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The celebrated " Skyfall " ( James Bond 007 ) is full of errors.

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Wokkonno, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    Although it claims to be the best Bond movie filmed until
    date as any other film, " Skyfall " also contains errors.

    In the portal Movie Mistakes, the film viewers of this movie
    number 23 of the James Bond, they found nothing more or
    less than 24 errors in this film.

    Some are just a point, others are repeated constantly
    in this movie.

    Here are some of them

    1. Many errors are found around London, as when James Bond played
    by Daniel Craig, for the third time, goes to Whitehall and the number
    38 bus passes by.

    A bus that runs through this district or other close.

    2. Later, during a sequence in the London Underground, Bond chases
    the worst of his villains, Raoul Silva, who plays Javier Bardem, in
    Temple Station.

    Then they both fall in Westminster Station, but never crosses
    the train stop is Embankment Station which is halfway.

    3. Changing sit up bench.

    In the scene where Bond is National Gallery with Q, the spy for
    Her Majesty is sitting on a bench.

    Q comes and sits in a bench to sit next door.

    Then the scene changes and shows both sitting in
    front of a single bench to sit.

    4. Other errors we can see them in the locker room, as the beginning
    of the film when Bond has a fight over the train car: in this passage
    its elegant black shoes and boots become.

    5. The alcohol brands that appear and disappear magically and crystals
    are some of the items that come and go in the middle of the scene or
    are flying from one end of the stage to another.

    6. While talking to Severine in the casino bar, Bond has a martini in a
    chilled glass, when you lift the container is completely thawed.

    Another example of " suspected " objects are the sunglasses
    he's wearing and then no longer runs while the roofs of
    Istanbul with his bike.

    7. As soon as day and night

    And at the end of the tape when the helicopter flies over the
    old Bond house is day, however, when Silva lands is not daytime
    but at night.


    What is clear is that despite the failures, " Skyfall " continues
    to break records at the box office.

    Since its release the film has already exceeded 500 million dollars
    in revenue.

    I apologize for any misspelled word possible.​

    Sources: www.elperiodico.com english version
  2. SecretPal

    SecretPal Beyond Redemption

    'tis common in movies. It's worse in historical dramas done by the BBC when soldiers march through a street carrying a flag that didn't exist at the time (Pride & Prejudice.)

    As long as the film has great T&A, it meets my criteria. Here is an interesting list guys here may want to take a look at....the IMBD list of the 100 most controversial (main stream) films of all time.

  3. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I just saw this movie and I enjoyed it. Definetely one of the better Bond films. As far as errors go...well it is just an action picture after all, it is not meant to be a documentary.
  4. kvon

    kvon New Member

    Yeah, I think so, too.
    Personally, I had a lot more fun in this one than in Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace.
  5. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    Well, they finally have a good actor to play Bond, the best since Moore and more athletic than any of the Bond actors. Now if the writing could only catch up. I love special effects as much as anybody but without a good script they are just cheap fireworks.

    I read all the original Bond books and even a few more after that. It would be great if they just took time to re-invent Bond and make him what Ian Fleming actually wrote about. Ian Fleming actually worked for British naval intelligence and he knew the subject matter he was writing about.

    The James Bond Fleming wrote about wasn't really a spy at all. Bond was an assasain for the British Secret Service and his job was to terminate selected targets. He wasn't even the best one, the rankings were 001-009 and he was 007. He was a drinker, gambler and womanizer who was always getting in over his head. He was also incredibly lucky and one tough to kill SOB. The books were great and if anyone still reads, pick up a copy. Casino Royale is the first book of the series and possibly the best one.
  6. sicklychild

    sicklychild Member

    I just watched the film and enjoyed it for what it was.
    Isn't it sad that some people have to waste their time trying to find fault with every little thing?