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What is the best P2P Software for finding rare JAV?

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by dotwu, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. dotwu

    dotwu Member

    I really like the classic/vintage or rare fetish JAV, but they are not easy to find. I had tried many P2P softwares even the japanese P2P like: winny, share, and perfect dark. So far in my experiences, emule is the best one. I can find few rare vintage stufs there (although it depends on luck). I think that because emule is still popular in china or taiwan where people at there still like old jav.

    I used to think that by using japanese P2P clients, I will easily find the rare stuffs. But after I tried winny, share and perfect dark, there are worse than emule. There are not many JAV there.

    Is there are other P2P software that I haven't know but are better to find JAV?
  2. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that winmx was still very popular in japan, but I remember I didn't keep it installed, not sure why.

    I mainly use emule and share when all my other options find nothing.
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  3. hothothot

    hothothot Member

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  4. dotwu

    dotwu Member

    I once did try retroshare, but I didn't found any of rare JAV I'm looking for there. Most of rare or vintage JAV are come from china, taiwan, and japan sources. I don't think retroshare is popular yet in china or japan.
  5. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    The older the P2P program was released, the older material you can find in it. But this also means the less chance you have to find complete sources of said material. The main japanese P2P programs are WinMX, Winny, Share, Perfect Dark, from older to newer.

    There is also Utatane (based on OpenNap), but it is relying on trade instead of open sharing, and it is very difficult to access the good japanese servers.
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  6. someone06

    someone06 New Member

    Any alternative on mac? There are quite a few rare jav impossible to find that I'd love to get my hands onto!
  7. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    Amule is a multi-platform alternative for emule and it support mac. It's actually what I use since I switched my main p2p downloading computer to a non-windows OS.

    Perfect dark and winmx have been reported to run under wine which with a quick search seems to also have a mac version so that's a possibility, but since I don't have a mac, I can't confirm it actually works.
  8. someone06

    someone06 New Member

    Well, I used to use Amule, but since I upgraded my mac, I can't seem to make it work properly, and I can't figure out why.
    As for Winmx, indeed, I manage to run it on my mac. But here is the problem : although my mac can read and run programs in with Japanese characters, the windows interface simulated by wine, can't...
  9. nagaraka

    nagaraka New Member

    I use transmission, I thought it was good but nobody seems to mention it here.
    Is retroshare or amule any better?
  10. nagaraka

    nagaraka New Member

    I use transmission, I thought it was good but nobody seems to mention it here.
    Is retroshare or amule any better?
  11. Ty Durden

    Ty Durden Member

    OK, question, I've GOT a good bit of older JAV (mostly hentai in various forms), and use eMule quite a bit. In particular, old Attackers, Oikawa Nao, Riko Tachibana, Jyuri Wakabayashi, and stuff like that, which I don't mind putting up for others, since I have eMule on all the time... I don't see any forum here any more for eMule links, just torrents... Is there a place to post the links for them anywhere on AO any more? Is posting eMule links up in the torrent threads allowed? I don't care if others get them and then re-post as torrents, as far as that goes... just looking to contribute.

    Suggestions, ideas, instructions from mods, by all means, tell me what to do.

    Here are some I've got up right at the moment (the backups were right here by my desk, but I have quite a few), I can put more up at any time.





    Note: Mods: if these links are verbotten, by all means, go ahead and remove them, no probs. I'll take any removal as sufficient info, so no additional warning needed, though advice about where to post would be appreciated....
    :Note II: Obvious disclaimers as to quality and "Duh, you moron!" about the mosaics. I did not rip them, much less censor them -- I just backed 'em up ages ago to CD/DVD. They are what they are. And if you go blind, it's all your own fault...:pandalaugh:
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, 2014
  12. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    The p2p download section would be the appropriate place for the links.
  13. SecretPal

    SecretPal Beyond Redemption

    I used eMule to grow my NN model portfolio. Today, I doubt the safety in light of advances from thought police. Is there a way to make it secure for windows. I unfortunately lost a lot of this work and am nostalgic to replace it.
  14. kunoichi

    kunoichi Well-Known Member

    1. Set up a virtual machine (VM) with Oracle VM VirtualBox where you will do all P2P file sharing. Put the image on an encrypted drive. Make sure you use bridged mode for network adapter in your VM, so that the VM gets its own IP on your local network.
    2. Disable all file/network sharing services that you don't need and disable IPv6.
    3. Pay for some anonymous VPN service that has OpenVPN so that no one can see your real IP and all traffic between your VPN provider and you are encrypted.
    4. Install some IP blocking software in your VM like PeerBlock so that communication with suspicious IP ranges are blocked and blocklists are updated.
    5. Install some software firewall in your VM where you can set up rules that will block internet communication when you are not connected to the VPN.
    6. Install some good antivirus software in your VM as well.
    It is a lot of work, but if you made it through all steps, your VM and connection should now be pretty secure.
    Now you can focus on creating additional virtual drives or select folders in VirtualBox from your local drives
    where you want to download files.

    Finally install P2P software you would like to use in your VM: Torrent, PerfectDark, Share, eMule etc...
    Do some testing and make sure file sharing only works while connected to your anonymous VPN.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2014
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  15. kunoichi

    kunoichi Well-Known Member

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  16. SecretPal

    SecretPal Beyond Redemption

    Thanks so much:
    The recent upgrade to "PrivateInternetAccess" would not reveal my ip with the test even with the peer connection set to true. I changed that later anyway. Without your good advice I wouldn't sleep as well.
  17. Barkester

    Barkester Fine Anime Collector

    I've had good luck with Qbittorrent. It has a nice search feature that allows me to search many servers at once including the popular KAT and BTDigg. Peers have flags and there's lots of Asia there. If I see a movie I want on this site, I'll type it into Qbittorrent and it'll check about 12 servers.

    There's also a Windows version, but no search feature. Solid enough though.