Where to find slightly older JAVs?

Dec 8, 2010
Please help as mentioned in title.

A lot of slightly older (starting from the 2000s) titles are getting lost and torrents do not have seeds anymore...

Some titles can be found in highporn and javhub, but the quality are quite low, in the 360 or 480...

Are there any sites that still keep slightly older titles which we can download from? Thanks in advance!


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Jun 6, 2007
it’s a jungle out there. it seems that every time i try to look for something on an old website, it’s now defunct or its links are deader than kelsey’s nuts. even here, a video posted more than a few months ago is not likely to work. (i own a pet snake named “file not found”.) between the redirects and the malware, the path to a jav download (classic or otherwise) has become a perilous venture. and the number of zipped files that fail to open is curiously high these days. if you can extract the old videos from the streaming sites, i’d say you are ahead of the game. you complain that their quality is not very good. i’ve got news for you: their quality never was very good. you really can’t make vhs tapes look better with 1080p or 5gig files. and when you add those old bulky mosaics to the final product, it is at best an acquired taste.

but if you have acquired it, you can find some here at akiba (look around). i don’t know of any working sites dedicated to old jav, but the following all have some:





at the last one you may have to register. they all are hit and miss. and it helps to know what you’re looking for (a code, an actress, etc). then there’s the more specialized, but very classic:

and i wouldn’t give up on torrents if i were you. i believe the schoolgirl gokkun torrent is still going strong. that’s over 100 videos from the early 2000s (255gig… make room). you can find the torrent link toward the bottom of this page:

and someone re-upped the sora aoi torrent… or at least for the early half of her career. just drop ‘sola aoi’ (not sora aoi) into the search engine at:

in fact, with a bit of effort, i believe you can find quite a few torrents there for old jav. the simple search term ‘classic jav’ yields two active torrents with over 15gig of video. try different actresses, different companies, different perversions, etc.
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