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Strangest thing you jerked off to?

Discussion in 'Adult Discussion' started by mp413, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. ashshark

    ashshark Araumi No Ohja

    mmm is not really a "strangest" thing (but yes my most strangest) , but i jerked off watching power rangers. you know, that tight outfits, etc etc, thats formed my fetish on sentai xD
    (i guess i am crazy now xD)
  2. mp413

    mp413 Schwaaaaaa!

    Lots of jerk off threads lately... I wonder should they all be amalgamated into a "The Ultimate Jerk Off" thread???
    ashshark likes this.
  3. ashshark

    ashshark Araumi No Ohja

    maybe, would be a good idea xP but in other hand, i guess is a way to make more threads, with the idea to be everyone more active? beside of that, would be good just one thread xP
  4. pornzooever

    pornzooever Pet Pornography Enthusiast

    For a lactation instructions video. It was only once, so I don't have any problem :hmm:
  5. bigloser0

    bigloser0 婦人

    you have the link to the lactation instruction video? Don't mind sharing?
  6. pornzooever

    pornzooever Pet Pornography Enthusiast

    Hi. I don't have it. Sorry. But is this kind of stuff hard to find? XD

    It was months ago.

    I remember it draw my attention because it was recorded in a webcam manner. She was instructing how to lactate to fill a bottle of milk. She was too hot.