Y i cant enter Thread that i enter everyday for 10 years.


New Member
Aug 12, 2010
On this morning i enter to thread

that is my favorite threat i always enter everyday since 2010 for 10year. But system not log-in me auto like everyday i must log in by myself.I forget the email sign-in then i fail to log in with wrong email(it is current email i use now by gmail, themail that i use sign that 10years old account is hotmail) several time untill system warning me to block that.After that i take sometime for remember and log in with usename it success but i get shock cus My 10years old Account return to "new member" and cant enter that thread

It present "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."

How can i do to enter that thread it has been important to me for the past 10 years and forever.