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[Usenet] LADY-085

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by SamKook, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. SamKook

    SamKook Akiba Citizen Uploader

    『ギャルになりたい私とギャルを卒業したいワタシ』RUMIKA レズベロKISS


    Container: AVI
    Video codec: XviD 1.2.1 (UTC 2008-12-04)
    Audio codec: AC-3 2 channels
    Framerate: 29.970 fps
    Resolution: 512x384
    Bit depth: 8 bits
    Runtime: 130 min
    Duration: 02:12:02.949
    Size: 1.37 GiB
    Watermark: none
    Subtitles: none
    Studio: LADYxLADY
    Label: -
    Genre: Lesbian
    Code: LADY-085
    Cen/Uncen: Censored
    Actresses: RUMIKA, Marina Oosaki(大崎マリナ), Mimi Asuka(あすかみみ)
    Release Date: 2010/06/10

    Nzb:View attachment 568119
  2. hmaulwurf88

    hmaulwurf88 New Member

    thanks a lot! much appreciated.
  3. loremipsum

    loremipsum Member

    AW YES! :notagain: