Where are these lovely young ladies?


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Apr 21, 2013
I was going through some photos of my favorite girls and came across these 2!
Anybody have the info on where they are now?
Risa Shimamoto:
Risa Shimamoto  img20040822070004.jpg

Sayaka Tashiro:
Sayaka Tashiro   %20052.jpg


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Apr 21, 2013
I have never seen them before. Do you have a collage with your all time favorite models ?

arnold22947- - - -Here are a few of my favorites:
Ai Shinozaki  _ex1705489.jpg

Ali Shinozaki

Ami Asai  _cover_701502.jpg

Ami Asai

Hikari Agarie  -740full.jpg

Hikari Agarie
Hikari Shina 220.JPG

Hikari Shiina

Kana Takasugi   -1889067.jpg

Kana Takasugi

Mamoru Asana  --01270864.jpg

Mamoru Asana

Marina Nagasawa 119.JPG
Marina Nagasawa

Nanoka 024.JPG

Rina Nagai  --02239093.jpg

Rina Nagai

Saaya Irie  --04362546.jpg

Saaya Irie

Sayaka Yamamoto Pictures 161.JPG
Sayaka Yamamoto

Shiori Yuzuki  --02750438.jpg

Shiori Yuzuki

Shoko Takasaki  --03337926.jpg

Shoko Takasaki

Yuri Hamada 033.JPG
Yuri Hamada
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