Yet another DB JAV Scraper ;)


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Jan 7, 2016
Hi to everyone.
I have started a project for a local DB with the covers, informations and videos for JAV.
The Scraper work with JavLibrary at this moment and collect only information for CENSORED dvd.
It work like a web site local, running in a portable (no installation) version of XAMPP.
Now it is fully functional, put your videos in a directory and the program take a look if the videos are already in the DB, if you have the covers, download the missing covers and the informations, write them in the DB.
After that the site show you the records of your collection in two ways, the covers, you can search on all records what you want.
That is fully functional, but it have to be refined and more feature added.
Here there are some screenshots:

If somebody want try it write me in private message and I send you the link for the download., approx. 100Mb
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Jul 13, 2009
Sounds good, I take it I could search for videos in the directory based on tags?


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Oct 25, 2009
LP, if you don't mind too much, shall we keep this in the JAV Database thread (click below)? That thread is pretty quiet in recent years, and it's sticky'ed. In the past, other individuals have tried to split off to a separate thread with his/her own projects, which didn't work out. Let's keep all the individual projects in the same collective thread.

At the moment, yours is the only in-progress project going on. If your project comes to dominate the JAV Database thread, no one would complain.

I have realized for fun a local web based db for my Jav collection, more of 6.000 file.


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Jan 7, 2016
Yes, no problem for me, I was thinking that is not correct put my project in a thread create for a project of another coder. ;)
I ask to CG if he don't have problem on that. :)
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Jan 7, 2016
Ok, here the last version!
I have developed this solution for fun and for manage my collection of JAV, without think of distribute it to other people, i'm not a pro coder, SO...
At the moment there are some trick that require a big clean in the script, that I will do in next versions BUT that VERSION is fully working!
Also the translation is not complete.

JavDB+xampp-0.7.3a.7z 75 Mb - XAMPP portable with the JavDB installed. (there is also a little DB with 30 records and 30 covers for demo) 140 Mb - The same but in .zip format 108 Kb - very little version, only the scripts of JavDB, if you have a XAMPP working or you want download it from the original site:


download and read this carefully! ;)

unzip the file JavDB+xampp.0.7.3a, preferably in C:\, but that may require you use Administrator privilege, or in D: if you have another partition.
In the package there are 1 DB with 30 records and 30 covers.
There are not the videos, too heavy ;)
Now do you can test if all is working.

In the XAMPP directory launch "xampp-control.exe", that open a control panel, click "Start" near Apache, that start the web server.
Now open your browser (Firefox is preferred) and write (or copy&paste) the address "localhost/JavDB/" without the ", you have to see the main page of the DB.

in the main page you have 3 choices, the first 2 are for browsing the DB, try all 2 and you understand instantly.
You can search with the form, and order by the voices ID:, Titolo (title), Uscita (first exit) Etichetta (Label)
Clicking on the cover you can see it enlarged and, in the graphical view, clicking on "Scheda" you can see the record for that video.
Clicking on the ID near Scheda in graphical view launch the video in a new tab (in Firefox)
You can also, in every browser, right-click on, copy the address and past it (ctrl-V) in VLC.

The 3rd voice in the menu is the Maintenance, click and in the new page you can launch the scraping.

Before to start with this we take a look at the directories working:

in this directory you can put the videos downloaded and waiting the scraping.

In this directory the program move automatically the videos (and the cover if exist locally) that already exist in your DB, you after can confront the versions of your films for take the better.

Here you can storage the covers you have downloaded with the videos.
At first the scraper look here to find the cover, if it don't find here download it from JavLibrary.

Here the scraper move the covers found locally and the covers downloaded.

Here you put the videos that you have in "Target" after the scraping (next version do that automatically)

Here you put the covers that you have in "down_cover" after the scraping (future version do that automatically)

The name of the videos and the covers must be correctly formatted, with the standard ID: that you find in the cover, es: SNIS-124.mp4, PPPD-375.jpg, ABP-118.mp4 and so on, and the cover (if you have) have to match the video.
At this moment the program work only with videos MP4 and images JPG, but this will be improved soon.

You can test it putting some videos in the "Target" directory.
I've tried with 60 videos at time without problems, more is to test.
Performances may depend also by your network line.

Enjoy and send me your feedback!!!

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