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What are some benefits in quitting masturbation?

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by Muz1234, Jul 4, 2020.

  1. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    Are there some benefits in it?
  2. Restarter

    Restarter Forklædt Som Voksen (Disguised as an Adult)

    I hope I never find the benefit. With all the government instructions to avoid touching my face and eyes, I'm happy they haven't issued a proclamation to stop touching my penis.
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  3. Muz1234

    Muz1234 Active Member

    Masturbation is okay, but you kinda lose energy of your body after an ejaculation. The only thing I don't like about masturbation is the ejaculation part.
  4. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

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  5. barba

    barba we all make mistakes

    you get younger.
    your income increases exponentially.
    your penis gets bigger.
    you become more intelligent.
    all your problems disappear.
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  6. furqu

    furqu Member

    What is the refill time period of sperm equal to one ejaculation sperm?
  7. kharo88

    kharo88 Akiba Citizen

    It's said to be 2 days.

    And to the benefits of quitting masturbation: you'll suddenly have about 20 hours more free time a week. :haha:
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  8. furqu

    furqu Member

  9. Restarter

    Restarter Forklædt Som Voksen (Disguised as an Adult)

    20 hours? And I was starting to think of it as my second full time job.

    As for benefits to masturbation, a couple of studies seem to indicate a relationship between reduced risk of prostate cancer and increased ejaculation frequency. Quoting from the first article:
    "Most categories of ejaculation frequency were unrelated to risk of prostate cancer. However, high ejaculation frequency was related to decreased risk of total prostate cancer."
    (Links have popups)

    So really I'm not masturbating, I'm just following a regimented cancer prevention program.

    I hope my doctor approves.
  10. Zen10101

    Zen10101 Active Member

    I have only gotten into edging and finally understood why people are so into it...it's incredibly addicting. You get to 80-90% for hours, for days, and your sexual appetite never diminishes. I could enjoy staying hard for almost a whole day with zero downtime. It can lead to incredibly powerful orgasms but I can't rush it, gotta enter the right state of mind after a long edging session. But they are pretty insane and last twice or three times longer than usual. I could also go again quicker and much more confidently with this routine - I think I may have been working out my penile muscles with the constant erection.
  11. asdfaznz

    asdfaznz Active Member

    Some benefits to quitting masturbation/quitting porn/semen retention include:

    1) Deciding you don't need to constantly tug your junk and ejaculate will allow you to focus easier on your goals. You probably herd of boxers/fighters not having sex before fights, or people claiming athletes decreasing in performance after getting a gf/wife, or dudes saying "no sex till I close the deal". Thats why.

    2) Ever notice how after you fap or have sex, you are tired? The physical energy involved is a part of it, but its mostly the ejaculation. Your nutjuice is your energy. The less you nut, the more energy you'll have for anything. You will notice it most if you are exercising/weight lifting.

    3) Sure it is a stress reliever, but is it really? Smoking is also considered a stress reliever, but after a while I'm craving another one and what happens when I can't? I get more stressed. Sometimes the thing relieving your stress is also causing your stress.

    4) Guys have reported their acne problems and/or balding/hair thinning problems improving after extended semen retention. The science behind it is the skin is being deprived of nutrients/enzymes that you are ejaculating. Also, acne/balding can come from stress, hence #3.

    5) You will re-sensitize yourself and get less picky when it comes to everyday women, because there are a lot of beautiful women walking the streets, we just don't notice them because they don't have a supermodel's face which is blasted with the semen of 10 dudes. I've gotten desensitized to the point where only certain actresses and scenes would pop my wood. Then I abstained from fapping/browsing sites for one week and when I was browing one page of the most unflattering girls on Javjunkies daily update and I was already full on rock hard raging boner.

    6) If you like a girl, she knows and the girls that see you interact with her know. Its the vibe we give off. Its our nature as guys to just want to spread the seed. Once we have control of that, girls will pick up that vibe too, and you won't always be the one having to chase, they will chase you too now.
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  12. blueredder

    blueredder 筋肉熟女 の 愛好家 The Muscle Madam Worshipper

    Wisdom from NoFap?

    I can attest to some of this, you feel cleaner and more focused to some extent, depending on your physical health and uniqueness. It also depends on your upbringing and attitude towards it, some people feel distressed from doing it and fel unworthy of anything, others don't give it any care and just clean up and feel indifferent. If you're one, you are able to train your mind to be the other - preferably to have the non-guilty attitude.

    If you limit your activity, you will have more time in the day to do other things of need or interest, and you will be wasting less paper and other cleaning materials.

    You may feel more social as well!

    I think edging is okay as long as you don't do too much of it. Doesn't give the same emptiness as finishing it. Also if you do ejaculate, you can try pressing your perineum so the ejaculate will not come out, and instead be redirected into your bladder. There is a safe way to do this, and you can enjoy orgasms without anything squirting out. Some masters can manage to do this hands free [not me]. Although, the semen in your bladder is at risk of being urinated out if you need to pee afterwards, so keeping it in your bladder for several hours can allow it to be reabsorbed in your body so you don't lose the nutrients/enzymes that benefit you.
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  13. asdfaznz

    asdfaznz Active Member

    I've actually experienced short term benefits from abstaining for 1-2 weeks. I have more energy for any activities including exercise/weight lifting, I don't think about porn and sexual images most of the day which leads to me being more focused on my work and other personal goals, socially I am more relaxed so girls have picked up on my vibe.

    I haven't experienced what the long term benefits can do for me because 2 weeks is the longest I've lasted until I end up "relapsing", succumbing to my urge to watch some JAV and rub one out. There is a Hard Mode challenge where you don't engage in Porn, Masturbation, or Orgasm for 30-90 days. Some dudes have done it and some dudes have gone beyond to the point where they quit porn for good. Unfortunately I have been heavily addicted to porn for more than 10 years so it will take time before I can be successful with that but I am still aiming for it every time and someday I will be successful.

    Personally edging isn't for me. I have done it on a few occasions in an attempt to fight urges, thinking that if I throw it a bone then it will calm it down. I can stop before finish, and I have endured and tolerated the pain from blueballs, but what I can't tolerate is the stress I get from edging. I guess my brain getting excited causes the stress of buildup with no release to last as a headache and it doesn't go away until I release. I've tried sleeping it off a night, exercising, everything. I only get relieved from the stress after I release, and again thats stress I inflicted onto myself. I think for me I gotta stay cold turkey. Essentially porn addiction is the same as a drug addiction to a heavy drug like heroine. There is going to be long term physical/mental damage that you will have to cleanse your body of and unfortunately it doesn't get cleansed without a cold turkey cutoff.