writing down japanese letters from a "cover" for identification

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Loli Collector
Apr 30, 2007
can someone help me with this please? I found this image and im not sure what it is about.
On google i can't find any more information just from the picture alone.

If someone can "write" Japanese, can you please write me down the letters from this picture?
I'm still not sure if its really a manga cover, there aren't any imprint logos or any publisher information.

Thanks a lot!



Occasional Visitor
Mar 26, 2007
賀正 Happy new year!

慣れない振袖で初お濡らし Wetting oneself for the first time in a kimono

今年もよりしくですマッシーラビット Be nice to me this year as well, マッシーラビット (Masshiira Bitto) (artists name)
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Loli Collector
Apr 30, 2007
thank you! so it must be one of those "pictures" they make on ther blogs/websites for special occations.
Thank you, you helped me alot!