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WTF !!! Filejoker expects us to be file uploading whores for them ?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by mieko1970, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. mieko1970

    mieko1970 Active Member

    I just got this rather insulting email from FJ.

    " Hello!

    You got an affiliate account recently. But we don't see really active work or some results from you. Please, let me know why is that? Do you plan to start really active work and when?

    Looking forward to your response!

    Skype: filejoker.webmasters
    What the hell ? I have affliate accounts with uploaded.net, K2S, Fileboom (andCountless others that have passed on) and i've never gotten a BS email like this.. I'm only getting back into filesharing again and so i'm not uploading at a furious rate..but it seems to be that FS expects to be whoring for them to get them the new paying customers.
  2. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    I got a similar email asking to post Filejoker exclusives. "Why post to other?"

    ...I have reasons. :cerutu:
  3. mieko1970

    mieko1970 Active Member

    Well i got a email from FJ last week as a followup reply i sent to that email... this is it :


    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see that you make posts. But you can make more posts and get much more sales and money. You can add more forums for posting, especially for JAV content. We recommend you to use at least these forums with a good sales and special sections (JAV/Asian):


    This is optimal way to share once uploaded file on maximum resources. It takes minimum time, but give you really good traffic and additional source of earnings. We are recommend to do this! Our active partners get $1000 monthly and more from Akiba only. If you will use other forums you can get even better profit. But you need post much more for that, try to get 500-1000 daily downloads, then you will get much more money!

    I'm sure it's a good idea to try to earn more. Let me know!


    So this is the first filehost i've had an affilate account with that is not only tell me to post more but telling me to post porn not just here but elsewhere !

    WTF !!!!????

    It's nice to make a couple bucks for posting some stuff but personally i'm not making this my career posting smut.. As it is.. With this Filejoker bullshit
    and the fact my material i've posted again is already finding it's way onto other sites tells me that it's just not worth my efforts to share my libraries since they're automatically being reposted elsewhere and since AO/Filejoker might as well be the same outfit since in the fileshare world FJ really doesn't have much of presence outside of AO that unless i get into posting and reposting hardcore JAV (which I never had any intention to) there's no point..

    Being forced to use "FJ" is not cool.. Clearly there are hardcore posters here that most likely earn a living through AO/FJ but i'm not one of them.

    I'm officially out of here anyhow.. The only reason i'm replying to this is that a google search i was doing for something else brought me to a forum post on another subject... saw this you replied to this thread and figured i should follow up..and show the scummy response i got from FJ.
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    RUNBKK Well-Known Member

    that why people call FileJoker rubbish filehost:D:D:D
  5. matrix07

    matrix07 Active Member

    Well, at least they're aggressive and it will be good for their customers.