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[Usenet] (DDB-042) Forced Fellatio, Nakadashi, Ecstasy - Confinement Camp ~1.2GB

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by loremipsum, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. loremipsum

    loremipsum Member


  2. Ty Durden

    Ty Durden Member


    This one is pretty good if you like forced oral. Virtually all of the oral is in the first part of it, from about 15 mins to the 45 min mark, but there's a lot of it, and the vomiting is held to a minimum for the most part.

    The other two JAV in this series (DDB045, DDB053) are about the same -- I rate the third one as good as this, the second is ok but not as good.

    Others that may be of interest are the older Compulsive Oral Sex Slave series and some of the action in the x100 and x500 JAVs that DAS has released in the last year or so is comparable, particularly the one with Hikari Hino. The oral in this is "less forced" but it's generally suggested as to be less than completely voluntary as it goes on.

    These are the only ones in the COSS series I've found ref to:

    DMD023--Jyuri Wakabayashi (COSS 4) -- Excellent
    DMD026--Ryoko Mizusaki (COSS 5) -- Excellent
    SDDE056--Kaoru Umemiya (COSS 6) -- ok

    SDDL270 (COSS Compendium) -- haven't seen.

    Along the same lines is the first half hour or so of
    DDT149--Alice Hoshi -- Confinement Chair Trance -- also excellent
    Most of the others in this series aren't that good, but this one's fairly hot.