Together 在一起 (2013)


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Artist Name(s): Donnie Yen (Actor) | Michelle Chen (Actor) | Angelababy (Yang Ying) (Actor) | Kai Ko (Actor) | Bosco Wong | Chrissie Chau | Eric Kot (Actor) | Kingdom Yuen (Actor) | Evergreen Mak (Actor) | Hui Siu Hung (Actor) | Jin Gang (Actor) | Fama (Actor) | Vincci Cheuk (Actor)

Director: Clarence Fok

Traffic Police Officer Cool (Donnie Yen) suffers from a disease that prevents him from smiling. Even in his daily life, he has to wear this stern expression. Until he meets amnesiac Jojo (Michelle Chen), her shared experience of being sick leads her to build trust in him while igniting his concealed yet delicate care and love. It provokes his girlfriend’s (Chrissie Chau) jealousy that leads to their break-up. However, an amnesiac episode occurs when Jojo’s fiance reappears, which completely wipes out her memory of Cool.

Wiretapping Team member Boy (Chen-Tung Ko) is a shut-in with a lovely personality and great aspirations. He meets Nam Lee (Angelababy Yeung) during an operation and part with discord, but Boy soon falls for her. They decide to play a game of “Seven Days of Romance”. Boy is at the same time assigned to investigate Nam, during which Boy finds out her handsome and wealthy boss Mr. Lam (Bosco Wong) is interested in her. Not knowing her innocence, Boy struggles in the relationship with the girl he desperately wants to hold on.


Language:	Cantonese

Subtitles:	English