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Trading Chikan Videos

Discussion in 'JAV Idol requests' started by Botuloid, Jan 31, 2010.

  1. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Okay, this is a new thread that was spun off of the 'Looking for Jade PHI' thread. Instead of sharking videos we'll instead be uploading Chikan videos. The line between them is a bit blurry since Chikan essentially means "inappropriate touching" and some sharking videos have a bit of that mixed in. The intent is for this thread to be videos that are mainly Chikan in content. This can be anything from subway groping up to simulated rape.

    I'll be uploading some chikan videos here, just as soon as my current uploads to the other thread finish.
  2. darkpower

    darkpower New Member

    You are always busy my friend..
  3. retrobabe

    retrobabe New Member

    Nice work! Can't wait. :D
  4. Erythnul

    Erythnul Member

    I hope you can find the RED chikan Videos hahaha
  5. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    First Two Videos

    Okay, here are a pair of Loooong videos. I believe them to be compilation videos from Natural High. They seem to be sort of a 'best of' the KHT series, although I don't actually know their product codes so I can't check for sure.

    I will be uploading the parts of the KHT series that I have as, in my opinion, the best bits aren't in these two. Still there's a lot of good stuff in the 6 hour total running time of these.

    Because these are large files I fear it will take several days before they have completely uploaded and other folks are seeding them. Until that time, download speeds will be limited. Enjoy!

    View attachment 254875
    View attachment 254876

    Oops. I just realized that I hadn't mentioned that these are train chikan.
  6. darkpower

    darkpower New Member

    Thanks a lot but can you kindly provide a preview..
  7. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Sorry, I should have thought of that. These are compilations of train sharking featuring a gang that call themselves the "Anti-21 Crew" no idea why.

    They crowd some woman on a commuter train, fondle her up, strip her naked, often cutting the clothing off of her. They then spend a while fondling her or forcibly masturbating her. IIRC there's also some vibrator and/or dildo use but I don't recall any actual physical penetration by dicks although they sometimes make someone give them hand jobs.

    At the end of it they usually redress the woman in some tattered remnant of her clothing and then follow her off the train as she tries to get somewhere to rearrange her clothes. In later episodes (which I don't think are included here, but I could be remembering wrong) they even go so far as to start stealing back bits of their clothes as they're running from the train.
  8. loveshuffle

    loveshuffle New Member

    does it looks real :p? cause ive downloaded some b4 and seem to fake :(

    Sounds like a fun thread XD
  9. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Yeah, Chikan videos vary a lot in how staged they look. These ones look real to me, but that doesn't guarantee you will agree...
  10. loveshuffle

    loveshuffle New Member

    Thanks i will try them out :)
  11. darkpower

    darkpower New Member

    Thanks For the description..It would be very helpful if someone keeps seeding it for at least 24 hours..The next downloader should do the same and so on till of us can dl it..The speed now is extremely low..The idea about torrents is share and collaboration...Thanks for the effort and keep it up..
  12. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Each file is currently being seeded by about 10 people. Of course, your maximum download speed depends on how fast they can upload.
  13. jivmuvupmk

    jivmuvupmk New Member

    the first product code maybe is KSP-007
  14. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Thanks. Yes, indeed. Judging just by the covers, these two videos may be KSP-007 and KSP-008.
  15. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Start of the KHD/KHT Series

    Okay, here's two more videos. I'm going to be uploading torrents of all of the KHD/KHT series from Natural High since its my favorite chikan series. I don't know why but the KHD and KHT series use one set of numbers between them. So gaps in the KHT stuff is filled with KHD numbers and vice versa.

    I'm afraid the series starts out kinda lame and fake looking. In fact, I'm fairly sure that I downloaded some of the earlier videos ages ago and then deleted them because they looked lame. However, they get much MUCH better later on, so I've decided to upload the whole series (that I have) from the beginning.

    KHD/KHT are commuter train chikan movies with an emphasis on cutting off of clothes and humiliation. By the end of the series they quite often force women to dress in the scant remains of their clothes and run through the train stations while being followed, groped and teased by the chikan team. (If you can't guess, that's what I like best about the series.)

    Anyway, here are the first two videos I have in the series.


    And yes, Akiba is once again so overloaded that I can't get it to accept attachments. I'm not even sure it will post this. I'll have to finish this in the evening.


    Trying again:

    View attachment 258348

    View attachment 258349

    View attachment 258350

    View attachment 258351
  16. darkpower

    darkpower New Member

    Thanks a lot though the series looks pretty fake and staged to me, or perhaps i am wrong..
  17. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    The first few do look very fake, but they get better, IMHO.
  18. retrobabe

    retrobabe New Member

    No complaints on my end.. looks good and THANKS!
  19. iTwins

    iTwins Jade Collector

    I downloaded this and a number of others a while ago. Each one took me several hours to download using a guest account but each one I deleted almost instantly. I found them too outrageously fake; you guys may think otherwise:


    I couldn't remember the others except this link courtesy from Japanese Mischief

  20. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    Yeah, I have a bunch of these which I'll be posting later. Quality varies very widely in the NHDT series. Some of it I like, some I don't.