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Torrent Tracker Question

Discussion in 'P2P Discussion' started by shinigamie, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. Alright, I have been using torrents for a while, now a while back I got backed up and I have a huge list of crap I gotta go through.

    Anyways, my question is , is my Tracker list suppose to look like this when I check the trackers for a file???

    Im so perplexed, I mean, is this normal for everyone? Im doing something wrong, arent I?

    Can someone with Torrent expertise help me out?
  2. Gir633

    Gir633 Señor Member

    Quite often you will get a bunch of trackers that error out. If it's every tracker on every torrent you have a problem, but if some trackers are working and some are not that's pretty normal.
    I think some people just add every tracker they can to a torrent in hopes some will work.
  3. Well it isnt just some trackers, its all of them. Only connection I ever make is from the DHT Network.

    So are you implying that everyone gets their actual seeds from the DHT Network?
  4. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    No. You are getting your seeds/connection from the DHT network, (or from somewhere else you did not show us that pat of your tracker list). Http trackers are only neccessary to connect to private trackers. Public http trackers can assist your seeds/connections but are not only unneccesary they are a drag on your bandwidth. The first thing I do when I load a torrent is to remove all http trackers. Udp trackers have become more popular as they are easier on ISPs' but they are also unneccesary.
  5. Thanx for your response.

    What was the "no" directed to?(I showed them all , except for a few more that are still the same)

    So like I said, DHT is where everyone gets their seeds from? Cause thats the only thing that ever connects.

    So how does one access private trackers?

    Also, is there any benefits from removing the Http trackers like you say you do?
  6. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    The "no" was directed at your question: "So are you implying that everyone gets their actual seeds from the DHT Network?". DHT is not essential to seeding and need not even be enabled. There could be multiple reasons why you are not connecting to your http trackers. Your http trackers may be outdated and no longer even available, access to the url of the tracker could be blocked by your ISP or the tracker was flooded with requests and your connection timed out. (FYI many of those trackers on your list no longer exist or are now udp trackers only).

    I don't know a ton about accessing private trackers only that they exist. They are elitist and go against the wholle filesharing concept. Yet they do have their uses and private torrent forum members use them to connect to each other. Needless to say if you are not a member you will be denied access to their tracker.

    A lot of anti-P2P use software that records information given to them in trackers. Also http trackers use up a lot of bandwidth and this may alert your ISP that you are using bittorrent, (many ISPs' worldwide throttle bittorrent traffic to cut down on user bandwidth usage). UDP trackers are the "in" thing now because they use less bandwidth than http trackers. Yet ones biggest protection against anti-P2P efforts is the "swarm" and that can accessed soley using DHT and Peer Exchange.

    Don't get me wrong, I am no techno geek. But this system works for me and I haven't had a notice yet from any anti-P2P group or my ISP and I use bittorrent constantly, (knock on wood).
  7. So where would you get your seeds if DHT isnt essential???? Unless u are saying DHT isnt necessary as long as u have working trackers.

    But do HTTP trackers use any bandwidth at all if I cant even connect? Cause Im too lazy to remove the trackers lol so I wanna know if they do even when they cant connect.

    Weird that others get a notice, Ive been doing it like this for years and havent had a word from my internet provider. Then again, I dont DL shows or feature films which is for the most part the hot stuff.
  8. Gir633

    Gir633 Señor Member

    To super simplify you can just think of DHT as another tracker, even though it's not, but it servers the same purpose. So if you have a active tracker with peers and seeds you don't need DHT, and if no trackers have peers/seeds you might be able to connect to some with DHT.

    Dead trackers do use up your bandwidth, as the torrent program keeps trying to connect to them. So removing them will help with download time on a active torrent.

    If you can't connect to any tracker on any torrent, that does sound like a problem at your end. The trackers in your screen shot are the ones that I usually have error out too. This is how it should look:

    I'm using Utorrent, I don't know what client you are using, and I'm not that into the tech to be able to say what you're problem might be.
  9. But how much bandwidth could it possibly be using just by trying to connect to a tracker that in the end doesnt even connect to? lol I mean its basically just a request and if it cant connect it just retries. Its not like its sending massive amounts of data when doing so. Right?:study:

    No, some trackers I can connect to but some of the newer things have these lists of dead trackers, its just weird.

    So, if I wanna remove the tracker, do I have to do it manually for every new task I start? O__o

    Anyways, if you guys have any more insight feel free to share it with me.
  10. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    A lot, especially on the trackers end. Some public trackers have shut down because the the amount of connections/requests acted like a Denial of Service attack. On your end the bandwidth is not as bad but the constant connection attempts to even a dead tracker uses bandwidth that shouts "Hey! I am here! Listen to me!", (which is basically what every http connection says). As far as what data is in each request that is beyond my paygrade but it does have a return address attached.

    Removing trackers is not neccessary but it is beyond simple. In utorrent just left click on the torrent, left click on the tracker tab, right click on the box with all the trackers and choose the option "add tracker". All the current trackers should be highlighted so just right click in that box and choose the option delete. It sounds like a lot when I type it out but it takes two frigging seconds.

    If you are going to use torrents frequently stop by torrentfreak once a week (or more) and keep up on what is going on news wise. Fore-warned is fore-armed.
  11. SOoo, no torrent expert then?

    To the two of you, thanx for trying to give me some insight on this.