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Vomit fetish

Discussion in 'Japan Discussion' started by jimbali, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. jimbali

    jimbali New Member

    any idea where to head to in Japan to find girls that are into puke play? would love to visit...
  2. mcnofx

    mcnofx New Member

  3. aquamarine

    aquamarine I Know Better Than You

    Look around your own country. Where would you find girls that are into puke play?

    The only thing different about Japan in terms of fetishes and shit like that is it's in a different physical location. Try S&M clubs. Try underground porn studios. Good god...
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  4. ShanksYYZ

    ShanksYYZ New Member

    Go to Brazil.
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  5. souwen

    souwen ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

    Try the toilet!
  6. xtasy

    xtasy New Member

    Haha man are you serious?

    What makes you think they're into it any more than american or european women?
    They do what they get paid to do, it's business!

    Just to burst another bubble, the movies were they are "forced to orgasm", well they don't actually orgasm! They're doing the job they get paid to do. If you think they enjoy these acts, well i'm sorry man but think again.

    It's as real as any hollywood production. Pay them enough and i'm sure they'll endure what you wish from them..
  7. freakout559

    freakout559 Member

    I realize I'm responding to a somewhat old post - but anyway here is my advice.

    Girls or women that are already into an extreme fetish are usually pretty messed up emotionally and are already in godlike positions within their fetish communities. If you want one, your best bet is the relationship route. Find a woman (nationality is irrelevant) who is open to trying out new things, and slowly work them up to where you want them to be. As long as you make her feel safe and comfortable, you'd be surprised at what you can get a girl to do willingly, and eventually to enjoy it just as much as you do if not more.

    Finding the girl is not an easy task since you can't just say 'Hi nice to meet you, are you into sexual experimentation?'. To make your task easier, go for a girl with low self esteem, low self confidence, and is eager to please and be accepted. That will make your task easier.
  8. Bellotizio

    Bellotizio La Vago Connoisseur

    You can get any girl to do anything, actually, so long as she's really into you.

    I don't mean to seem like I'm some sick bastard, though I've did my fare share of things (nothing involving my ass hole or poop, ugh!,) but one day me and my then fiance were a little drunk, and I was like "shit I have to pee, hold on baby,) and she offered to drink my piss, I was like "wtf!?!?!?" and let 'er rip, it was the single most awesome thing I've ever experienced.

    In conclusion, I think you just got to meet someone first, get in good with them, then slowly bring upon the "what would you do" questions.
  9. loremipsum

    loremipsum Member

    Spin the roulette wheel.
  10. jason13

    jason13 New Member

    oh piss in her mouth
    if it was a stanger maybe but not someone i no im gonna be kssin and stuff
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  11. watcher

    watcher New Member

    u r one lucky bastard.
    thts a compliment if u dint get it already.
    here's my take on ur point :
    i wudnt enjoy as with my girl if she isnt into the fetish i am in.the thing has to b bothways.i mean she may do it for we being in utmost love(or whtever :p)
    wht do ya think ?
    or , i dunno , mayb i hav not been into such mature/seasoned enuf relationships.
  12. Bellotizio

    Bellotizio La Vago Connoisseur

    Thanks man... I have another conclusion to the story...

    I ended up marrying her and having a kid with her and we live in Japan together LOL. Though there isn't much fetish shit going on, but we still have fucking insanely wild sex. I think she was a geisha at heart or something.
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  13. Syobon

    Syobon (´・ω・`)

    what a happy end
  14. eugenesin

    eugenesin New Member

    Yes, to a whore hotel where diseases are all in the vomit. Think about making money instead. If you want to drink vomit, bad mistake.
    Don't get sick for 15 minutes of lust and pleasure.
  15. Verginello

    Verginello Active Member

    Well, I can see (but I don't watch! Not my taste) lots of "literature" (I mean movies) about vomits, scats .. more from Japan than US/EU .. it might be a coincidence or better publicized.
    Btw, fetish is ok like peeing, gokkun... but those stuff go to far away!!
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 19, 2014
  16. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    if you go in 4/5 months from now, you will not have to pay for it, there will be plenty puking there way through the world cup
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  17. isityours

    isityours People don't dance no mo'

    i am doing the same, and will add my 2c

    a total stereotype that may or may not be true. anyone that is extremely into anything probably has some issues.

    assuming that they are putting their fetish on display?

    if you want an emotionally messed up partner, start with friendship?

    so your advice to a person who wants to watch some puking is to find and victimize some woman with the intention of coercing her into playing out your sexual fantasies, and then framing that as 'her choice'?

    so basically, find someone who has symptoms indicative of sexual abuse and/or domestic violence and/or teasing/bullying, in a nutshell 'an easy mark' and use that to your sexual advantage? you are a winner.

    something like puking could be hard to find...but asking around at sleazy bars etc is probably a good start.
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