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thinking of putting all my stashes of japanese gravure mags from 2008 on torrent

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by miwashi, May 19, 2020.

  1. miwashi

    miwashi Member

    There's a reason for this. I got a whole bunch corrupted again (my new files were overwriting old 2010 issues! That's the problem with a DAS bank), and I was thinking, why not have a torrent that the whole community can seed and backup communally?

    Of course it has to be updated as new issues come out (maybe every 6 months)? but the community can help. What do you all think, and how do i make a torrent?

    I have old ones like Friday, Ex Max, WPB, and so on, and some rarities too. Unfortunately in my latest crash I lost a lot of great issues of En Tame, DX, Circus Max, but I wonder if someone somewhere has these old issues and can help.

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  2. miwashi

    miwashi Member

    Just to show what's up this is part of my stash. I also have real photobooks (rather than gravure mags), and cosplay photos.


    I'm putting together a list of what's corrupt, so they can be replaced. If someone can point me to sites that still host them (or better yet send them to me) that would be great!
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  3. miwashi

    miwashi Member

    no one's interested? I thought it would be more convenient than hunting all over for these issues.
  4. tarmyg

    tarmyg New Member

    I'm interested. How are the individual issues named and archived in the subfolders?
  5. miwashi

    miwashi Member

    Here's a sample.

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  6. broadbandz

    broadbandz Active Member

    if upload a torrent to nyaa I will seed with my seedbox and you will get a lot of takers. this forum is just not a lot of traffic. and most people interested are not english speaking.
  7. tarmyg

    tarmyg New Member

    Much more sorted than my attempt at collection, which is just archived files downloaded from x-idol into separate directories.