Time Stop & Milk?


Feb 6, 2009
Hi all,
I have just discovered my memory is weak and I know I have seen both of the mentioned subjects (Time stop and lactating girls) in certain dvds from forgotten site list, I know I got at least one of this kind from here but Im hunting more to share if I have any luck, can you recommend any with that kind of content? thanks in advance =).

PS I think I remember from on of those mentioned... seeing 3 girls competing to see who shoots the milk to a further distance over a black table but perhaps it was another dvd... or not... head hurt >_<


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Jan 22, 2013
I don't know of any Time Stop + Lactating themed videos, but I quite like SDMS-955 with Rei Mizuna.

She plays a school girl who finds a machine that stops time for everyone around her, naturally when discovering this she begins giving handjobs and having sex with the frozen men.


Feb 6, 2009
Thanks for the info Walpola, I will look at that one, sounds very interesting =).

The one I mentioned before is ARMD-487 which features both characteristics, stop time and lactating girls, but I know there were at least two more DVDs I heard about this stuff, could you tell any more please? thanks

EDIT Of course if that one I mentioned is no longer available here I can share if you want =)


Feb 6, 2009
I found out that another one is ARMD 804 with Miki Nakahara and Rie Houziyou and is specially good as one of the girls starts auto-lactating with frozen time which is really nice to behold I think =)


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Jan 20, 2012
Hello, Asdronin,

I appreciated your sense of humor, and also your niceness, in offering to share one of your films.

All right; so thanks to DMM, here is the entire line for

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto



The ones you are missing:

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto 1 ARMD-451

View attachment 735903

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto 3 ARMD-565

View attachment 735904
(Starring Ai Minami, Sakura Housyou and Mako Takeda)

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto 4 ARMD-587

View attachment 735906

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto 5 ARMD-713

View attachment 735907

I'd like to See This Kind of Breast-feeding Sasazuka Mamipatto 7 ARMD-958

View attachment 735908
(Starring Yui Aihara and Yuuko Wakui)

There is also what appears to be a compilation entry, at nearly four hours long, ARMD-932.

As for download possibilities...

Will you look at this. Akiba-Online Member Pocs is apparently so taken by the manufacturer of this series, AROMA, that he has listed just about every AROMA title with what appears to be working links. (I checked one from the list above; looks good):


As for those of you who got intrigued over Walpola's thumbs-up on SDMS-955 (as well as for those fewer of you who have become painfully aware, via this Discussion forum, of how much of a fan I am of smaller files), here is how you can pick up:

Inexperienced Young Female Students Making Great Mischief With Young Male Students' Penises After Stopping Time! [SDMS-955], starrnig Rei Mizuna, and with cover and screen shots...

... Right here, as a painless 544 MB download.



Feb 6, 2009
(Sorry for this delayed reply, I had certain trouble with computer, I was able to login but I wasnt able to use it, I guess it was having a headache too.)

Thank you very much for you help Jugulear, I didnt know there was a link between all those and of course I was missing a lot of them in my collection, with your help I will complete it =).

Most of them are available through Pocs thread, only two that are not there, but these can be found in p2p, all but ARMD 932 which as you said seems to be a compilation and probably because of that is not shared anywhere. I can share those that are not in Pocs's thread if anybody wants them, however its P2P so it will take me some time to finish them =).

Also thanks for the SDMS 955 link which being a small file is very fine quality too, and this title is nice too by the way.

Casshern2 I haven only seen part of the titles Jugulear mentioned but I totally recommend the rest if they go in that same line, again if you need the ones missing in Pocs's Aroma thread just let me know ^^.