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Uchuu Kaizoku Sara or Space Pirate Sara

Discussion in 'Hentai Discussion' started by cityslicker, Mar 9, 2017.

  1. cityslicker

    cityslicker New Member

    I am little late to the hentai scene but have started watching it recently. I am still wondering why cartoons are censored (yes, i know the jap laws and all)...just weird that it is mosaic even in drawings. Anyway, I really like the Night Shift Nurses series (uncensored of course) but came across Space Pirate. The drawing is really good and the story is good also....but I've searched everywhere for a leaked or uncensored copy of this...and I've read that there is one.

    Hopefully someone on this forum knows if there is one and can direct me.

  2. Mr. Solomon

    Mr. Solomon New Member

    are you sure? there is an uncensored version of space pirate Sara but it's a Visual Novel
  3. cityslicker

    cityslicker New Member

    I read on a forum but maybe it was just a drawing versus a video release..thanks again!
  4. Dogman76

    Dogman76 New Member

    pretty sure there might be a leaked german uncensored version of it chcek nyaa
  5. cityslicker

    cityslicker New Member

    What is nyaa?

  6. Dogman76

    Dogman76 New Member

    sukebei.nyaa.se is an adult jap porn tracker