face and her performs is also well. ;)
  18. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    Sorry my mistake, I guess I like her a lot so I make double post for her :oops:

    Rina Sawaguchi should put into the list too, Ryoko Mitake, Hiyori Shiraishi and Azusa Kyouno are my favorites from the past generation, they already retired when I started watching JAV too, but I still trying to search their old movies that still available, really worth it

    thats why I like Maya Kawamura, she have very cute face + can perform well
  19. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    already vote for the starting 11, now I add 12 more for the bench ;)

    Chinami Sakura

    Rio Hamasaki

    Nana Aoyama

    Chika Nakamura

    Risako Konno

    Nozomi Sasayama


    Ai Uehara

    Miyu Hoshino

    Hime Kamiya

    Akane Sakura

    Ryoko Mitake
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  20. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    One like for Chinami Sakura, Rio Hamasaki (when will she make her comeback... :( ), Nana Aoyama and Nozomi Sasayama. :D
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