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The Mistakes Which Always Happen in JAV

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Private Zone, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Private Zone

    Private Zone Member

    I like JAV very much...

    But sometimes we see the weird things, or we can say the mistakes always happen in JAV, especially when the movie about Female Teacher with boy-student, or incest Mother with her boy.

    It's silly when we saw, the female teacher is pretty & young, but her student is looked older (older face or big/tall) than her. And The boy looked older (older face or big/tall) than his mother. It makes the movies don't look real, but look fake. I know there's a customer doesn't mind about it. But it much-much better if it can be fixed.

    Sometimes the producers of JAV, anticipate it with using a little man who act like a boy, but still looked fake, because the face of the actor looked old...

    I just wonder, if JAV producers can get young girl (face) as an actress, why they cannot get young boy (young face, not too big/tall body, or little body is better to make clear/distinct comparison with the teacher, etc.) as an actor who cast as a student or a boy? To make to movie better and looked real.

    I don't know about the rule of age in Japan porn industry. For example, Although the minimum age is 18, but there are so many girls and boys who the ages are already 18, but their body & face looked much younger. They are much better.

    We hope, in the future JAV Producers will make better movies about that.

    Thanks. :perfectplan::perfectplan::perfectplan:
  2. Kinshin

    Kinshin New Member

    I notice that too. But I think it would be hard to find an 18 year old Japanese boy that could "preform." And might not be mature/professional enough to do the job well.
  3. degoldro

    degoldro New Member

    What is his name?

  4. cattz

    cattz (◣_◢)

  5. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    Male JAV actors were significantly rarer than their female counterparts, I've seen numerous different JAV titles with same male actors like it seems they have no choice.......

    maybe it has something to do with dignity (or they got lower pay than females :XD:) that japanese males chose not to become JAV actors ?
  6. HumsterMKII

    HumsterMKII New Member

    Well the lack of male actors is probably due that, not many made the cut?

    Its a tough job and kinda most likely a job that has taboos to it.